15 Rare Pics Of Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Captured By The Paparazzi

Folks have been wondering if Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been an item for years. The illusive duo has given the public just enough public displays of affection to make everyone think that they have to be a couple, and so little it makes us wonder-- are we making the whole thing up?

Anyone who has ever glanced at the tabloid magazine rack in the grocery store check-out line can attest that some media outlets stretch the truth about celebrities. Images are photoshopped, sources remain anonymous, and the rumors can be completely unbelievable.

But Foxx and Holmes have been seen together on numerous occasions, and it seems like more than just a friendship. They spend birthdays together. They sit next to each at the Grammy's. They were even caught holding hands together on a beach in Malibu, California.

They have to be dating, right?

Maybe this couple is just that private-- both have spent a lot of time in the spotlight. And while the idea that they want to keep their relationship secret makes sense, I cannot help but wonder if it is possible. Can a real, Hollywood couple really keep it under wraps for this long?

Readers, help us decide.

15 Canoodling On The Beach

Via: Daily Mail

This has to be the most damning photo-- the two of them are holding hands, strolling on the beach in Malibu. Look-- they on beach clothes and hats-- they are basically matching. What more screams COUPLE than that?

Plus they are holding hands. Friends don't hold hands and walk on the beach! That is a couple thing! I am super close to my friends and we show affection in many different ways. But we do not dress in casual beachwear, wrap our fingers in each other's fingers, and go for a mosey in the sand.

Good luck trying to get either of them to admit it.

Just don't ask Jamie Foxx publicly about his relationship with Katie. According to CBS News, he left an ESPN broadcast after the host tried to ask him his actress beau.

Interviewer Michael Smith asked Foxx if he was ready for the game, and added, "I know you prepared, because I saw pictures. Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine's Day? Like some real 'Love and Basketball?'"

Jamie apparently did not like where the conversation was going and promptly left. Literally. He removed his headset from his face, turned around, and walked away.

If he had a mic, he would have dropped it.

14 Casual Posing

Via: gala.de

TMZ was the first to break the news that Jamie and Katie were most definitely, sort of, probably dating. They were caught holding hands-- that just has to mean something.

So now, armed with that information, when you look back at photos like the one above you automatically think, "Yeah. They are totally playing some form of hide the salami."

TMZ is even going so far as to give them at nickname-- JamKat. That's alright. But here at BabyGaga we would like to throw some names in the ring for consideration:


-Foxxy Holmes

-JayKay (JK. Not really though.)


But even Jamie and Katie's body language in casual photos does speak volumes. Beliefnet explains male body language in this situation stating, "If he sits close to you in social settings, he’s telling you he can’t get enough of you. You support him, he supports you and he wants the world to know the two of you are together."

And there is more: "If he fidgets a lot when he’s sitting with you, it can mean he’s nervous or uncomfortable. It may even signal he wants to leave. If you’re just meeting, you may not need to read too deeply into this one but as things progress, unless he has a nervous condition, you may want to watch this one."

13 Celebrating Birthdays

Via: Entertainment Tonight

People Magazine reported that Jamie Foxx had a special guest at his 50th birthday party in December-- guess who?

Foxx and Holmes partied with friends in LA, and sources have reported that they arrived in each other's company.

Fun fact: they were not the only stars in attendance. Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connolly, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and Ice Cube were also there to wish Jamie a happy birthday.

They walked in together,” says a source. “They mostly mingled with other guests, and spent very little alone time. It was obvious that Jamie had a great birthday. Katie looked like she had fun as well. She looked gorgeous.”

But it is not just their mere presence in the same room. It is the way they are standing-- their body language. Look at the way these two make eye contact. Look at how their gaze is unbroken. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes.

According to CBC, Dr. Glass, best selling author and body language expert says, “When I look at people, I look at the whole person, I don’t just look at one thing,” she says. Some body language gestures that show genuine romantic interest are: smiling and playing with their hair, touching you gently, their toes are pointed towards you, your date is leaning into you.

Check, check, check, and check on all those fronts for Katie and Foxx!

