15 Pregnancy Test Reaction Pics

If someone has never taken a pregnancy test, they may be shocked to know that there is a lot more to it than just peeing on a stick and waiting three minutes for lines to show up (or not too). For those who have taken a pregnancy test, they know that it is about so much more than two pink lines.

Taking a pregnancy test is full of so much emotion, and not always good ones. For a couple who is actively trying to get pregnant, the dreaded time of the month when they are testing is filled with excitement, anxiousness and fear. Fear that they will have failed, and that they will not be pregnant this month but excitement at the possibility that they now have a little baby on the way.

If a couple is not trying to have a baby, but are worried that birth control may have failed, taking a pregnancy test is a bit different. It is full of anxiety and fear. They are hoping that they do not see two lines on the test. Not every pregnancy is welcomed, and sure sometimes the news does warm on them and they grow to love and want this baby, but they would really rather not see a positive test at all.

Then there are those who are struggling to have a baby, and they may be the ones with the most intense relationship with pregnancy tests. The sadness and frustration only grows with each month and every pregnancy test they take. It becomes a dreaded event, as they are always sure they will see yet another negative result.

Either way, it is always fun to see videos and pictures that perfectly capture the moment a person discovers they are pregnant. It is also fun to see the moment extended family finds out as well. We have 17 raw photographs that are showing the good, bad and ugly when it comes to pregnancy test results.

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17 No One Is Too Manly For Some Tears!


There is just something about seeing a grown, strong man succumb to his emotions. Here we have a tough-looking man who clearly is a teddy bear inside with a big heart as he breaks down being told his wife is pregnant with their first child. She planned this elaborate way to reveal to her husband that a baby was on the way.

She made him believe that he was getting a watch as a gift, but he was getting something so much better. When he opened the long, slim box, instead of finding a watch, he found positive pregnancy test. He can not contain his emotions as he takes in this news, and we are all happy he didn’t as his wife was standing by with a camera in hands.

Some husbands have an emotional reaction, and some have a more comical reaction. “When I told y partner I was pregnant we were pretty shocked! Once we got over the shock we, um, did the deed … Afterwards, he stood up, posed like a bodybuilder and pronounce ‘I’m a man.’ He was 42!” Maybe not as sweet as the photograph, but still memorable and something the pair will never forget.

16 Christmas Miracle


Christmas is a wonderful time to announce the arrival of a new baby, it is already a time filled with so much joy and happiness, it just seems irresponsible to not add more to it.

One family decided that they would tell their older daughter what Santa was bringing her this year. By the look of joy and shock on her face, we have a feeling it is exactly what she asked for.

Being an only child has its perks, but it is also really difficult. As much as a sibling can drive you nuts at times, it is a guaranteed and perfect friend and playmate most of the time.

Of course, the reveals to siblings do not always go as we plan, and sometimes we find out that a sibling is not what they wanted for Christmas, their birthday or whatever holiday you planned on announcing at. One couple got quite the shock when they told their son that they were expecting another baby. “Our son, upon being told he was getting a little brother: ‘I wanted a digger.’” As much as we want that sweet and happy reaction, sometimes children are brutally honest, but their responses are hilarious and moments we will all look back on and laugh.

15 Family Joy For A Famous YouTube Family!

If anyone is familiar with YouTube and daily vloggers, they should recognize this entry.

They are Bryan and Missy from Daily Bumps, an entertaining and adorable family who posts daily videos on YouTube. They have a sad past when it comes to conceiving. They suffered two pregnancy losses, one halfway through their pregnancy. They then conceived Oliver, the little boy in the picture.

Missy came to find out she had a T-shaped uterus which was to blame for her losing her first two children. She had a surgery to correct this issue and the couple attempted to conceive again.

They were on vacation with two of their friends, when Missy decided to take a pregnancy test. She went into the bathroom, peed on the stick and then handed it through the door to her husband. He knew the result before she did. When she was finished she came out and Bryan handed her the test, and this is her face when she saw that there were indeed two lines and she was pregnant with their second. She ended up giving birth to a healthy baby boy named Finley. You will have to tune in to watch or take my word that they have the cutest little boys I think I have ever seen.

