15 Questions About Kate's Third Baby That Needs Explaining

When a new couple is first married, the “when are you having kids” question seems to start as soon as the honeymoon is over. People are obsessed with knowing the family planning aspects of a couple’s life. When Kate Middleton was first married to Prince William, it wasn’t just Granny asking when kids would be along – it was the whole world. The tabloids tried to predict the pregnancies, but of course, they missed the mark several times. So in December of 2012 when Kensington Palace finally announced the Duchess was expecting, the world rejoiced. Once Prince George was born, the world showed admiration by imitating the prince’s baby fashions and even by using his name.

In 2015, the world’s excitement was renewed with news that a new baby princess was now part of the royal family. What’s more exciting than a real life princess? Once again, the little royal became an instant trend-setter with bonnets and outfits that inspired moms everywhere to find their own replicas.

With a little boy and a little girl, the world might have assumed that this little family was complete, but the Cambridge’s had other plans. When the Palace recently announced Kate’s third pregnancy, the world once again is on a royal baby watch. Although, this is the third rodeo, there’s plenty of questions about the pregnancy and the royal baby. Here are 15 questions about Kate’s third baby that need explaining.

15 Rumor Or Legit?

Nothing can create tabloid frenzy quite like the prospect of a famous baby on the way. Unless of course that famous baby on the way is also royalty – and in that case, it’s a huge freaking frenzy. That is a tabloid gold mine. Unfortunately, gossip sites and tabloids aren’t always anchored in truth, which makes their announcements a bit sketchy at times. Remember when the rumor mills said that Kate Middleton was expecting twins during her first pregnancy? Yeah, that was a big fat rumor mill fail.

However, the announcement of royal baby #3 isn’t just a rumor spread around through websites or shady magazines; this happy news was released in a statement by Kensington Palace, making this an official baby announcement. The official decree was as follows: “Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their third child…”

Very happy news indeed!

14 HG… Again?


If you’ve never had hyperemesis gravidarum, then it’s time to thank your lucky stars. While typical morning sickness is horrible, hyperemesis gravidarum is 1000x worse. HG occurs when an expectant mom cannot keep anything down – even water. As a result, she probably will need to spend some time at the hospital getting IV fluids to help stay hydrated and balance electrolytes. HG is nothing short of misery that knocks you off your feet.

Hyperemesis gravidarum awareness has grown over the past few years when the Duchess suffered with HG throughout both of her pregnancies. Moms everywhere want to know if the Duchess again is afflicted with HG. In some way it helps moms connect; despite being royalty, there are some things that all women can experience. And for those wondering, it appears that once again, the poor Duchess is suffering from HG.

Here’s to hoping she (and all others suffering from it) feel better soon.

13 Order Of Succession


All that talk of royal babies and you have to wonder where exactly this little bundle of joy falls into that grand scheme of things. As parents, we often lovingly call our babes “little prince” or “princess," but it’s cool to think that there really are princes and princesses still out there in the big world.

Here’s the breakdown of the line of succession in order: His Royal Highness Prince Charles (who is the Queen’s son and also the father of Prince William), His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales (aka the Duke of Cambridge and the husband of Kate), His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Royal Baby #3, and finally His Royal Highness Prince Harry. The list goes on and holds at least 100 places, but royal baby #3 sits safely in the fifth spot.

Not too shabby for a newborn!

12 Boy Or Girl?

Our world is fast-paced and we want things NOW. There’s very few things that cannot be rushed; we can rush our shipping, rush our food, and even rush our nuptials. Money can usually make things happen faster.

Although there is one thing that cannot be rushed – even with obscene amounts of money. And that is the ability to tell the sex of a baby immediately upon conception. Waiting to find out if your baby on board is a boy or girl seems to take forever, and if you opt for a 20 week scan, you only have to wait a mere 20 weeks. But still… the anticipation is so great. I can’t imagine how all those Team Green moms and dads make it to the finish line not knowing if baby is a boy or girl. I’m way too impatient.

Even if Kate knew if she was carrying a boy or girl – which she doesn’t because it’s too early to tell – I don’t think the Palace would reveal that information so again, the answer to this question is something only time can reveal.

