15 Real Kids Who Were Born Looking Like "Creatures"

A lot of us grow up picturing us having the best life. Everyone’s idea of the best life is different, but today we will talk about one specific kind. The kind who grows up planning on getting married and having the most perfect and beautiful children. There are those that know that what they want the most is that picture-perfect family. What happens when things do not go according to plan?

All babies are beautiful, or are they? All newborns come out looking a little mashed-up, but we expect nothing else after the journey they have just been on. What happens, though, when our babies are born with rare disorders that have them looking more ‘creature’ and less ‘human’? This does happen, and we would like to sit there and say that we would love our babies no matter what, but until we have been in that situation, we will never be able to say how we would react emotionally.

Of course, we will love our children at the end of the day, they are our babies and we need to take care of them. Most, will feel a bit “disappointed” that they do not have the most beautiful baby in the world. They may never admit it, and they will deny it to anyone who will listen, but they felt it. Maybe for no more than a second, maybe a little bit longer. There is also, nothing wrong with feeling this way. Everyone is entitled to their emotions.

These are 15 babies that may look like they were born ‘creatures’, but they are nothing more than unique and special and deserve to be celebrated.

15 Rare Disease And Abandoned At Birth

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Our first baby has been known as Baby Adam, and while he may look like something out of the X-files, he is nothing more than a sweet, baby boy. Adam was born with a very rare disease that led to some pretty severe facial deformities. When baby Adam was born, doctors though he had only days to live, and at most maybe two months. He was born in a missionary hospital in India, but was adopted by a couple from the United States after he was abandoned by his birth family.

His story didn’t take long to be spread all over the new, all over the world. He had countless people step up to help pay his hospital costs. The total was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. They also offered kind words, prayers and housing for his family while they searched for care. Sadly, baby Adam, passed away at the age of 4 from complications with pneumonia. But he beat the odds set against him, and touched the world.

14 Baby Or Frog?

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This baby may look like someone has done some sort of photoshop magic, but I assure you this is real. This is the photo of a baby that was born in Nepal in 2006. The birth of this ‘frog’ baby attracted a large number or people who were just dying to get a glimpse at this special baby. As you can see, the baby appears to have no neck, as the head sits right on the shoulders. It has large eyes that seem to pop right out at you.

Unfortunately, this baby passed away after only half an hour. Reports came in after that the baby suffered from a condition called anencephaly. This is a neural tube defect, with no proper brain formation. This can be a result of not taking a prenatal vitamin with folate in when pregnant.

13 How Many Arms? Count Again!

Image result for liu junjie

Some of us have a hard time managing with two arms, and we wish and wish that we just had one more arm to get things done. While this is a dream to most, it was a reality for this little baby who was born with an extra arm. Baby Liu Junie was born in 2006 in China. He had a third arm protruding from his chest at birth. What was equally as shocking was that the arm was quite well-developed.

Doctor’s were able to remove the arm, but he will require long-term physical therapy to gain function in the remining arms. The doctors were confused and astonished at this baby’s condition, and have chosen to use this experience to reach out for other doctor’s around the world who have dealt with similar situations. This is a rare condition, and their knowledge on the condition is very little.

12 Don’t Do Drugs!

Image result for baby born to mom who sued Thalidomide

This is the baby that was born to a woman who had used this medication to treat some pretty common pregnancy symptoms. He has shortened arms and legs. Other babies were born with no limbs at all. In total, over 10, 000 babies were affected by the use of this drug by their unsuspecting moms.

11 The Real Case Of Benjamin Button

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Adalia Rose may look like the real life version of Benjamin Button, but unfortunately, she is not getting younger the older she gets. Adalia was born with a rare condition called progeria. Children who are born with this condition, appear to be normal and healthy children for the first 10 to 24 months of life. After a period of time, they start to show signs of aging at a very fast rate.

Adalia was born in 2006, and is now a social media superstar. She makes Youtube videos, and has been adored by many for her positive outlook on life. There is no cure for this disease, but that doesn’t stop her from searching for one. She uses her media outlet to bring awareness and help find a cure for this.

10 Baby Or God?

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A baby girl in India is being worshipped like a God. That is because she was born with a facial deformity that led others to believe she was the reincarnation of their elephant-headed god Ganesha. This little girl was born in 2015 with the deformity on her face that resembled an elephant’s trunk. The family and doctor’s understood that this was simply a result of a genetic mutation, the country did not.

Almost the whole of India started to worship this baby girl, as they truly believed it was a deity that had been reborn into this baby girl. There were numerous parties and parades in the street celebrating the birth of this baby. The population would not be convinced that this was due to malnutrition in the mother during pregnancy, they wanted to believe, so they did.

9 Will She Run Faster?

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This little baby looks nothing but perfect, healthy and beautiful … from the waist up. The bottom half was anything but ‘normal’. This is the face of little Dominique. Dominique is a 10-month old baby from West Africa, and she was born with two spines and two extra legs. This was a case of a parasitic twin that had never developed in the womb, and contributed to the extra body parts.

The extra legs were protruding from the lower back and the neck, and it took professionals at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge 6 hours to remove the extra limbs. They needed to remove the limbs because there was serious fear that if they did not, she may end up paralyzed or that her organs would not be strong enough to provide for the other parts.