14 Had To Include A Kardashian

It seems like you can’t read or write an article these days without highlighting a Kardashian in some way, especially when it shows them in completely human situations, like finding out someone is pregnant. Khloe Kardashian is the latest K-sister to give birth, and she was the last one left who did not have any children. The means that there must have been so much joy when she announced, and now we can say that joy was indeed felt. This is a photograph that captured the moment when Khloe announced to her mom, Kris and one of her sisters, Courtney that she was (finally) expecting a little baby. We now get to see the Kardashian family in a relatable situation, just sharing in the joy of a new baby.

Kris Jenner is no stranger to being a grandmother, as she has her fair share of grandchildren now. Some grandparents are happy at first, but once they have a few, the excitement starts to wind down. One woman’s own mother had this to say when it came to yet another pregnancy announcement, “My mother, when we announced baby number two was on the way, said: ‘Oh dear, I do hope we’re not going to make this an annual event.” Not the kind of reaction one would expect.

13 Confusion!

This one is very confusing and very well-known. This is, of course, Sam and Nia and they have a daily vlogging channel on YouTube. At the point this still was taken, they had two children. Nia had been suspecting that she was pregnant but had not taken a test yet, so her husband decided to try something. He disengaged one of the toilets, so when Nia went to the washroom in the morning it would not flush. He used that sample to take a pregnancy test, which came back positive. He then surprised his wife with the test and after a lot of disbelief, she was in actual shock.

What would have been a joyous occasion turned into one filled with controversy. Just after this video was posted, Nia and Sam stated that they had a miscarriage. She then (very soon) became pregnant with who is now, their third child.

Millions of people accused them of staging this pregnancy test for views (views which turn into profit), and that the miscarriage never happened. Nia took to YouTube and posted a video of the timeline between her miscarriage and pregnancy.

It only got worse when shortly after this, her husband was found to be on Ashley Madison, a dating website for married individuals looking to have an affair. Sam and Nia have had a rocky time to say the least.

12 Always A Bit Of Shock

Our first picture is a good representation of how a lot of people feel when they look at a pregnancy test, whether the pregnancy is planned or a surprise. The initial reaction is usually shock and disbelief. This woman is obviously shocked that she has gotten a positive test. The emotions that go through a woman’s mind when she sees that positive are almost hard to imagine. It is hard to imagine that a woman could think so many things at one time. There is happiness, excitement and a little bit of fear mixed in as well.

A lot of women have taken to the internet to share their experiences upon seeing a positive pregnancy test on thebump.com.

One woman, named Rebecca J. stated that when she saw the two lines on the pregnancy test she “ran out of the bathroom with my pants still down at my ankles and screamed for my husband.”

That sure sound like a happy response to a positive test. Most women who are planning a pregnancy feel nothing but joy in those first few minutes. This is a very common response when a woman finds out she is pregnant. She is immediately thrilled and wants to share the news with everyone around her.

11 Sibling Shocker!

As fun as it is for a woman to find out she is pregnant and then share the news with her partner, it is equally fun when you already have children that you must share the news with. A lot of parents look for a fun and unique way to break the news to their older children, and the results are usually hilarious.

If your children are old enough to understand that a new baby is coming, the response you can get can either be beautiful or a little bit disappointing.

These parents had three older children, well beyond the baby years and are all capable of understanding what has just happened. Let’s go through the reactions from left to right and try and dissect how each of them are feeling. The girl on the left seems genuinely shocked and surprised, she is trying to understand and wrap her head around what is happening. The girl in the middle looks almost disgusted, almost like she paid too much attention in health class and knows exactly how that baby got there. The last, the boy on the right, seems a bit confused and even angry about the reaction. It seems this mom and dad got all the possible reactions in one picture.

10 Soldier’s Sweet Homecoming

Some of the most heartwarming and highest viewed videos on the internet are about the military and soldiers/veterans. This could be anything from controversial videos to homecoming videos. Some of the sweetest videos are when a soldier finds out that his wife is expecting, we can not get enough of these videos.

This wife made a care package for her military partner to announce the arrival of their upcoming baby, and the pure joy on his face is enough to make anyone feel good. We can already tell he is going to be a wonderful father.

