15It’s Almost Time

Some people tell you to rush to the hospital as soon as you feel contractions getting closer together. Others say it’s okay to wait until you feel it’s time to prevent the possibility of getting induced or other medical interventions you don’t want. So, which is it?

Many doctors agree that

it’s okay to wait at home for a while, as long as you’re comfortable doing so. The first stage of labor, which is when you feel the contractions that are dilating your cervix, can, in most cases, be done on your own. Some women choose to sit in water to ease the pain, others walk, and others find positions that can help reduce the pain of contractions.

But, once contractions become super intense and are 5 minutes apart or less, those doctors often agree that it’s safer to head to the hospital. Their reasoning behind this is that if something were to go wrong and you need an emergency c-section, the delay to get to the hospital can have devastating effects on you or your baby. So, most are okay with laboring at home until you get close to the second stage of labor; then it’s time to move on out.

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