15I Will Be The Perfect Mommy

There’s a saying,”Nobody’s perfect.” And for good reason.

We see moms struggling to dress their babies in the best clothes, cook better guacamole, keep their homes the neatest and only feed organic food to their babies. All of this just to match some standard set by society that needs to be

met in order to declare a woman the perfect mom. Because the physical and emotional stresses post pregnancy aren’t enough, ya know.

Relax, ladies. The baby ain’t gonna compare his mommy to another. The most kids will do is make an innocently ugly drawing that’s supposed to be their mother. Quit making life more stressful than it already is. Children don’t judge their mothers. For kids, their mothers are the epitome of perfection anyway.

If only mothers would stop judging other mothers, we wouldn’t have been talking about this at all. This promise of being a perfect mom is as unrealistic as it can get.

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