15 Raw Whisper Confessions From Women Who Didn't Know They Were Pregnant

We have all heard the stories of women not knowing that they are pregnant. They are rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night with stomach pains, thinking that they might have appendicitis. Wrong! Turns out they’ve been pregnant for nine months and had no idea. Next thing they know, they’re on a bed and pushing out their baby. By the end of the quick journey, they have a little bundle of joy and a stunned look on their face.

That’s really only how it unfolds on TV. In reality, it’s much less dramatic than all that. Most of the time, the mom doesn’t suspect that she’s even pregnant because she’s been on birth control, which can make a woman stop her period altogether. More often than not, the discovery is made around 7 or months along into the pregnancy. Other times, they may have pregnancy symptoms but they get explained away as digestive issues. Women find themselves misdiagnosed more than you would think possible.

All of these women have one thing in common: they are shocked by the news. It can be scary if mom drank alcohol or did drugs before she knew that she was expecting. Most of these women carry guilt with them and worry throughout the rest of their pregnancy that they might have unknowingly hurt the baby. More times than none, the baby is born healthy. Please enjoy this list of 15 raw whisper confessions from women who didn’t know they were pregnant.

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15 Dangerous Habits

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This woman found herself in a scary situation. She confessed to not knowing that she'd been expecting until she was 7 months along. In that time, she managed to do just about everything a pregnant woman should not be doing. From working out excessively to drinking alcohol weekly, she admits to not taking care of her body like she should have. Now, she’s left feeling terrified that she hurt the baby.

At the time that she wrote this Whisper confession, she had progressed to 8 months. Hopefully, everything ended up being okay with the baby and the mom-to-be started taking better care of herself for the rest of the pregnancy. I’m sure that this woman couldn’t rest easy until she finally held her healthy baby in her arms. This is probably every woman’s worst nightmare and ladies who find themselves in this position often blame themselves for their unsafe activities.

14 It Wasn't A Tummy Bug

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Sometimes, women have no idea that they are pregnant throughout most of their  pregnancy. They have zero symptoms and don’t suffer from morning sickness. Often times, they don’t even gain weight or show at all. These surprised expectant moms can usually explain away the fact they’ve missed several periods because they are on birth control or have had an illness that potentially could have stopped their cycle.

This woman was shocked to discover that a 2 am trip to the hospital ended with her giving birth. What she thought might have been a stomach virus ended up to actually be labor pains. She jokingly admitted that she’d never been so happy to be sick in her life. I can only imagine how surprising it would be to go to the Emergency Room suffering from extreme stomach pains only to discover that you’re fully dilated and about to have a baby.

13 Her Big Secret

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This woman must feel so lost and alone. She confessed to just discovering that she’s 7 months pregnant and hasn’t told anyone about her condition, not even the father. Not only that, but she’s been hiding it from everyone for 2 weeks. It wasn’t until she skipped her last period that she learned the unexpected news. This poor lady had no idea because she had been spotting previously and totally didn’t suspect that might have been with child. It must be a huge burden for her to carry around a secret this big.

I can see why she feels so scared. This would be a distressing situation for any woman. Hopefully, she reaches out to her family and the baby’s father to get the support that she needs. The baby will be here before she knows it and she probably won’t be able to hide her pregnancy for much longer.

12 Uh-oh!

Here we have another woman confessing to engaging in dangerous behavior at the beginning of her unknown pregnancy. She wasn’t aware that she was expecting for 3 months and admits to smoking marijuana during that time period. Of course, she claims that she stopped smoking weed as soon as she found out about her condition. Which is a good thing because it can have a negative affect on little ones and pregnant ladies are advised to abstain from pot while pregnant.

It’s good that she stopped but super scary that she did drugs while she was pregnant. If a mom-to-be smokes pot, the THC, (which is what makes you feel high) passes through her and can get into her baby’s bloodstream. Unfortunately, a fetus is much more vulnerable to chemicals and toxins than grown ups. We can only hope that her unborn baby didn’t suffer any damage and was born happy and healthy.

11 Less Of A Woman

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Sometimes women who don’t find out that they are expecting until later in the pregnancy feel robbed of the joy of being pregnant. Most women have the opportunity to bond with their baby while they are in Utero. They get to experience the excitement of preparing for the big arrival and do their best to make healthy choices so that their baby developed perfectly.

This woman feels like her body betrayed her because she didn’t have the privilege of experiencing a normal pregnancy. It’s so sad that she admits to feeling like less of a woman. She will never get that time back but the good news is that she seems like she truly loves her son and takes every advantage of being able to care for him after he was born. The important thing is that she bonded with him despite finding out about the pregnancy a bit late.

10 Feeling Trapped

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This Whisper confession is written by a woman who just found out that she is pregnant. It seems like the baby is the only thing that is making her stay with her boyfriend. She didn’t find out about the pregnancy until she was six months along. Now she feels trapped to stay with her boyfriend and wishes that she had known about the pregnancy sooner. I’m sure that the news came a quite a shock.

I’m sure that many women can relate to this confession. Often times, couples who might have broken up otherwise stay together when they discover that they’re pregnant. It adds a whole other level of complication when you find out late in the pregnancy. At least this woman is lucky enough to have a boyfriend that is willing to stick it out with her instead of abandoning her and the baby. I wish this couple the best of luck.

9 Not Ready To Be A Mom

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This confessor was on birth control so she didn’t even suspect that she could’ve been pregnant. It sounds like she hadn’t even had a period in years so pregnancy was probably the last thing on her mind. I’m sure that she simply went about her business until she finally discovered her condition. By then, she was already 7 months along.

