13Emergency Alert

When it comes to birth, you should always be prepared to expect the unexpected. Some women plan to have c-sections, whereas others try to avoid it at all costs. However, our bodies and our babies sometimes have other plans, forcing us to have an emergency c-section no matter how badly

we don’t want one.

About 1/3 of labors result in a c-section. Of course, not all of these are due to emergency, but some are. Some of the reasons your labor might end up in a c-section are your baby’s head being too big for the birth canal, labor stalls to dangerous time constraints, your cervix isn’t dilating properly, signs of fetal distress, or you become too exhausted. If any of these occur during your home birth, you may need an emergency c-section.

The problem is, every second counts when it comes to an emergency c-section. Once you get to the hospital from your home, there may not be enough time to numb you and you’ll instead be placed under anesthesia. And of course, there may be dangers to the baby from the delay, especially if he’s wedged in the birth canal or has a prolapsed umbilical cord.

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