12 Tom, The Third Wheel

It is likely that Jamie and Katie met through her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. Cruise starred alongside Foxx in the movie Collateral in 2004-- and have arguably been friends ever since.

Jamie and Katie’s relationship is not a secret but they both like to keep it under the radar,” a Foxx source told PEOPLE. “They have nothing to hide but Jamie, especially, is very low key about his life in general, and rarely talks about it. He is not one to acknowledge anything about his private life and neither does Katie.”

But perhaps Tom Cruise is part of the reason that they are keeping their relationship on the down low. An insider told Hollywood Life, "Tom is shocked and upset that Katie is dating a co-star he once considered a close friend. He feels betrayed by both of them."

Or perhaps it could be that both actors have children from previous relationship, and that complicates the whole dating situation.

Katie is close with Jamie’s girls,” said another People source. “She spends time with them even when Jamie’s not there and they have dinner dates. Both girls get along really well with Katie. She’s been in Analise’s life since she was really young so they are especially tight.”

11 Facial Expressions

Listen, I am not a mind-reader. I cannot tell with certainty by expression what someone is thinking. But as someone who browses the tabloids while waiting in at the store, I can tell you that I have seen photos like this before-- and those expressions belong to two people who have been caught red-handed.

Usually when these photos surface it is accompanied by the headline, "CHEATING SPOUSE" or "ADULTER". But Katie and Jamie are both single. There is no infidelity here. It seems like they are just two really private people who are trying their best to keep their relationship out of the spot light. And can you blame them?

You know who has an interesting take on this? Scarlett Johansson. She says that in her mind, there is one solid reason why dating another actor can be so challenging.

"The logistics of being with another actor are challenging. There has to be a real understanding of how you share your time, especially when two people's careers are going at the same rate," Johansson told the Cosmopolitan magazine. "Or even if one person is more successful than the other, that also proves challenging. There may be a competitive thing."

10 Leaving The Same Restaurant

I totally get that the paparazzi must be really annoying for stars, especially for two people like Jamie and Katie who are desperately trying to hide their relationship.

Take the photo above-- the photogs stalked the two of them to dinner and then even though they made sure to exit the building separately, everyone knew that they had been in there eating together. The two have been linked together since 2015, which means there has to be some form of seriousness to this relationship, right?

Their relationship works because of the love, compassion, trust and support they have for each other,” a source close to Holmes told Us exclusively in March. “They confide in and rely on each other pretty heavily. They’re definitely very serious.”

If Holmes and Foxx have managed to avoid the spotlight for this long, I kind of get the feeling this is just how it is going to be. Even if they get married, they do not seem like the type that will sell their wedding photos to the highest bidder.

We are all probably doomed to watch them from afar through blurry, questionable photos. And hearing from anonymous "sources" about the status of the love.

9 Intimate Eye Contact

If there is still any doubt in your mind that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are a couple, then take a look at this photo. And ask yourself one simple question: if you saw your significant other looking at someone else like this, would you be worried?

Yeah. I thought so. Those eyes are not saying, "Hey, friend." Those eyes are saying things that I cannot publish here.

In fact, The Guardian reports that eye contact can speak volumes: "It’s not all pish-posh and poetry, though. Science says all those flowery expressions of undying affection set ablaze by a gaze are founded in physiological fact."

The article continues, "There are more neurons in the brain dedicated to vision than the other four senses combined – up to 80% of what our bodies take in is filtered through our eyes. And the eyes are not just windows to the soul, but also to neuron pathways that can form love connections in our brains. How we harness the eyes to 'create' love has been the subject of decades of scientific study. Interest in the role of eye contact in intimacy shows no signs of faltering – both for scientific researchers and the rest of us."

8 Shooting Hoops

Here are Katie and Jamie together-- yet again. (They have those same hats on, as well. Maybe it was like a two for one deal?) This time they are going to shoot some hoops. Or perhaps they are just taking their basketball for a walk. NO. THIS IS REAL.

I don't know why we are still experiencing doubt that these two are a couple. And on top of that they seem like a really good couple.

