15Canoodling On The Beach

Via: Daily Mail

Just don't ask Jamie Foxx publicly about his relationship with Katie. According to CBS News, he left an ESPN broadcast after the host tried to ask him his actress beau.

This has to be the most damning photo-- the two of them are holding hands, strolling on the beach in Malibu. Look-- they on beach clothes and hats-- they are basically matching. What more screams COUPLE than that?

Plus they are holding hands. Friends don't hold hands and walk on the

beach! That is a couple thing! I am super close to my friends and we show affection in many different ways. But we do not dress in casual beachwear, wrap our fingers in each other's fingers, and go for a mosey in the sand.

Good luck trying to get either of them to admit it.

Interviewer Michael Smith asked Foxx if he was ready for the game, and added, "I know you prepared, because I saw pictures. Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine's Day? Like some real 'Love and Basketball?'"

Jamie apparently did not like where the conversation was going and promptly left. Literally. He removed his headset from his face, turned around, and walked away.

If he had a mic, he would have dropped it.

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