This forced her to ask herself tough questions. Was she ready to be a mom? She decided that was not in the best position to be a mother so she gave the baby up for adoption. This couldn’t have been an easy time for her. To go from finding out your pregnant to learning that you’re so far along in the pregnancy has got to be scary. I can’t even imagine how stunned and upset she mush have felt when she found out. It sounds like she thought it through and made the mature decision.

8 Misdiagnosed

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Pregnancy symptoms can sometimes be explained away and the seems to be the case with our next Whisper confession. This woman admits that she did not find out that she was pregnant until she 7 months in. Her symptoms mimicked Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a digestive disorder that can affects the large intestine. Unfortunately, when she went to the doctor feeling sick, they misdiagnosed her with IBS.

I am sure that this could be a common mistake. Pregnancy can bring on weird cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. People who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome have these issues and can also have severe bloating that might explain away a small baby bump. I can only imagine how outraged this woman was to discover not only that she had been misdiagnosed but they she was so far along in her pregnancy. It’s surprising that she had absolutely no idea that she was with child.

7 Oops!

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This next confession gives us a woman who did not find out that she was pregnant until she had reached 8 weeks. She is totally feeling worried because in that time, she drank a bit, and now she is concerned that she might have damaged the baby. That’s a super scary feeling and one that many women experience early on in their pregnancy who might have a had a sip or two of alcohol before they took a pregnancy test.

No amount of booze is good for a baby but at least this mom-to-be discovered her condition within the first trimester. As we’ve read here before, many women don’t find out until they’ve reached 7 or 8 months and a lot of damage could be done in that time. Hopefully, this expectant mom stopped drinking as soon as she found out and the pregnancy resulted with a happy and healthy baby.

6 Mixed Emotions

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This woman is taking a walk down memory lane to a time when she was pregnant and didn’t know it. She only discovered her pregnancy when she was a5 months along and admits that the news came with mixed emotions. Of course, she was totally excited to be a mom but she confesses to feeling scared as well. It’s totally understandable that she would experience a roller coaster ride of emotions. That would be pretty shocking news to receive.

Things were complicated even more for her when the baby arrived 3 months early. This means that she didn’t have that long to mentally and physically prepare for her son. Both of these issues would be overwhelming on their own, discovering a late pregnancy and dealing with the early arrival. I can only imagine how emotional and stressed out this new mom felt having to deal with both at the same time.

5 A Sticky Situation

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Our next Whisper confession was written by a woman who is full of secrets. I’m not talking about little secrets either, this lady unloaded some juicy little nuggets. For starters, she was pregnant and had no idea about her condition until later in the pregnancy. This would be scandalous enough but she did the math and realized that she totally cheated on her boyfriend when she was 4 months pregnant! She claims to have not known until after the events took place.

This is quite a sticky situation our confessor has herself in. I can’t help but wonder if one day she will tell her boyfriend about her infidelity or if this is one of those secrets she’ll take with her to the grave. I also wonder how the dude she cheated on him with would feel if he found out that she was knocked up at the time that they fooled around.

4 No Symptoms

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I’m not sure how this was even possible, but our next confessor shared that she had no symptoms with her pregnancy and had no idea that she was with child. It wasn’t until her 8th month that she even realized that she was pregnant. She was on birth control during the duration so didn’t think even twice when she didn’t have a period. This mom-to-be got off easy and claims to have only felt sick for two days.

Fortunately, she shared with us that the baby seems to be healthy, as far as she knows. Thank goodness because it is super dangerous for a woman to take the birth control pill while she is expecting because it can potentially cause birth defects. We can only hope that this woman continues to have a routine pregnancy and ends up giving birth to a perfect little baby. This could have been a tragic situation.

3 Self Hatred

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This heartbreaking Whisper confession shines a light on what can happen when an unknown pregnancy ends in a miscarriage. The mom-to-be admits that she had no idea she was even pregnant until a few nights ago. She was 2 months in and only discovered the news when she lost the baby. Now, she’s left to pick up the pieces and is totally blaming herself. She goes so far as to say that she hates herself.

This is an understandable reaction to an awful situation. I’m sure that she’s fighting all sorts of negative thoughts and probably wonders what she could have done differently. It’s all too easy to place the blame where it doesn’t belong. The truth is, she might have lost the baby even if she had known that she was expecting. I hope that she reaches out to family and friends to ge the support that she needs.

2 Family Pressure

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Here we have another case where birth control failed and resulted in a pregnancy. Like many of these other women on this list, I’m sure that she didn’t question skipping periods because he pill had stopped her cycle. She was 7 months along when she discovered that she was pregnant. In her heart, it seems like she really wasn't ready to be a mom. She wanted to choose adoption but her family had other plans for her son.

She claims that 95% of her family threatened to disown her if she didn’t keep the baby. So, she gave in to the pressure and decided against giving her little boy up for adoption. I sure do hope that her family stepped up and gave her the support that she needed since they were the ones that convinced her to keep her son. This woman is going to need help to raise the little guy.

1 Curvy Mama

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One of the most obvious signs of pregnancy is a baby bump. If a woman has an easy pregnancy with very few symptoms, a belly may be the only evidence that they are pregnant. So, it’s understandable that this curvy lady did not find out she was even expecting until she was 5 months pregnant. She admits to being a “bigger” girl who doesn’t have a flat stomach and didn’t even start to really show until she was 8 months along.

I’m sure that this is more common that we know. There are plenty of ladies of advanced size that might be pregnant and no one can even tell. One advantage to finding out so late in the pregnancy is that this mom-to-be didn’t have to wait too long to meet her baby. I’m sure that after the shock wore off, she was excited to plan and prepare for what seemed like a quick pregnancy.

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