13Celebrating Birthdays

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Foxx and Holmes partied with friends in LA, and sources have reported that they arrived in each other's company.

People Magazine reported that Jamie Foxx had a special guest at his 50th birthday party in December-- guess who?

Fun fact: they were not the only stars in attendance. Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connolly, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and Ice Cube were also there to wish Jamie a happy birthday.

They walked

in together,” says a source. “They mostly mingled with other guests, and spent very little alone time. It was obvious that Jamie had a great birthday. Katie looked like she had fun as well. She looked gorgeous.”

But it is not just their mere presence in the same room. It is the way they are standing-- their body language. Look at the way these two make eye contact. Look at how their gaze is unbroken. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes.

According to CBC, Dr. Glass, best selling author and body language expert says, “When I look at people, I look at the whole person, I don’t just look at one thing,” she says. Some body language gestures that show genuine romantic interest are: smiling and playing with their hair, touching you gently, their toes are pointed towards you, your date is leaning into you.

Check, check, check, and check on all those fronts for Katie and Foxx!

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