There are a lot of funny and cute ways to tell your husband that you are expecting a baby, the internet is full of good ideas. Sonja W. shares how she told her husband that they were expecting a child. “I handed my unopened Mike’s Hard Lemonade bottle to my husband and told him baby number three was on the way. I don’t drink a lot, but good thing I tested before I started drinking.” We all know alcohol is off-limits to women who are expecting, so it is always cute to let your partner know that he is now drinking for two!

9 Maybe Some Disbelief

Some women even have some level of disbelief when they see a positive pregnancy test, much like the woman in this picture. She is looking at a positive test and is not quite sure if she should trust it or if she should take a couple more just to make sure. This is another common thing that a lot of pregnant woman do when they see those two pink lines, they take a lot of pregnancy tests. If a couple has been trying for a while, or taking fertility treatments, it can be hard for them to believe that it is actually happening to them.

They run out and buy all the different brands of pregnancy tests, including the digital ones. Some women claim to have “line eyes” which means that they think they see a line when they really don’t. These women really rely on the digital ones which gives them a clear yes or no.

One woman named June T. had taken a test at a doctor’s office and this was how she reacted; “I called the nurse a liar and redid the test myself (I worked for a doctor’s office at that time). When the results came out positive, I apologized repeatedly to her.”

It can just be so hard to believe, even though is may be the only thing a woman has ever wanted.

8 Then Comes The Joy!

After the moments of shock and disbelief have passed, joy slowly starts to creep in. This woman is clearly delighted by what she sees on the pregnancy test, and most couldn’t blame her. You can still see some shock and disbelief, but the joy is radiating more. A lot of these pictures are taken in a person’s bathroom, which would not be the normal place for a woman to take a pic of herself. However, pregnancy tests advise you to use first morning urine because that is when it is at its most concentrate.

One woman, named Brittany H. took to thebump.com to express how she felt when she saw the two lines for the first time.

She stated, “I ran around my living room in disbelief, and then I went to look at it again to make sure I didn’t read it wrong. I call my husband, who’s in the military. He said he almost cried and jumped in the air, but he had to act tough in front of his colleagues.”

That is definitely one of he sweetest reveal reactions I have ever heard. It can be tough when a couple is separated when they find out news this big, but the joy beats all.

7 We All Know This One

This is a still from a video that has since gone viral on social media. It will not come as a surprise to anyone. It is from a short video of a woman who is announcing their newest pregnancy to her husband. The couple already have a few children, and this pregnancy was not planned.

She left the test on her tea and asked her husband to get her tea for her. His reaction was not what anyone expected, but it is one that we all love and can relate too.

Pregnancies are not always rainbow and sunshine, they can be hard for people who were not trying for a baby and who thought that they were done having children. This man was definitely not prepared to have another baby in his life. He thought he was done changing diapers, and being up all night, and now he has learned that he is about to do it all over again. He is not the only one who feels like this, Willow V. stated that when she found out she was pregnant she “had a mega panic attack because I wasn’t planning on having a baby. It was a total shock, but then I was so happy.”

6 Words Can Not Explain!


A common reaction when a woman receives a positive test is wordless. They have no words to explain how they are feeling, and they end up speechless (literally). There is a reason a lot of people try and capture these moments for a very specific and real reason. It is such a joyous moment that a lot of women go through it and then months later can not recollect how the moment went. With the addition of Facebook and YouTube, people are eager to post these videos online, and I am guilty of binge-watching a lot of them, because you can’t help but be sucked into the joy and anticipation.

One woman found out in a very peculiar place, Amber M. sure had a story to tell and I will let her words let everyone know how she came to find out she was pregnant.

“I was at Walmart with my boyfriend and his mother. I had been feeling funny, so I walked off on my own to take a test. I came out of the bathroom crying and waving the test – my boyfriend and his mom had no idea what was going on.”

It is not the most common place to take a test, but when you must know, you must know.

5 Joy To Heartbreak

If you are a regular on YouTube, then you may recognize this couple. This is Phil and Alex, and they have a vlog channel where they take viewers on the journey of their lives.

