15 Reality Show Moms And Where Are They Now

Ah, the reality show mom. You know her. Sort of. At least, you feel like you know her. Well, the cameras have been following her around for months – or even years. You’ve watched her baby belly grow. You’ve seen ultrasounds. You probably even watched at least part of her labor and delivery. And after she welcomed her beautiful baby into her waiting arms, you watched as she had to deal with sleepless nights, poopy diapers, feeding after feeding and so much more.

Maybe she stuck around (on TV that is) for those tantrum-prone toddler years or longer. Whether she stayed in the primetime spotlight for a few months or for several seasons, her life was all drama all the time. Of course it was! How boring would it be to watch a regular ol’ mom following her kiddo around? You don’t watch reality shows for the…well, for the reality. You watch them for the over-the-top crazy drama. Getting a glimpse into something that looks pretty much like your own life isn’t exactly worth watching. You see it every day. Why watch it for a half hour on television?

Between the tantrums, screaming and whining (we’re talking about the moms here), we kind of couldn’t miss watching some of these reality show moms. Even after their shows were canceled, they were replaced or they decided to move on to something that had nothing to do with the media spotlight, we still want to know what they’re doing. Are they rich and famous? Did they go back to normal everyday life? Are they just like us? Are they still on TV somewhere?

We’ve got answers to these questions, and more! Check out where some of your fave reality show moms are now.

15 Kate Gosselin

She’s the mother of all mothers when it comes to reality TV. When Jon & Kate Plus 8 first aired the country (maybe even the world) was transfixed by this everyday mom’s ability to tackle the ups and down of having twins and sextuplets. Seriously. One baby is tough enough for most of us? But, eight?

Whether it was her asymmetrical haircut or her parenting style (or the fact that she had eight, yes eight, kids), Kate became a household name. Okay, so technical the well-known reality series wasn’t Kate’s first go-around on national TV. Way back in 2005 she, and her fam, appeared on Discovery health’s Surviving Sextuplets and Twins. The next year they updated audiences with Sextuplets and Twins: A Year later. By 2007 Jon & Kate Plus 8 was a reality show…and, that’s where the problem started.

Kate and Jon went from being a regular ol’ couple (or at least as regular as anyone who has eight kiddos can be) to reality TV stars. In the years that followed the pair had their ups and downs – mostly downs. They divorced in 2009 and their show was put on hiatus. There were all kinds of allegations and arguments in this very public split.

So where is Kate now? Well, she’s still enjoying being a mama. At 42 Kate is now mom to eight teenagers. And that may just be more of a challenge than parenting eight little kids. She’s still on TV too. Even though we might not all be as fascinated by her life now, Kate Plus 8 is still airing. Oh, and she got rid of that asymmetrical mom cut.

14 Briana DeJesus

She was 16 and pregnant! This teen mom rose to reality fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, and later took a turn on Teen Mom 3. When the then-teen got pregnant, cameras followed her through the trials and tribulations of having a not-there-for-her baby daddy and everything else that comes along with being a teen mama.

After her original show aired, Briana was asked back to participate in Teen Mom 3 (along with castmates and fellow teen moms Mackenzie McKee, Alex Sekella and Katie Yeager). Following Teen Mom 3 the mom to Nova went off the reality show radar. At least, for a little while. Actually, not that long at all.

Now in her early 20s, DeJesus is back on MTV in a big way. She’s joining the Teen Mom 2 franchise, along with the show’s superstars Chelsea DeBoer, Janelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer. Oh, and she’s pregnant again – on the show. In real reality, DeJesus gave birth to her second daughter, Stella, on July 2. Congrats to her!

13 Jennifer Del Rio

Like Briana DeJesus, Del Rio rose to fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. Her episode aired during Season 3, featuring the birth of her twin babies and some major fights with baby daddy Josh Smith. After getting left on the side of the road during a now-famous fight with Smith, Del Rio’s real (not reality show) life went on.

