15Late-Night-Feeding Inequality

No one is exempt from late night feedings. All of us parents have experienced the sleepless nights, especially in the very beginning. Some parents take turns with the late-night feedings, but if mom is breastfeeding, she’s usually on her own. It doesn’t matter if you choose to breastfeed or bottle

feed because both have their tiring challenges at night.

Late-night feedings add to the overall tiredness and stresses of being a mother, but the joy of being a mother outweighs everything.

I remember with my last child, I would come home late after working a double shift and have to be back at work early the next morning. I would feel like a walking zombie. It was bad enough that I was already exhausted from work, but then I would be up half of the night breastfeeding. I’m certainly glad those long nights are over.

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