15 Problems Moms Will Face With The Baby Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Historians and scientists have spent years digging into the true nature of human beings. They have exhausted every measure imaginable to unlock the secrets of our personalities. Over the years, it has been noticed that the most ancient sciences are based on the stars. Since the beginning of mans budding conscious experience, they have used the cycles of the planets and stars to understand more about themselves.

Today, we share a similar fascination. We draw upon the ancient cultures’ complex means of determining how the planets affect our day to day life. Becoming a parent is probably one of life’s most formative experiences.

That being considered, expecting mothers often go to great lengths to gather as much parenting knowledge as possible before having their baby. No stone goes unturned in their quest to be the best parents they can be. Even still, all of their planning could not prepare them for the many unseen elements of parenting. One element of the equation that is often missed is mom’s Zodiac sign. Here are 15 problems moms will face with the baby based on her zodiac sign.

15 Aries Mom – Raging Babies

The Aries mom is fiercely independent and ambitious. This fire sign burns bright and is often the center of attention. While in general these qualities are admirable and even enviable, things are a little more difficult when it comes to raising a baby as an Aries. Aries mom needs to be careful to know when to turn it down a notch around baby.

Children tend to have one or two responses to their early environments. On one hand, some children absorb the thoughts, tendencies and habits of their parents. These children end up mirroring or reflecting the exact temperament of their parent. For Aries mom, this means raging babies. On the other hand, some will be the exact opposite of their parents. For mom, her aggressive independence may produce a child who doesn’t completely connect with her. For moms, being emotionally distant from their children can be a living nightmare

14 Cancer Mom – Easy Does It

In the case of nature vs. nurture, cancer moms always choose nurture. This water sign embodies motherhood and can soothe any the fussiest of runts. Cancer moms are often the most hyper-attentive parents. While most of the time, children need the vast amount of love a Cancer mother will give, some cases don’t turn out exactly as planned.

Cancer moms will have to learn to take it easy. As we know too much attention can be suffocating. Cancer moms may experience rebelliousness as a reaction to their stifling environment. When baby grows up feeling too sheltered, they may have aggressive impulses later as an emotional reflex. These behaviors could be enough to send the seriously sensitive Cancer mom over the edge

13 Libra Mom – Balance Is Key

The lives of Libra’s are all about balance. However, this is not in the sense that they are constantly balanced at all times. On the contrary, Libra moms live in the extremes. Their task is to try to maintain the balance. They take immense pleasure in bestowing the best upon their children, no matter the cost. All a Libra mother wants is to see her children be the happiest they can be. However, mom’s insistence on constant giving needs to be balanced and scaled back to avoid some serious problems.

Remember, the life of Libra is one that needs to maintain balance. A common problem for Libra moms appears after they have failed to maintain a crucial balance. After they have given their child absolutely everything they’ve needed and not needed, they child does not develop independence. Even worse, some Libra moms will end up with spoiled, entitled little children.

12 Capricorn Mom – Focus On Family, But Pay Attention

Capricorn moms understand the value of hard work. Similar to the goat that embodies the sign, Capricorn moms are willing to fight and climb as long as necessary to achieve their goals. They focus is singular and intense. They protect their families at all costs and take care to instill these same values into their children. It is important that Capricorn moms do not lose sight of the family in the face of her goals. If she does, she may in fact lose sight of her family.

As all moms are well aware, life is tough. Capricorn moms see life challenges as steps on the ladder to success. A mom’s focus on the goal may cause her to neglect her child. If this happens, mom risks her child being standoffish and distant simply because mom was too focused on providing materially, rather than emotionally.

11 Taurus Mom – Firm But Flexible

There is no doubt about it, kids need structure. Most parents have problems getting their kids in the saddle, but not Taurus moms. They are masters of the monotonous. They conquer routines and get their little ones right in step with the program. Once things are set for Taurus moms, their stubbornness takes over. They do not budge once they make their bullish minds up. This can be effective, but it also needs to be tempered with a bit of flexibility.

Taurus moms will have a raging bull of a child on their hands if they try too hard to cage them. Mama Taurus’ rigid routines may work well for baby, but at some point baby will need to stretch its wings. Taurus moms risk the rebound effect by trying too hard to box their children in. Their babies may end up completely divorcing structure, in favor of chaos.

10 Leo Mom – Lead Strong, But Not Alone

Leo women are strong, independent, fiery leaders. They boldly express themselves and assert their authority. Leo moms are just as fierce as their zodiac suggests. Their constant drive for individuality may project an image that is harmful to her relationship with her children. Instead of bestowing the greatness upon them, Leo mom is at risk of isolating her baby in favor of her drive for greatness.

Leo moms are natural stars and thus tend to gather a lot of attention. This attention often can make Leo moms self-absorbed. This behavior then can lend to resentment from the child. Children of Leo mothers may feel over-looked and rejected. Thus, they are prone to act out simply to get some of the attention.

9 Scorpio Mom – Learn When To Let Go And Loosen Up

Scorpio moms feel most comfortable when they have control. They prefer to be the undisputed leader in the family. The intensity of Scorpio moms is worth nothing. Mothers born under the sign of Scorpio must be careful not to be too over-bearing with their children.