She eventually married Luis Guiterrez (would anyone really think she’d wed the guy who literally kicked her to the curb?). Not only is the former MTV star married now, but she (and her husband) have a young son – Sebastian. Recently Del Rio revealed, via a YouTube video, that she’s expecting baby number four. Even though she hasn’t made a Teen Mom appearance, the reality mom certainly seems to have her hands full. Four kiddos! Congratulations to her (and her hubby).

Clearly Del Rio has come a long way since her fighting on the side of the road days.

12 Yolanda Hadid

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mom was famous long before reality TV was a thing. The Dutch beauty rose to fame as a model, before moving to LA to pursue a family life. In 1994 she married uber-wealthy Mohamed Hadid and had three children. Her daughters, Bella and Gigi, famously followed in their mama’s footsteps and have graced the covers of major magazines, strutted down runways and made their own modeling mark on the fashion world.

Yolanda divorced Hadid in 2000, but remained friends with her baby daddy. She later married composer David Foster and went on to star in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She shared her battle with Lyme disease on the show and eventually left the Bravo series.

Since her time on RHOBH Hadid has gone through a few changes. The most obvious one is her name. After divorcing second hubby David Foster, the mom and former model went back to being a Hadid (now she has the same name as her kids!). She’s also set to star in another reality show – Model Moms. This one features Hadid coaching up and coming model hopefuls and their ‘momagers’ as the girls compete for a cash prize and a modeling contract.

11 Alexis Bellino

Yep, she’s another Real Housewives mama. Alexis Bellino (a.k.a. Jesus Jugs – by castmate Tamra Judge) came to the reality show as a super-wealthy young OC mother. She was fancy, friendly and filled with hope as she joined the cast in 2008. Of course she, like the rest of the RHOC stars, had her fair share of cattiness and all-out blowouts (we’re not talking about the hair kind either).

The former small-town girl hails from Hannibal, Missouri, but now lives the good life on the California coast with hubby Jim and her three kiddos. During her run on the reality show, Bellino started a dress line and embarked on a career as a correspondent. Even though she’s still trying to make her fashion dreams come true, she’s no longer doing the correspondent thing.

Bellino may not be a ‘real housewife’ any more, but she’s still a full-time mom. Oh, and she’s also supporting her husband, helping him to build his trampoline park business.

10 Alex McCord

This Real Housewives of New York City reality star was more known for her pretension than anything else. Of course, she was also known for being a truly involved (and pretty awesome) mama. The merchandising and design professional, mother and reality TV wife later, in 2010, released a children’s book that she co-authored with hubby Simon Van Kempen.

After renovating their Brooklyn home and leaving the show, what did this RHONY mama do? She moved to Australia! After the fam’s move, McCord went back to school and studied psychology. That’s certainly a shift from staring on a reality TV series. Yep, that’s right. McCord is now a practicing psychologist in Van Kempen’s native home of Australia. Well, that’s kind of perfect for a former Real Housewives’ star. With all the outbursts, crying jags and everything else that those women go through, they could probably use the psychological stylings of McCord.

9 Ashley Salazar

This former 16 and Pregnant reality star is most often remembered for giving her baby up for adoption. With an on-again, off-again relationship, and being a teenager, the mama made the tough decision to have her aunt and uncle raise her baby. But, she reconsidered after having the baby and deciding to bring her newborn home. Eventually she reconsidered again, and decided adoption was really in her baby’s best interest.

Salazar went on to college, and went on to get back together with her baby daddy Justin Lane. The couple got engaged in 2014, and also suffered a miscarriage that same year. But, this wasn’t the only challenge Salazar faced. The former reality star sought treatment for an alcohol addiction, and has been sober since.

The former teen mom got [regnant for a third time (again with her fiancé Justin) in 2016. The couple welcomed baby boy Phoenix Roy Lane in January of 2017.

