14Casual Posing

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TMZ was the first to break the news that Jamie and Katie were most definitely, sort of, probably dating. They were caught holding hands-- that just has to mean something.

So now, armed with that information, when you look back at photos like the one above you automatically think, "Yeah. They

are totally playing some form of hide the salami."

TMZ is even going so far as to give them at nickname-- JamKat. That's alright. But here at BabyGaga we would like to throw some names in the ring for consideration:


-Foxxy Holmes

-JayKay (JK. Not really though.)


But even Jamie and Katie's body language in casual photos does speak volumes. Beliefnet explains male body language in this situation stating, "If he sits close to you in social settings, he’s telling you he can’t get enough of you. You support him, he supports you and he wants the world to know the two of you are together."

And there is more: "If he fidgets a lot when he’s sitting with you, it can mean he’s nervous or uncomfortable. It may even signal he wants to leave. If you’re just meeting, you may not need to read too deeply into this one but as things progress, unless he has a nervous condition, you may want to watch this one."

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