The intensity of Scorpio’s emotion can sometimes be too much for children. It is for this reason that children of Scorpio moms will seek their independence earlier than most kids. They sometimes find it hard to thrive in an environment created by their mothers. Most mothers would be heartbroken to learn that their children literally can no longer deal with them. Scorpio moms must be on high-alert when it comes to being too demanding and intense with the family.

8 Aquarius Mom – If You Feel It, Show It

One of the biggest problems with Aquarius is the seemingly opposite nature of their personality. They may feel one way but act completely differently. Similarly, they may project a certain image outward, but not actually indentify with who they are portraying. For Aquarius moms, this often translates into outward displays of affection. Or more appropriately, the lack of outwardly displayed affection.

Aquarius moms have to be careful to show exactly how they feel to their children. They are generally quite smart and learned when it comes to the world. A mother born under Aquarius’s sign will often view the transfer of knowledge as an act of love. While this may be obvious to her, the child may need more concrete examples. Like hugs, for instance.

7 Gemini Mom – Make It Clear Where You Stand… Or Else

The nature of the Gemini is agreeable to most people. Usually quite comical and lively, Gemini moms are often the most fun. However, in sharp contrast to some of the other signs, Gemini moms do not thrive rigidly structured environments and situations. They are likely to change on a dime, and turn on a whim. This inconsistent quality is fine for baby-less Geminis, but for Gem-Moms it could be disastrous.

Children need structure, and Gemini moms are probably not the ones to give it to them. That being said, a large problem Gems deal with is rambunctious children. They carefree attitude works as an adult, after things are all figured out. For the young, a child’s lack of structure and discipline can create a world class monster in no time.

6 Virgo Mom – Lighten Up, There’s Plenty Of Time

Virgo moms are about purity and harmony. It is important that they place proper form and function of themselves higher than any other worldly advancement. Virgo mothers prefer structure, organization and cleanliness above all. They would love nothing more than to pass these traits to their children. However, their insistence may be a bit much for the young child.

In her quest for purity and perfection, Virgo mom sometimes risks pushing her children too hard to be perfect. There is no perfection and no absolute purity, so striving for it is enough to drive a young child insane. Virgo moms risk pushing their child into slovenly laziness as a sheer rebound reaction to the life they have been forced to endure.

5 Sagittarius Mom – Slow It Down, Before It’s Too Late

Sag mom follows her intuition unceasingly to reach whatever goals she has set for herself. She goes full force into whatever path she feels is best to take. This often serves her well as she finds many adventures along her journey. However, it may be crucial for Saggimoms to slow up a little bit. Maybe, sit back and smell the petunias for a while.

Obviously, Sagittarius’ always on the go nature can create issues between her and the baby. Sure, it is not impossible to drag your child along with you down every wonderful avenue you choose to explore. However, it isn’t very practical. What’s worse is that Saggimoms often miss their child’s most important moments, simply because they couldn’t slow down.

4 Pisces Mom – Is This The Real Life? Better Learn Quickly

There is nothing wrong with having a vision for the future or daydreaming about possible outcomes. In fact, studies show that an active imagination is crucial to a healthy life. However, the Pisces mom has to be careful to remain grounded. If a Pisces mom is too caught up in a fantasy world, she may find herself neglecting the ones she loves in real life.

Expectant mothers born under the sign of Pisces must be extremely aware when it comes to maintaining a basis in reality. Many times, anticipation of future events or fanciful thoughts of unknown outcomes can cloud a mother’s perception. If this is the case, the children of Pisces moms may not have a logical support system to call upon in times of need. They will eventually learn to not consider mom when it comes to matters of real life.

3 Leo Mom- Don’t Shine Too bright

Being natural leaders, Leo moms are attractive characters. Not in a physical sense, which may be true, but in the sense of magnetism. Mothers born under the sign of Leo are often the center of attention. This is something they actually quite enjoy. This type of behavior could lead to serious problems for the baby.

Babies that have to compete for attention often have trouble adjusting in society. They tend to have self esteem and self worth issues. Now, for the case of Leo moms, the children are growing up competing with their parent. As a result, a contentious relationship can develop. Effectively, Leo moms’ bright shining star routine has created a barrier between her and her child.

2 Taurus Mom – No Bull, Just Budge

Taurus moms can be stubborn. In fact, they can be mind-numbingly rigid when it comes to certain subjects. These moms run a high risk of alienating their children. If not worked out, children of Taurus moms grow to hate that stubborn quality. Some end up adopting that stubbornness themselves.

If the child of a Taurus mom picks up the stubborn attitude it has seen, real problems can begin to occur. The family tends to go to war with one another. The stubborn child and mother fight often. Many times, this end in no resolution simply because no one will budge. At the end of the day both the Taurus mother and her child are the ones who lose in that battle.

1 Libra Mom – Careful With Those Extremes Eugene

It is imperative for all Libras to seek balance. They live a life of extremes, and often need to reach a solid center point. For Libra moms, this is especially true. For Libra moms who don’t find balance, their constant search for it may live their young ones with little to no stability.

In an environment with no stability, it is hard to raise a baby. Any child that does not have rules, regulations, and routines are forced to create them for themselves. In this case with Libra moms, the inability to create stability reflects negatively on the child. Children of Libra moms do not always benefit from the lack of balance, they may end up feeling lost and alone in a world that makes no sense to them. No mother wants to bear the weight of such a critical error.

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