15 Questions Women Are Afraid To Ask Their Gyno

Everyone gets embarrassed sometimes. Anyone who has ever waltzed out of a restroom with their skirt tucked into their panties for sure understand being embarrassed. Or for any mom or woman who sipped their coffee before tightening the lid only to have it spill all over a gorgeous cream sweater knows the type of humiliation we're talking about.

Remember the time the convo with the Gynecologist got too real...wait a minute, no!

We ladies have a tendency to be sheepish when it comes to talking with our Gyno about delicate topics. Why? When it all comes down to it, she's seen it all and heard it all anyway. Chances are, someone has already asked that embarrassing question and it probably won't be the last time the Gyno hears that question either. Let's just knock ourselves off this pedestal for a minute and face the facts.

She's a gynecologist. It is not only her profession, it's probably what she enjoys doing. Her goal in life is to educate women, help them through issues regarding their reproductive organs, and to assist her patients in regards to their personal needs.

We should have a collective lightbulb moment here and realize how our questions for the Gyno just make sense? Still, it can be awkward. In the back of our mind, we're wondering if she's secretly judging us. We might picture her sitting around with her lady doctor friends sipping martinis swapping patient stories at our expense, right?

We're not alone. We have all done it and imagined such silly things. Here's the thing, we pay her to keep a watch out on the health of our lady parts. She has seen them, touched them, and probably knows more about them than our lover. If somebody is going to have an answer to even the wildest "lady part question" it's going to be her.

So, we're going to unveil some secrets in this post. Here are 15 questions women are afraid to ask their Gyno. Enjoy!

15 Are My Bits And Pieces Normal?

It's a thought that's gone through most of your heads. You wonder if your private parts are basically like everyone else, right? Right. There are a few specific parts that you especially wonder about, but it seems weird to ask your Gyno to inspect them. Um, it's kind of her job, so ask away!

Just like each face and every body is different, every women's genitalia is different as well. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and even textures. We are all different and that's okay. Different is beautiful. Really, the most important thing about a Gyno visit is a healthy report. Let's just be honest and ask the questions we truly want questions to.

If you want to know that your stuff is in good shape then be direct. Who better to ask than a person who has seen more of this "stuff" than most people?

14 Is It Safe To Indulge In Intimacy While Menstruating?


Ah, the question about Aunt Flow and rolling in the hay. This is such a common topic for women, but talking to our Gyros about this seems taboo. It's not at all taboo, in fact. It's a legitimate concern.

Let's get this out in the open. We menstruate for 5-7 days every 28 days. That's a lot of time on the bench and out of the game, if you will. For those of you with a strong libido, this is just not working out for you.

Most likely you are going to indulge in knock'n some boots anyway, so why not just learn more. Your Gyno can tell you about the best and safest practices for intimate intercourse during menstruation. She may even have some tips of the trade to ease your mind about the topic a little.

13 Do I Smell Funny?

How many times have you done the "personal" version of the Superstar move (when she smells her arm pits)? If you have reason to be concerned that something is a little off down there, then speak up.

Most of us women know how we smell, on all parts of our bodies, including our personal zone. Sometimes a lover mentions something to us. How embarrassing, right? If there really is a problem then it needs to be addressed.

More times than not it's dehydration, an infection, or not clean enough. Your Gyno can give you tips on how to keep things in that area healthy and in tip top shape. If the smell is off kilter, she will notice it too. Obviously if she does, you'll be having the conversation anyway. If it's simply a matter of keeping hydrated or something simple like that, then might as well get a jump on it.

12 How Much Discharge Is Normal During Intimacy?

This may seem like an obvious question, because without lubrication, intimacy isn't exactly enjoyable. This may be an important question to ask, though. For some women, they believe that they discharge too much or too little. This leaves them feeling self-conscious and concerned.

For the ladies who are laying down towels before intercourse and to the ones who constantly reach for that bottle of K.Y. Jelly, be comforted in reading this. Just like we mentioned before about every women owning lady parts that are unique, intimate experiences follow suite.

Every women experiences intimacy in a different way, and her body responds accordingly. If you feel there is too much or too little going on down there, ask your Gyno about it. Trust us, she'll know the answer.

11 Do I Really Need To Wait After A Wax?


If you are a brave soul and was all those little hairs away, then here's a question for you to ask. Do you reeeeeally need to wait 24 hours to have intercourse after waxing your delicate regions? Those are the rules, but we know you're so hoping they can be broken.

The reason you're supposed to wait is that often the freshly waxed skin is very sensitive. Pours have been opened by the heated wax, not to mention all the helpless hairs that were ripped from their comfortable homes. It can be somewhat of a hot mess afterwards.

You wouldn't want to risk getting any type of infection down there, so get the details from your Gyno if you're wondering about this topic. You know your body, and she knows how to keep it healthy. Armed with both your knowledge, you will get a straight answer. You just have to be as brave about asking as you are about waxing.

10 How Much Itching Is Normal?


It's normal to experience itching every once in a while. We're not claiming that you'll sit around the house itching zones that you'd only touch in private like the other gender often gets accused of. There are times when circumstances may influence your level of itching, though.

When the hair begins to grow back after a close shave, you'll itch. It's also common to itch if you're dehydrated. Uncleanliness causes itching to occur. Some medications can cause itching as well. Several different types of infections include itching as a symptom.

Yes, it can seem embarrassing to admit that your private parts itch, but only your Gyno can explain what's normal for you and what's not. If it is something that requires a lifestyle change or even medical attention, then it's better to suck up your embarrassment and just ask.