The Huffington Post reports that couples who play together, stay together: "First, playing together in novel and arousing activities keeps you (and your spouse) from getting bored and your relationship from becoming a boring routine. Boredom sacks the current joy out of your relationship and, if not addressed, leads to increasing dissatisfaction over time, the temptation to seek excitement outside the relationship, and/or ultimately the “we’ve just grown apart” explanation for divorce."

The publication continues, "Second, playing together also helps you and your spouse connect the good feelings you experience during the activity to your overall relationship. Third, participating in novel and arousing activities makes people feel happier in general, and when you are a happier person, you are more likely to be a happy partner and extend that positive emotion to your marriage and spouse."

7 Hanging Out On Weekends

These two must be together. They hang out ALL OF THE TIME. But why the secrecy? Can they really be that camera shy? After so many years in the spotlight are they really that weirded out knowing that the public knows they are in love?

Or is there another reason for secrecy?

Think back to Katie's ex-husband Tom Cruise. Remember how strangely things ended between them? Plus Cruise is a part of the Church of Scientology and if you have heard Lea Remini talk about it lately, you know it sounds dark and honestly-- kind of creepy.

Closer Weekly reports that an insider dished, "Katie signed a clause in her quickie divorce settlement that prevents her from embarrassing Tom in various ways, like talking about him or Scientology, or publicly dating another man for five years after the divorce. She’s allowed to date, but she cannot do so in a public fashion, and she’s not supposed to let any boyfriend near their daughter Suri."

The insider also said, “Katie wanted out of the marriage so badly, she agreed to the terms — and got $4.8 million in child support, plus another $5 million for herself."

6 Secrecy Can Be Steamy

Maybe Foxx and Holmes are keeping relationship on the down low for a number of reasons, and maybe one of them is because it is fun to sneak around. Haven't we all experienced some form of this? It is exciting. It is hot. But what does it do to a relationship in the long run?

According to "The Adversity Of Secret Relationships," published by Foster and Campbell, the nature of secret relationships is explainable: "Previous research suggests that romantic secrecy (i.e., keeping a romantic relationship secret from others) creates a cognitive preoccupation that enhances romantic attraction. In contrast, we predicted that romantic secrecy interferes with relationship interdependence and thereby decreases relationship quality."

They continue, "Three studies of secrecy in ongoing romantic relationships confirmed this prediction. In Study 1, romantic secrecy predicted lower levels of initial relationship quality and decreased relationship quality over a 2‐week period. In Study 2, relationship burden mediated partially the negative association between romantic secrecy and relationship quality. In Study 3, the negative association between romantic secrecy and relationship quality was primarily explained by decreased relationship satisfaction. The importance of understanding romantic secrecy is discussed."

Maybe someone should pass along this article to Foxx and Holmes. According to most of the research that is out there, secret relationships are fun but they just don't last.

5 They Style Together

So Jamie and Katie may not be dressing in matching Hawaiian shirts, but they do seem to match lot. It seems like someone is definitely coordinating their outfits.

Remember when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore matching denim outfits back in the 90's? At least Katie and Jamie have toned down the effect.

Dr. Nikki Goldstein who is a relationship expert, talked to The Huffington Post about what she calls "harmonious dressing".

She said, "We tend to want to fit in with the person we are dating. Yes we are all unique but we want to, as a couple, look united and as if we 'fit'." Ok...making sense so far.

She continued, "You conform to the environment that you're in -- so it's only natural that when you're dating someone, even automatically without knowing -- you will start to change your style so that you blend in with them."

It does seem like this couple have found harmony in their dressing. Katie has seemed to go more elegant and regal in the past couple of years, and Jamie has done the same. Maybe this is them subconsciously meeting in the middle? Maybe we are seeing their relationship unfold by the clothes that they are wearing.

4 Pre-Grammy Parties

The photos of these two holding hands on the beach was convincing, but I think that these might be even more so. At a pre-grammy gala in NYC, Katie and Jamie were caught multiple times on camera staring deeply into each other's eyes and leaning in close.

