15 Real Reasons The Third Trimester Is Awesome

Pregnancy is a blessing and when a woman finds out that she is carrying a baby, she is filled with joy and cannot wait to meet her little one. But first, she must go through the pregnancy journey. Pregnancy lasts around 9 months (40 weeks) and those 9 months are split into three trimesters. The first trimester (0-12 weeks), the second trimester (13-27 weeks) and the third trimester (27-40 weeks).

All three trimesters in pregnancy come with good and bad times, physically and mentally, but the third trimester is arguably the best and comes with some amazing perks for the woman who is carrying the child/children.

Gone are the first trimester morning sickness and the questionable looks from strangers trying to decide whether or not you are pregnant in the second trimester because now you are entering the third and final trimester of pregnancy which is truly the best. From never having to carry any bags and always getting a seat where ever you are to snapping some beautiful pictures of your growing bump and living in nothing but comfy maternity clothes, there are so many reasons why they third trimester is awesome but for the sake of time, we are going to go through the top 15 which I am sure all pregnant women can relate to.

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15 Cutting Lines


There is nothing worse than that feeling you get when you are out shopping, at a movie or any other outing and seeing a crazy long line in front of the bathroom when you really need to go, and you need to go quickly. The bad news is that in the third trimester you will still be confronted with long bathroom lines, but the good news is that it is unlikely that you will have to wait in one, as your temporarily weak bladder and huge baby bump are sure to get you pushed to the front of the never-ending line.

So show off that bump, do your best 'I need to go to the toilet ASAP' dance and watch the line part for you, as if by magic. No more waiting around. This is definitely a perk for you and your bladder.

14 Always Getting A Seat

Similar to the first entry, this is an inconvenience that you won't have to endure during your third trimester. This inconvenience is standing. It is good to get some exercise and walk around during all stages of pregnancy, but when you are tired and need your rest, you can be sure that there will always be a seat for you, no matter where you are.

For example, are you on a busy bus? No need to stand until you get to your stop because hopefully there will be at least one nice person that will give up their seat for you. Also, if you are sitting and someone comes on, such as an elderly person who needs a seat, you are not expected to give up your seat as you too are in need of it.

13 Not Being Allowed To Carry Anything

A small bag and the clothes on your back are the only things you will expected to externally carry during your third trimester because everyone around you will most likely take anything heavy that needs picked up or carried away from you. This is fair, considering that you are walking around carrying a child in your body, so a box or two for someone else who is not pregnant should be easy.

Although you would be perfectly capable of carrying most things, and many women like to assert their independence and insist that they do what they can for themselves, that does not mean that there is anything wrong with taking advantage of the help that's offered and passing those heavy loads over to a family member or friend for these final few weeks of pregnancy. You can relax because you won't get to do that when the baby is here.

12 Baby Movements


Feeling your baby kick and wriggle, not to mention seeing parts of their body pushing out your bump, is a feeling that is indescribable and pure magic. This is something that you've been dreaming of from the moment you find out you are pregnant. It is often a pregnant woman's favorite part of being pregnant - feeling that life inside you and knowing that they are okay in there.

In the third trimester, the baby movements get real, because it is getting tight for space in there. Every flinch, kick and hiccup you can see and/or feel and is just amazing. You never feel alone as there is a tiny baby in there to remind you, 'Hi Mom, I love you'. Just another reason why the third trimester is so awesome.

11 Bump Pictures


Whether you go the whole way and book an expensive maternity shoot with stunning backgrounds and designer outfits or just stick with the simple selfie in the mirror, taking pictures of your bump in the third trimester is just so satisfying and those photos you will treasure forever.

Your bump is biggest in the final trimester so this is usually when the camera comes out and you feel the need to share those images to social media and send them to all your family and friends to show just how big your bump is! Carrying a child inside you is such a magical thing and it feels most real in the third trimester, so why wouldn't you want to capture this moment forever. I am sure your baby or babies will appreciate the pictures in the future (or at least you can hope).

10 Center Of Attention

You may recognize the pregnant woman in the picture above, it is the very famous Kylie Jenner. She kept her pregnancy secret from the public - unlike the rest of her life - until the baby was born, and when she finally revealed what had been going on, it broke the internet. Now I am not saying that your pregnancy is going to make the whole world stop turning or everyone on social media is going to go into a frenzy, but in the third trimester the majority of the attention is on you and your bump which can be nice, especially if you are usually in the background of things.

Everyone gives you the final say, asks you how you are and is eager to help where they can. So enjoy being treated like a Queen while in your final stage of pregnancy because when baby arrives it will be all about them and you will become the carer instead of the cared for.

9 Less Stress

pregnancy happy

Before being 12 weeks pregnant, a miscarriage is more likely; before being 28 weeks, if a baby is born they are unlikely to survive, but in the third trimester (28 weeks to 40 weeks), the baby can live outside the womb, meaning that the stress level goes right down and you can relax a bit knowing that if your little bundle of joy was to make an appearance they have a good chance of survival.

Of course, you don't want the baby to come before full term but at least you know that if for some reason that happened, your baby is able to survive even if they are tiny. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all babies born in the third trimester and some are sadly lost, but on an average, babies born in the third trimester live a long and happy life.