11 It’s All In The Name

Do you have names picked out? Expectant parents hear that question a lot – even by complete strangers! For reason, people really want to know what name you have picked out for your unborn child. It’s weirdly super fascinating even to a complete stranger. In my experience, too many of those strangers had opinions about names, but that’s another story for another day.

Today it’s our turn to ask: are there any names picked out yet? The short answer is that they may have already picked out a boy and a girl name, but we won’t know it until the baby is here.

In the meantime, though, there is already a big boost in betting in the UK, particularly bets on the royal baby’s name. Current favorites for a boy are Arthur and James while Alice and Victoria are the current favs for a little princess. Again, this is something only time will tell but it’s fun to see all the buzz about it.

10 Will Kate Be Making Public Appearances?

Now I am not going to gloss over the reason why many people want to know the answer to this question: they want to see that baby bump of course! Okay, we also want to see how Kate handles maternity fashion. Plus her hair – have I mentioned that I’m jealous of her hair? Okay, she’s an icon and we want to see more of her.

To answer the question though, her public appearances are temporarily on hold. Kensington Palace confirmed that she would be stepping down for a bit while she battled with HG. In fact, her inability to appear at a function at the Hornsey Road Children’s Centre most likely prompted the official announcement to explain her absence.

According to the press release, she is at Kensington Palace while doctors monitor her. Her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, was quoted as saying that despite her condition, she is doing “okay.” Hopefully, we’ll see Kate out and about soon showing off that baby bump.

9 Was This Pregnancy Planned?

Disclaimer: I hate when people ask me this question. Why do people care so much if your baby was planned or not? Does it make the baby any less loveable? No, it does not. I somewhat find the question a little offensive because it usually comes off as someone getting all up in my bedroom business.

BUT… I know I might be the oddball and some people have no shame in asking or answering this question. And in the case of Royal Baby #3, this baby seems to be very much planned. In fact, the Duchess even hinted about wanting more kids while on a recent trip to Poland. When Kate was presented with a gift (a baby toy), she turned to the Prince and said, “I guess we’ll have to have more kids.”

Seems planned to me.

8 Baby Vs Uncle Harry

prince harry adn family

Before Kate Middleton came around, High Royal Highness Prince Henry (aka Harry) followed his brother Prince William in the royal line of succession. Until Prince William began having kids, Prince Harry had a decent chance of one day wearing the crown. However, once Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrived on the scene, Prince Harry got demoted… just in terms of succession rankings.

This baby, whether a boy or girl, will bump Prince Harry even further down the succession list so in a way, yes, a tiny newborn will trump poor Uncle Harry. But at least Prince Harry shouldn’t have any hard feelings – this is simply just how these royal things go. Prince Harry seems to have a loving relationship with his niece and nephew, and I can bet he’ll love this little guy or gal just as much.

7 Economy Boost?

Let’s be honest: many of us get excited any time we hear a baby announcement. There’s something so exciting and innocent about new life. It’s a bright spot in a world that is dotted with dark news. But we tend to go overboard gaga when it’s a royal baby. Why do parents and businesses care so much about a baby we’ll (more than likely) never get to meet, kiss, or squish those cute cheeks?

From a business point of view, businesses in the baby industry care because whatever Kate does will set a trend. One London retailer said that when Kate buys something for her children, that item is typically sold out within hours. So naturally, baby businesses what to know what Kate likes and get on board the trendy train.

From a parenting point of view, it’s nice to get a glimpse into the life of royalty. Some things are the same: tantruming toddlers (solidarity sister!), morning sickness, and post-baby bodies. Some things are the not universal – like always looking like perfection while chasing a toddler. Jealous!

6 Any Due Date In Sight?

When is my due date? That is probably one of the first questions a woman wonders when she first learns she’s expecting. Pregnancy is long, and it can seem even longer when you’re dealing with some of pregnancy’s more uncomfortable symptoms. So having a due date helps to cope through those long nights of puking and heartburn; think of it as the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, if you’re famous, you don’t exactly want to announce your due date to the whole world because then, on that day, the entire paparazzi will be camped out at any potential hospital you might be. That said, Kensington Palace has not released a due date, but Prince William may have given us a hint. When interviewed, Prince William indicated that perhaps “in a week” he would be more relaxed. Relaxed because the first trimester will be over in a week? If that is what he meant, then that would put Kate with a due date somewhere between late March and April.