9 How Much Is Too Much PMS?

A lot of people joke about it, but this PMS stuff is serious business. If you've ever discovered the lack of chocolate in your cabinets during these moments, you can understand. Really though, premenstrual syndrome is a very annoying thing.

Many women deal with it every 28 days or so. The effects could last much longer, though. When the bloating, mood swings, cramping, water retention, as well as more symptoms get to be too much then it's time to start talking.

No one likes admitting they become a different and slightly more unpleasant person every so often. Then again, if there are more symptoms than just typical PMS, your Gyno may want to look into it.

Even if you are struggling with regular PMS, she will have some tips on how to deal with the annoyances of it all.

8 Daily Discharge, What's Normal And What's Not?

This is a topic from which many women tend to shy away. What many ladies forget about is that vaginal discharge is a normal occurrence. In fact, there is a lot your Gyno can tell simply from your vaginal discharge report card.

It's understandable why the red face, though. Talking about the sticky stuff in your undergarments isn't exactly what any of us peg as a delightful conversation. The down and dirty is that is could be very necessary to just lay this subject out on the table.

Vaginal discharge comes in many colors, textures, and quantities. Infections, illnesses, and other concerns can reveal themselves in this unspoken lady business. Trust that your Gyno can read the discharge card and it's her job to do just that. If you're feeling that your panties are clueing you in on some health issues, remember to speak up.

7 Why Am I Never In The Mood?


Many, many things can influence your mood. More specifically, many things can influence your mood when it comes to getting it on. In addition, the perfect amount of intimacy for one woman or couple may be completely different for another.

Most women reported feeling inadequate when dealing with this subject. This feeling can often silence even the most concerned individual. A persistent lack of interest is nothing to shrug off, though. There is a condition is known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder, but you can't self-diagnose this.

More often than not, it's either situational or a hormonal imbalance. By talking with your Gyno about what is normal and what is not, any intimacy problems can be pinpointed. Once you've located the issue, a game plan can be set into motion.

6 When Should I Worry About Bumps?

Lumps and bumps on lady parts can really freak a girl out. It's no secret that women want to keep these concerns all hush hush. Like mentioned before, your Gyno has most likely seen just about everything by this time in her career. Plus she's going to see them anyway, so might as well let the cat out of the bag.

Here's the thing about bumps, they could be nothing at all or they could be something very big. Much like the rest of your body, skin tags and moles grow on and around your private area as well. Even shaving could cause a series of bumps to occur. Ingrown hairs or blocked skin glands are all very common, too.

If the bumps are hanging around a little too long for comfort, visit your Gyno. She will be able to tell you exactly how much you need to be concerned.

5 How Exactly Does The Rhythm Method Work?


No time to be bashful now. When it comes to birth control, you need to know the facts. You're a grown up women rather than a young, giggly girl in biology class. Perhaps you should have paid more attention in that biology class, but darn those cute boys in the back row, right? We get it, but here's your chance to ask a professional about all this giggly stuff.

We can guarantee you that no one will be able to walk you through intimate details of the rhythm method of birth control better than your Gyno. She can explain the different stages of a woman's cycle. She can teach you how to track your own cycle and spot when you are fertile. She can tell you when you need to actually practice the "rhythm" of the rhythm method and what other birth control is optional at that point.

4 How Do I Prevent Leaks When I Sneeze?

There comes a point in the life of a woman when things don't work like they did when she was young. It's all the joys of having babies and aging, but what is normal and what's not? Admittedly, it's not fun to talk about peeing a little in your panties, but it might as well be a laughable topic. If it's a fact in your life then you may as well approach it chest out and with a brave face.

Both the demands of pregnancy and age play a large part when it comes to incontinence. There are actions that can be taken to help ease your discomfort when it comes to this. Natural remedies and medicines have been discovered to help women in this position. By openly discussing this topic with your Gyno, you're providing yourself with some much-needed comfort.

3 Should I Be Tested For An STD?


Dealing with the possibility of contracting an STD can be one of the scariest things to experience in a woman's life. For one, you're scared simply because of the risk. In addition, you could be very embarrassed at your situation.

Perhaps you were intimate with someone who has less than a wonderful reputation and you're second guessing your decision. Maybe your partner was recently unfaithful and you feel that you may have been exposed to an STD. There are so many situations that could require testing.

It's best to be honest with your Gyno about what's going on in your life and your intimate history. An STD could harm you in many different ways and could reveal itself in ways that remain unknown to most.

2 Am I Menopausal?


Remember ladies that menopause isn't just a song that the aged sing. Women can experience menopausal symptoms even as young as mid-thirties. Things like hot flashes, mood swings, and inconsistent menstrual cycles are all indicators of menopause.

In fact, the time frame before menopause actual hits is called perimenopause. The thing about this stage is that it may feel like you're stuck in between two life stages. Often depression weighs in the minds of women experiencing this.

While it can often be self-diagnosed, remedies for some of the more uncomfortable symptoms are better handled by a professional. Voice your concerns to your Gyno unabashedly. She'll be able to confirm what it is that you're dealing with, and if there's reason for concern.

1 What Type Of Intercourse Is Safe?


You've probably already guessed where this point is getting at, but here's the scoop. A healthy intimacy appetite is nothing to be ashamed of. Being curious about other types of intercourse is very common. It is wise to talk with your Gyno about this if it's something in which you're going to be partaking.

Without being too awful graphic, there are many ways to engage in healthy intercourse. Some of these ways don't always involve the typical reproductive organs.

Why do you need to talk with your Gyno about your adventurous intimate activities? You need to have the chat because there is a safe way to be adventurous and an unsafe way. Learn about what boundaries you need to set to keep both you and your partner safe and healthy.

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