They have adopted two little girls and have been wonderful at showing the adoption process and all the joys and struggles that go with it. They adopted because they do have some fertility issues that make it very difficult for them to conceive naturally.

They had recently started doing IVF to try and conceive a natural child. After multiple failed attempts (which is hard on anyone, and expensive) this is the still-frame picture from their video when they got the phone call that their latest IVF treatment was a success and that they were pregnant. It was a beautiful moment, and even I could not hold back the tears as I felt the joy for them. This story does not have a happy ending, because that pregnancy ended up in a miscarriage. Not all joyous moments end up in a healthy baby and it makes moments like these seem hauntingly beautiful and extremely heartbreaking at the same time. But even so, this moment was overwhelming joy.

4 Grandma’s Wish Come True

It is not only a woman and a man who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new baby, normally there are some grandparents there who are also waiting. They are a bit more vocal about it and tend to always ask when their children are going to make them grandparents already. The reason is because Grandparents normally have all the fun, they are the one who get to spoil the babies and then hand them back to their parents for any discipline or the messier parts of parenthood.

Couples normally like to tell their parents in a unique way, and there is no shortage of adorable and hilarious videos on YouTube about grandparents finding out their new status.

In this picture we can see that a grandmother has just gotten the best news she could ever imagine getting, and she is celebrating like she was just on the winning team who won the Super Bowl.

Rosy C. and her husband had a similar reaction to their positive test; “I screamed, ‘Oh my god,’ probably 10 times until my husband came running to see what was the matter. We both started laughing and crying.” Such a sweet moment!

3 An Uncle Is Born!

It is not just grandparents who are elated when they find out that a new little family member is about to enter the world. Even siblings who are about to become aunts or uncles are just as excited, and sometimes the reactions are simply, but they speak so much more.

This picture shows a woman who has just told her brother that she is expecting, meaning that he is about to become an uncle. All he simply does it place his arms around his sister and give her a big hug, shedding a few tears.

The simplicity of this picture makes it the most heartwarming and sweetest picture on this list.

Not all family members are very good at showing their emotions. It doesn’t mean that they are not happy or excited, it is just how they are. It takes them a little bit of time to process the information. For whatever reason, we find that it is often our male family members who are a bit of a loss word words. One user explained her father’s reaction to her new pregnancy. “My dad was silent for a little while, then ignored it completely and started talking about sheep (he was a farmer). He doted on my daughter once she showed up-I think he just didn’t know what to say.”

2 Will The Sisters Get A Brother?

This is another still from a very popular and adorable pregnancy announcement for a couple’s two older daughters. The parents were looking for a fun and unique way to let their two daughters know that they were expecting another baby. They decided to get them some personalized cookies.

One of the cookies read, ‘big sister’ and the other one read, ‘big sister again.’ Implying that a little baby was on the way.

People are very wary when they let their children know that there is another baby on the way, they are worried that their children won’t take the news well. That jealousy will already start to show. There was no reason to fear with these two girls, they took the news very well. The older sister was elated and couldn’t stop smiling or laughing. The younger girl was so excited that she burst into tears as she ran over to give her mom and dad a hug. It was a sweet moment that these parents will now have on record for as long as they wish. We can’t help but wonder if the two sisters are secretly hoping for a little boy, or if they are quite content with being a family of all girls.

1 It’s Not Always Positive!

This entire article has been about the joy of finding out a couple is pregnant, we have not touched on what happens when the test comes back negative, until now. This picture shows a woman who is showing off her negative pregnancy test with a big thumbs down. As a person who has gone through fertility treatments, I can understand and appreciate the amount of pain that comes with seeing yet another negative pregnancy test. She seems to be taking it in stride, but who can tell the emotions that are going on inside of her head.

It can be very heartbreaking when you see a negative result, when you are trying to get pregnant or going through fertility treatments.

Our bodies are cruel things and they even have the ability to give us all the symptoms of being pregnant, without actually being pregnant. It is like a cruel joke; a woman gets her hopes up thinking that she has finally conceived, and her test comes back negative. It can take a while to get pregnant, even couples who seemingly have no fertility issues, can take up to a year to conceive. Month after month of seeing negatives can take a toll on a woman both physically and mentally.

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