15He Is The First Man In Her Life

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A father is the first male a girl encounters in her life. Her ideas about the opposite gender are molded into being by observing him. Her views on men are a direct consequence of her relationship with him, how he addresses himself, and how he behaves with her

mother. A loving father instills in her a positive outlook on men, makes her feel confident, able to love and trust, commit to serious relationships, and he contributes to her mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Conversely, a distant father who constantly argues and disrespects her mother leads her to assume that all men are the same - disrespectful and authoritative. She easily gets attached to her father as she learns what a man might be, and sees in him what a man ought to be.

Psychologist Dr. Linda Nielson conducted a study of college women for a period of 15 years, and found that her subjects invariably wished that their relationships with their fathers were emotionally and personally closer. They believed that with a closer relationship, they could comfortably talk about personal issues such as marriage and divorce, drug and alcohol use, financial matters, depression, eating disorders, and sex before marriage.

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