8 Definitely Pregnant

That weird stare you get from strangers in the earlier stages of pregnancy when your bump first starts to appear can be so very awkward and uncomfortable because you can see them trying to figure out whether you are pregnant or just simply on the bigger side of the scale. Neither should matter and frankly, it is none of their business so I wouldn't blame anyone if they just kindly asked. But for most of us, we just tell them that we're pregnant to address the elephant in the room and continue with our day.

In the third trimester, however, there is none of this awkwardness as you are clearly carrying a child and instead of being greeted with awkward stares and small talk, you are greeted with a smile and pregnancy questions because of how blatantly obvious your bump is.

7 Nesting Time

This is an instinct that I think just kicks in for all pregnant women when they get to the third trimester, even if you are not the type of person who has previously enjoyed cleaning, tidying or getting things organised. Nesting (meaning getting ready for your baby) is so enjoyable in the last stage of pregnancy, and really gets you excited for your little one's arrival. Packing your hospital bag, cleaning your entire house, organizing the baby's wardrobe and more, there are so many things that make you feel good when if comes to nesting.

I know I personally felt the need to clean my house every single morning and check my hospital bag several times a day, just in case I went into labor. I ended up being 9 days late so this did get tedious but it was fun while it lasted.

6 The Mama Glow

It is true what they say, a baby really does age you as they in a way steal your youth, but they are so cute so we let them get away with it. Skin problems, body changes and hair loss are all just a few things you can go through post-baby that can make you feel older and for some women, less attractive, but during pregnancy, there is a glow to a woman that no one can deny. This is most obvious in the third trimester due to the hormones.

Yes, at some points you will likely feel sluggish and massive but pay close attention to the compliments you get and the way you look in the mirror and you will see that your skin looks better than ever, your hair is shiny and soft and that sparkle in your eye is definitely there. I always say that you have a glow during pregnancy and then when the baby is born, you can cuddle that glow in your arms, which is just such a magical thing.

5 Belly Tricks

Down to the final five reasons why the third trimester is awesome now and they may be the best ones yet. This next entry is all about what the bump can do for you and how it is actually useful, despite it making most tasks difficult. Yes, bending over and putting on your shoes can be a struggle, the same goes for standing up, sleeping and showering but on the plus side there are certain tricks that you can learn to use your bump to help you out.

For example, who needs to uncomfortably sit at a table and eat when you can sit on the sofa and use your bump as a table for your food. More accessible and comfortable for your pregnant body, not to mention mesmerizing for others to see this balancing act. Definitely a perk of the third trimester or pregnancy.

4 Most Exciting

Via: www.victoriajaynesbooks.files.wordpress.com

The third trimester is the last stage of pregnancy, which means that it is the final countdown to when your baby boy or girl arrives, which makes this the most exciting stage of pregnancy because the end is near and you will have your baby in your arms before you know it.

It is not just the most exciting for the mom-to-be either; everyone around you gets very excited when they feel the baby kick, are a part of your baby shower and buy baby boy or girl gifts for the day they enter the world. The first and second trimester can feel so far away from when you will finally meet your bundle of joy, but when that final trimester of pregnancy hits, something switches and everything feels so real and you are so close to experiencing the best (and most painful) day of your life.

3 Lots Of Positive Energy

Partly linked to the last entry on this list, when you get to the third trimester you are surrounded by so much positive energy (or at least you should be). The closer the due date gets, the more excited and happy your friends and family get. This means non-stop phone calls, gifts and hugs. Even strangers greet you as if you were family and wish you and your unborn baby well, it is truly a very happy time and something about new life brings out the best in almost everyone you happen to come in contact with.

If you do however get confronted by any negative people that upset you or cause you stress, just cut them out and tell them to come back with some happiness because the last thing you need at the end of your pregnancy when you are soon to give birth is negativity. The same goes for when you are a new mom. You need support around you and it is okay to put your feelings first, as well as your baby.

2 The Baby Shower


Continuing on from the last entry again, the people around you are excited and positive so what better way to share that and celebrate this soon-to-be life changing event than having a party, a baby shower to be more specific.

Usually organised by family members or close friends and often being an all female event (although it doesn't have to be, it is 2018 after all), a baby shower is a great way to symbolize your pregnancy coming to an end, a new life entering the world and have a good time with your friends and family, receiving gifts and playing games...as long as you don't have to taste any yucky baby food which is a game often played at baby showers. You can even plan your own baby shower if you want to, because you are the mom-to-be after all and probably know best what you want.

1 Nothing But Comfy Clothes

No more uncomfortable dresses or tight jeans because when it gets to the third trimester of pregnancy all you want to wear is comfy maternity clothes that help your irritated body and large bump. There are so many brands of maternity clothing with all different looks but a theme that seems to spread through them all is comfort because when your body is probably at it's limit, a tiny thing like soft clothes can make a massive difference to your day.

No one will blame you for wanting to stay in comfy clothes all day either, and you won't be expected to dress up for any events if you do not want to. On the flip side, however, some women like to dress up while they still have time and show off their glam side with their big bump. Either way the third trimester is the best time for this and as long as you and your bump are happy, that is all that matters.

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