8 Isn’t It Better To Have A Big Brain?

Image result for katie Megalencephaly

Some people say that it is better to have a bigger brain, I mean, they are smarter no? Well, it doesn’t always work that way, and for little Katie it is a dangerous medical condition that leaves her looking a little less ‘normal’ than the rest of us. Katie was born with Megalencephaly, this is a condition that involves a growth development disorder. Basically, it means that her brain is abnormally large.

Wken Katie was a newborn, doctor’s had to remove part of her brain to prevent her from having seizures and other complications. Katie’s parents knew of this condition while she was in the womb, but refused to abort the pregnancy for any reason. The saddest part of this story is Katie does not go out of the house often, out of fear that she will be teased and stared at.

7 Bullying Is Part Of The Package

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One of the saddest side effects of being born a ‘creature’, is that your life will probably be full of bullies and keyboard warriors. Such is the case for Jameson Meyer who was born with two conditions. He was born with Craniosynostosis as well as Pfeiffer Syndrome. Craniosynostosis is actually fairly common, and it is when the fibrous structures of the infants skull become bone too quickly. Quicker than they are able to fuse together like a normal skull. Pfeiffer Syndrone, is essentially the same condition but a much more severe version of it.

The internet found this picture of Jameson and turned it into a very cruel meme, and his mother is fighting to get it erased from the internet. I am sure we have all seen the memes, and it goes to show that we should find nothing funny about these, they are real people behind those images.

6 A Mermaid, WOW!

Image result for shiloh mermaid

I am sure we have all seen this beautiful little girl. There have even been quite a few documentaries following her case. She is a real-life, living mermaid! Ok, well not really, she just looks like one. Shiloh Pepin was born with a very rare condition called Sirenomelia, which has been dubbed as the ‘mermaid sundrome.’ It may seem a simple case of her legs being fused together, it is a bit more complicated than that.

The legs are fused, but they can never be separated medical. When babies are born with this condition, it is very common that they are missing some organs due to the poor development of the bottom half of their body. It usually leads to death in infancy. Shiloh was lucky, and did survive infancy but she will never lead a normal life. She may have survived infancy, but she did pass away at the age of 10. She had a childhood without a uterus, large intestine and bladder.

5 Count Again

Image result for baby born with 8 limbs

It is a big deal when a baby is born, and the doctor’s count the fingers and toes, and we are all pretty relieved when they have just 10 of each. Well, for one baby they were not counting fingers and toes, but limbs. A baby born on April 2, 2014, has been called the octo-baby after being born with four feet and four hands. That means 8 limbs in total!

Besides the extra limbs, the baby was healthy and perfect. This was another case caused by a parasitic twin who did not fully separate. The baby was operated on in China, and everything went well and the extra limbs were removed. What makes this story a little weird, is the mother had multiple ultrasounds by numerous doctors, and none of them told her that there was anything amiss with her pregnancy.

4 Mask Movie Inspiration

Image result for roy l dennis

Does anyone remember the Cher movie, Mask? Well, did you know that it was based on a real life story of Roy L. Denis. Probably not, and that is OK, it is not well known among people. Roy was born with Craniodiaphyseal Dysplasia. This is a very rare bone disorder that causes an immense amount of calcium to build up in the skull. This build up happens while the baby is in the womb, and causes some disfigured facial features.

It also comes with a lot of painful and debilitating symptoms. Bleeding on the brain and paralysis are the most common ones. While Roy was alive, he was known for his positive personality and happy spirit. Sadly, Roy passed away at the age of 16, after suffering with headaches and blindness his whole life.

3 Don’t Hate On Justin!

Image result for justin progeria

This is another one on our list who not only had to endure some pretty severe bullying, but that also had Progeria. This is Justin, and he was another child that was born with the condition that makes you appear to age a lot quicker than others around you. The world came to know Justin after he posted a couple Youtube videos of himself just singing and dancing.

This video prompted a lot of people to point out the differences in the way Justin looks, like he didn’t already know. The keyboard warriors spent hours and hours trying to make Justin feel bad about himself. Justin may be one of the most strongest children on our list, as he was able to brush it all off and continue on with his positive and WWE-loving life. You go Justin!

2 Scared Of Snakes?

Image result for ari wibowo snake skin

Our next entry may often be mistaken for a snake-like creature, when he is in fact a normal 16-year old. Ari Wibowo was born in Indonesia with a rare skin condition that doctors are unable to treat and has left him with the unique snake-like appearance. Not only does he look like a snake, but Abi continues to shed his skin every 41 days. He must always be moisturizing his skin to prevent it from hardening and seizing up.

If his skin seizes up, he will be unable to move. The exact name of his skin condition is erythroderma, it is an inflammatory skin disease that causes all of his skin to become scaly and flake off. Not only does he need to apply an insane amount of moisturizing cream, he also must soak in a bath full of water every hour, day and night to prevent drying. It is a really debilitating condition, as the toll it takes on his life is large.

1 Is It A Doll Or A Baby?

Image result for doll baby charlotte

A lot of us girls (and maybe some boys) grew up with dolls. Especially, the porcelain dolls. Doctors where shocked when a woman gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Charlotte, who looked exactly like a porcelain doll. As you can see in the picture, she was born with a tiny body, pale skin and small black eyes. They had never seen anything like her before. Doctor’s were concerned and warned her parent’s that she may not live past her first birthday, she is still well and alive now.

All the children and babies on our list are beautiful. We all are taught and we tell our children that what is on the inside is what matters, and it truly is. I think it is about time we all start practicing what we preach and treating all those how we would like to be treated.

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