15Lost And Found

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Philadelphia area mother Luzaida Cuevas gave birth to a daughter in 1997. Ten days later, a horrible fire claimed the newborn’s life. Firefighters at the scene told Luzaida that her tiny daughter’s body had been completely incinerated. Something didn’t sit right with this new mom and she was highly suspicious.

First off, the fire was mysterious and apparently had started in the nursery - and now there were no remains at the scene. But the case was considered closed and Luzaida had no recourse considering she didn’t have money for a lawyer or investigators.

Fast forward six years later to a family birthday party where Luzaida came face to face with a little girl. A girl, who in her heart of hearts she believed was her lost daughter. Knowing how crazy she’d seem if she sounded an alarm, Luzaida took matters into her own hands. She secretly plucked a few strands of the child’s hair which she quickly placed in a napkin and took for DNA testing. Her hunch proved right.

It turned out one of her distant relatives had kidnapped the baby and then set the fire to cover her tracks. This story has a happy ending though as mother and daughter have since been reunited.

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