They were seen laughing, canoodling, and giving each other a hard time. It seems like try as these two might, they cannot keep themselves away from one another.

ET concluded that the couple did not initially sit together but that eventually they gave up and sat next to one another. They reported, "Holmes, 39, looked smitten as Foxx, 50, whispered in her ear and put his arm around the back of her chair. She whispered back, cupping her hand over her mouth to keep others from seeing. The actress wore her hair in a very short bob while sporting a red floor-length gown. Foxx looked dapper in a navy and black tuxedo."

Perhaps Jamie and Katie would get a little more peace if they would just release a simple statement that says, "Hey. We know you know. We know, too. So you know, we know, our kids know, knowing is good." And then perhaps we could all talk about something else.

3 Is It The Pressure?

They don’t see themselves as a couple in the traditional sense and they don’t want to be labeled as a couple,” a source revealed to PEOPLE.They don’t want to have expectations placed on them about how they should be acting in public, how often they should be seen together and what they should or shouldn’t mean to each other.

They continued,

What Katie and Jamie have works for them because it’s completely easy. When they can be together, they are. There are no obligations, no requirements. They aren’t focused on what’s next or what the future holds. They are content simply knowing that they enjoy each other’s company and have a good time together.

This does make sense. We have all seen one too many Hollywood couples break up because of the rigorous schedules that both parties have. Maybe there is something to keeping it casual, light and airy. Maybe there are not the expectations, and therefore the same failures.

Psychology Today explains, "The solution isn't necessarily to change your expectations. It's important to have healthy expectations that reflect your own worth and guide you toward the interdependence that allows for intimate connection. It might be an opportunity for conversation between you and your partner about what is and isn't working, to see if your relationship has the potential to move closer to (both) your expectations."

2 Doing It Their Own Way

"They still have their own separate lives and they aren’t trying to join them together," an anonymous source told People. "They aren’t focused on what’s next or what the future holds. They are content simply knowing that they enjoy each other’s company and have a good time together. It isn’t about anything more than that."

Katie and Jamie may be on to something.

"When we're at work, we fantasize about being on vacation; on vacation, we worry about the work piling up on our desks," Jay Dixit of Psychology Today explains. "We dwell on intrusive memories of the past or fret about what may or may not happen in the future. We don't appreciate the living present because our 'monkey minds,' as Buddhists call them, vault from thought to thought like monkeys swinging from tree to tree."

He continues, "We need to live more in the moment. Living in the moment—also called mindfulness—is a state of active, open, intentional attention on the present. When you become mindful, you realize that you are not your thoughts; you become an observer of your thoughts from moment to moment without judging them. Mindfulness involves being with your thoughts as they are, neither grasping at them nor pushing them away. Instead of letting your life go by without living it, you awaken to experience."

1 Miles Apart And Yet...

We can all agree that Katie and Jamie don't have a "normal" Hollywood relationship. They spend a lot of time apart, in different cities and different time zones. But what does this mean for them?

Vogue did an exposé on long distance relationships and uncovered some interesting facts. Author Karley Sciortino shared, "Most people believe that attempting a long-distance relationship is crazy—delusional, even. And they have a point. Relationships are hard enough without dealing with expensive plane tickets, time differences, and non-ironic “text hugs.” And yet, so many of us end up doing the long-distance thing, for the simple reason that, well, love is not always rational. When you are in love, the feeling is so rare and urgent that amputating it due to inconvenient circumstances seems totally insane—even more insane than, say, dating someone who lives 3,000 miles from you."

She went on to explain, "Essentially, being long-distance creates issues and challenges that you might not face in a “normal” relationship, but if you can handle them, I think it can expedite emotional growth. So often, we end up in relationships of convenience—you fuck that weird stoner guy because he lives in your neighborhood, or you keep accidentally-on-purpose sleeping with your ex because you’re lonely and there’s no better option. But if you’re willing to put up with the nightmare of long-distance, that must mean you really fucking like each other. So, paradoxically, being long-distance can create a feeling of security, because it’s clear that you’re both all in."

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