14I Will Get More Sleep

Oh, honey. How we wish that were true.

It’s no secret that babies actually notice their mother's schedules and choose to be an inconvenience in the worst possible situations. Don’t believe us? Ask all the mothers in the world! They strategically start crying as soon as their mothers start getting drowsy

and refuse to stop till they make sure that no trace of sleepiness remains in their mother's eyes. Evil, right?

This promise is made as a desperate attempt to salvage any amount of self love that is left inside of a new mom. And this is when a whole lot of brainstorming goes into finding the best way to get sleep. Which generally involves getting rid of the baby. For example, mothers send the baby out with an aunt or a friend.

But of course, this actually gives rise to another kind of distress - wondering if the baby will be alright during that time apart. If the baby will get hungry. If the supplies were all packed. So all in all, no sleep either way.

Save the guilt for another day and just don’t even try making this promise work.

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