14If Something Goes Wrong, It’s On You

Doctors are armed with this awesome thing called malpractice insurance. Some midwives do, too, but many of them also don’t. Malpractice insurance premiums for midwives has skyrocketed, and it’s causing many of them to go without. Even if they have their business covered, they, as individuals, are not covered.

So, if

something goes wrong with your labor and delivery at home, it may be solely on you to deal with the costs. In contrast, giving birth at a hospital means the hospital covers you in the event that a medical disaster occurs.

Of course, this can be remedied by finding a midwife (or even a doctor who will deliver at home, but there aren’t many) who remains responsibly covered to help protect his/her patients. Always ask these important questions before deciding on anyone so you can protect yourself and your baby if the least expected happens.

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