Of course, babies come when they are ready and only time will tell.

5 Birth Center, Hospital, Home Birth – Oh My!

You know what topic goes hand-in-hand with due dates? The place of the actual birth. Modern moms are pretty lucky in that they have many choices for where they want to bring new life into the world. Hospitals, birth centers, and home births are the three main options. (Although there is one popular YouTuber who gave birth – by choice – in the woods. Not my first choice but to each her own!)

Speaking of the Duchess and her baby, where will she give birth? Of course, locals will stake out the hospitals once she gets closer to having her baby, but that’s life for a famous person, right? Kate has given birth to both Prince George and Princess Charlotte at St. Mary’s Hospital (in a private suite, of course). It makes sense to think that she would repeat this for her third pregnancy as well.

4 Baby Name Trends

Choosing a name for your baby – no matter who you are – is not an easy (or quick) task. Any parent skimming through a baby name book can tell you that there are some absolutely hideous names out there. Real (but awful) names - names that are actually attached to unfortunate children. Fortunately, the British royal family does not remotely entertain such crazy names. The names of the royal family are classic, tried-and-true, and always in style. It is interesting to see how the royal baby's name affects baby naming trends across the English-speaking world; whatever they choose becomes instantly popular. In fact, when Prince George was born, the name George exploded onto the Top 10 list of baby boy names. Likewise, Charlotte also came into the Top 10 scene for baby girl names.

So it makes sense to wonder how the next baby will affect name trends. If it’s anything like George or Charlotte, I’m sure we’ll be seeing an increase in that baby name too.

3 Will Prince William Be A Hands-On Dad?

It’s easy to imagine what life is like as a royal. Imagine a nanny to watch the kids while you shower (in peace!) and actually have time to dry your hair and put on makeup. No kids banging on the bathroom door incessantly because they are busy playing with the nanny. Imagine having food made for you. No more rushing home and slaving away in the kitchen; it’s all been done for you. No mountains of laundry to fold because someone else takes care of that for you. This is like a dream come true.

However, with all that extra help, it’s easy to think that everything is just delegated to someone else, but kids need their actual parents in their lives too. Luckily, Royal Baby #3 is going to be able to spend some quality time with dear ol’ dad. A news agency reported that Prince William just finished his duty as an East Anglian Air Ambulance pilot. What does that mean? Sure, his life is devoted to royal duties, but without the pilot duties, that does free up more time for the playing with the little ones.

2 Where Is Home?

kensington palace

When you think of a prince or princess, it’s easy to automatically think of a castle or palace. But where exactly do the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge call home? As I look around my own toy-filled house with finger smudges on the windows, I giggle a little bit thinking about how one would actually babyproof a palace.

While Prince William and his family previously resided in Anmer Hall (which is part of the Queen’s Sandringham estate), the family has recently moved into Apartment 1A in the Kensington Palace. Before you scoff at the royal family living in an apartment, note that the “apartment” is actually a 20-room (yep… twenty) home in the palace. News releases also indicate that Kate is being cared for at Kensington Palace. I guess when you have 20 rooms, you can spare one as a HG recovery room.

1 Why Do Non-Brits Care?

media waiting for royal birth

The release from the Kensington Palace made a point to specifically say that the Queen was happy about the news; of course she was – she’s family! But why do we care? More to the point, why do non-Brits care so much? People are generally happy, sharing their excitement via Twitter and other social media platforms, and I think it’s a beautiful thing.

Turn on the news and you won’t have to wait long to hear something depressing, something scary, or something horrifying. This – the news of new life and a thriving royal line – is happy. For once the world (or at least a lot of it) is coming together for a happy reason, to celebrate something good in someone else’s life. Just like I woke up at 4am to watch the royal wedding, I’ll be happily awaiting the news of the next royal baby.

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