8 Stefanie Fair

Bravo’s reality show about LA moms trying to mom it up, There Goes the Motherhood, may have seemed kind of like a bunch of rich whiners. Hey, these ladies have all the advantages – and certainly can’t compare to those teen moms. But, motherhood is a struggle. Always. Stefanie Fair was a professional child actress and member of the once-popular girl band Wild Orchid (with Fergie!). And after that? Well, she married record exec Ron Fair and became a mama.

This musical mama also went on to collaborate with Baby Genius Brands as a Children’s Entertainment Executive. She created dozens of science-based songs for the pint-sized set, helping to teach them through music. What a rad way for a former girl-grouper to turn her talents into teaching tools!

What else is this Bravo reality mom doing? Apparently, she’s still being a mom. Hey, she’s got four kiddos. So that must take up most of her time. Right?

7 Mackenzie McKee

The 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3 alum is the pretty blond cheerleader who got pregnant as a teenager by her rodeo-ing BF. The reality star eventually married her baby daddy, Josh McKee, and went on to raise their adorable son Gannon. The couple didn’t stop there. They had two more children in the years that followed.

The mama has openly criticized MTV’s 16 and Pregnant franchise, noting how it in some ways glorifies teen pregnancy. In the years since her turn on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, McKee has suffered from PPD and struggled with her marriage. There were cheating rumors and time spent apart. McKee also admits to feeling depressed to the point of being suicidal. After briefly separating, the McKee’s got back together. Not only did they reunite, but the constant rumors (mostly due to an IG post that shoes what looks like a belly bump) that Mackenzie was pregnant again.

Along with baby rumors, there’s also talk of jealousy and possible porn contracts. Supposedly McKee isn’t exactly thrilled that former Teen Mom 3 castmate Briana DeJesus was tapped for Teen Mom 2 and she wasn’t. Rumors have also been flying that the porn company Vivid approached McKee to make a tape with her hubby. Of course, she’s far from the only teen mom who the company has asked. And, no one is saying that McKee has in any way agreed.

6 Katie Yeager

Yet again another 16 and Pregnant reality star continues her career into the Teen Mom franchise. After getting pregnant as a teenager with daughter Molli, Yeager struggled with completing her education and dealing with her baby daddy Joey Maes. Even though the two gave it a go, they eventually split – for good. But, the former teen mom didn’t stay single for long.

In 2016 Yeager revealed that she had a new beau, and had been dating him for over a year. Not long after that she also revealed the two were expecting a baby in early 2017. Even though this second baby was planned, Yeager did admit she didn’t think it would happen so quickly (the pregnancy, that is). The once-very public reality show mama has been fairly mum about her new guy and their baby. Instead of going on camera, she’s kept this one pretty much to herself.

Her ex, and Molli’s father, has since had two more kids – with two other women.

5 Danielle Staub

Um, she may have seemed a little…well, crazy on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Sure, this former reality star may not have exactly led the type of life that the rest of us regular ol’ folks have. Staub put the scandal in scandalous, and made mega waves with some of her revelations (or some of those made about her). She was apparently a stripper (burlesque dancer) and starred in a sex tape (but really, what reality star hasn’t?). And then there are the arrests – kidnapping and drug possession. Oh, but the rumors and scandals didn’t really end there. The list seemed to go on and on, making Staub absolute perfection when it came to reality TV ratings gold.

The mama may not have gotten along with some of her RHONJ castmates, but that didn’t stop her. After making an exit from the Real Housewives franchise, Staub continued on in her life as a single mom. She even wrote a book, The Naked Truth, to separate out the facts of her life from the fictions.

4 Nadya Suleman

If her name doesn’t ring a bell, Octomom certainly will. Yep, she’s the mom of eight (all at one time) who made major media waves. This mama didn’t start off on reality. Nope. She was reality on TV. After giving birth the second set of octuplets ever to all live, Suleman made news. She was everywhere and on every news or news-ish show.

Whoa! Eight babies? Hmm. Wait for it – as it turns out the Octomom already had six (yes six) kiddos at home. That’s six kids, and she decided to try again through assisted reproductive technology. Sure, she didn’t think she’s have eight more, at once. But, the mom got major flack for the almost unbelievable number of children she has in such a short period of time. Of course, then there was also the issue that she was unemployed and on public assistance.

In 2009 the mom signed a reality TV show deal in the UK. Along with that, she made her way through an array of on-screen interviews (including the Oprah Winfrey Show). By 2012 Suleman was reportedly filing for bankruptcy and rumored to have blown most of her money on things such as spas and salons. The mama of many was also struggling with emotional issues and checked herself into a treatment facility to deal with stress and anxiety.

Faced with hefty bills mounting up, the Octomom signed a porn deal. After that, she stepped out of the spotlight. Going by the name Natalie, Suleman isn’t making sex tapes anymore. Instead, she’s focusing on her kids and not a career in the spotlight.

3 Catelynn Lowell

She’s a Teen Mom OG, and we all kind of love her. When we first met Catelynn she was a newly pregnant teen who was struggling with the decision to give up her soon-to-be baby for adoption. Even though she had the total love and support of BF Tyler Baltierra, the couple decided that adoption was the best thing for their daughter Carly.

Following Lowell’s time on 16 and Pregnant the reality star became part of the Teen Mom OG cast. She married Baltierra and the couple had a daughter, Nova. But, that doesn’t mean the couple hasn’t had plenty of struggles when it comes to their first daughter Carly. The open adoption decision that they made seemed to work for a while. Then Carly’s adoptive parents pulled back. Understandably, they did not want their daughter on a reality show as she got older and could understand more of what was going on.

Catelynn’s PPD was chronicled on Teen Mom. Even though she’s suffered from depression and anxiety, the mama is still looking in a positive way towards the future. Lowell and Baltierra recently started their own children’s clothing line – Tierra Reign. Before the line was actually available, the social media photos caused a flurry of not-so-nice comments. There were accusations that the line was not age appropriate and sexualized children. One of the pics featured a child model wearing a choker – which apparently the model chose herself.

The couple took the negative comments in stride, made some changes and are still moving forward with their pint-sized fashion career.

2 Jenelle Evans

This former 16 and Pregnant, and current Teen Mom 2, star has been though a lifetime of drama in her 20some years. After getting pregnant as a teenager, her mom took custody of son Jacek. The hard partying Jenelle seemed to get involved with all the wrong guys all the time. Jace’s dad was out of the picture before he was even born, giving Evans absolutely no help at all – hence, her mom Barbara stepping in.

With ex Andrew (Jace’s dad) not a factor, Jenelle moved on to drug addicted Keiffer Delp. Together, the pair were trouble. Jenelle got into drugs and both were arrested. Her bad boy choices didn’t stop when she ended things with Delp. Jenelle got sober and later on got married – to Courtland Rogers. After getting pregnant, Evans knew that having a baby with her soon-to-be ex wasn’t in anyone’s best interest. She decided not to continue on with the pregnancy.

The reality show mama later started dating and got pregnant by Nathan Griffith. After having son Kaiser, her relationship with Griffith dissolved – and in a very dramatic, fireworks sort of way.

Since then Evans met and started dating David Eason. She recently gave birth to their daughter Ensely and will soon return to the small screen for a new season of Teen Mom 2.

1 Chelsea DeBoer

Okay. So Chelsea hasn’t exactly had it easy. The 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 reality star and her ex Adam conceived daughter Aubree when DeBoer (formerly Houska) was still in high school. After her episode of 16 and Pregnant the mama had an on-again, off-again relationship with her baby daddy – for years. During that time she earned her GED and went on to cosmetology school, later getting a job at a salon.

As her Teen Mom 2 career moved on, Chelsea met and married now-husband Cole DeBoer. Bucking the trend of “Teen Mom’s” picking douchey dads, Chelsea’s guy seems more than stand-up. Not only is Cole a generally nice guy, but he really stepped up and took his stepdad role seriously. Before their wedding, the pair found out that they were expecting Chelsea’s baby number two. In January of 2017 they became parents to baby boy Watson.

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