15 Reasons Giving Your Twins a Name Will Haunt You

“It's twins!” – This statement brings double the joy, but it also rings the bell in the back of your heads as you realize that now, all the responsibilities would be double.

In all seriousness though, getting a “buy-one-get-one-free” card is far more daunting than it sounds, and all the situations arising out of bringing up the twins will mostly ask for quick, decisive action. This particularly becomes challenging (and sometimes fun) when the time comes to name the twins.

Let’s look at some of the things parents of twins go through when naming their babies.

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13 Getting Unique Names From *This* Era

Giving your children a name is tough, but that doesn’t mean you’ll name them from some obscure medieval play! With all due respect to Shakespeare, there is a LOT riding on the name. People with extraordinary names are popular (both in good ways and bad), but if you’re thinking of giving them names more than half a century old, you need a new game plan!

12 Names Are Unique One Minute, but Not the Next

It's a common complaint. You've probably never even heard the name Isabella or Aiden until you give it to your baby - and suddenly it's shooting up the charts every damn where! If you'd hoped to give your child a unique name, a sudden surge of popularity can cause some regret.

Which is why you should do your homework! You can check whether a name's popularity is trending up or down on popular baby naming sites. Your twins’ names aren’t a college tattoo you just get because you’re young and dumb. It’s your kids we’re talking about here; try to put in a little more effort. Which brings us to our next point -

11 Research, Research, Research!

It has been well established through research that certain names are generally considered desirable in some cultures. It's also well established that other names are looked upon as something undesirable and something that carries negative associations.

For example, Takshak appears as a unique name in Indian culture. But according to Hindu mythology, Takshak was a highly poisonous snake which killed a monk, so the name should never be given to a baby unless you want the baby to be a hard-ass warrior going off to a distant land to fight dragons.

Another example (and something you can relate more to) is Osama. This reminds us of the infamous Al Qaeda chief. Long story short, you really don’t want your child to be interrogated by the police when they grow up, do you?

10 Gender-Neutral Names: It’s Like You Want Your Kids to be Bullied

If it’s one thing we are sure of, it’s that gender-neutral names could really get your kid bullied when they’re older. Don’t give ‘em to your kids unless it’s really viable for them. And if you’re really bent on it, then it’s better to give gender neutral names to girls than to boys. Like for example, Sam for a girl is okay, but Lizzie for a boy?

The sad thing is that even today, our society hasn’t evolved to the point where a boy having feminine name and/or characteristics can be considered normal. It’s abnormal and shameful. Getting the picture?

9 Not Everybody’s a Spelling Bee Champion

Kids already have a hard time spelling out their names, let alone twins. Avoid giving them complicated and/or long names that span for miles and miles. These names are gonna be shortened anyway, so why even bother?

And if you're unsure how to spell a name, make sure you're not spelling it phonetically, research other alternative spellings and choose the one you like.

8 Going Through Piles and Piles of Baby Name Books!

Check out some name books. One fun read is “Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana: What to Name Your Baby Now.” It has handy categories such as “So Far In, They’re Out” (which might break your heart) and “So Far Out They’ll Probably Always Be Out.” There are a lot of choices to choose from, so get reading!

7 Constant Sound Tests

This is not something a lot of parents do, which is why it’s advisable that every parent should always do it before naming their baby. Do what, exactly, you ask? Well - think about how their names would sound together as a whole. Say them individually, and then say them together. Shout them out, sing them and do whatever it takes till you’re sure of the names.

6 Don't Go YOLO With Your Babies’ Names

Rhyming/matching names for twins have been a sort of a tradition.

Let’s say you have two baby boys. And you’re thinking of giving them these never-heard-of before names. Sure, exotic names are, well, exotic, but what’s the point if they’re hard to pronounce? Your children will most probably end up with nicknames, and if today’s children are proof of anything, it's this – they can be very mean when it comes to nicknames.

5 Steering Clear of Pesky Relatives

Isn't it annoying when everybody you know has their opinion on the names you're giving your children? Which is why it's best to keep your chosen name a secret if you're a pushover and have meddling friends or family (especially mommies in law).

If your MIL (or other pesky relatives) are particularly opinionated, don’t ask her advice - when she asks, just tell her you're still undecided, irrespective of whether or not you’ve actually zeroed in on the name. Better to lie than end up arguing about a name you didn't want, right?

4 Picking a Name Your *Kids* Would Like

If you think a millennial would like to have a name such as Bob or some name you’d usually see in a bland 50s yearbook, think again. You, as a parent, need to think about their future social life too. Nicknames are made just for the name blunders parents make, but all that could be avoided if you’d just think about your kid.

What if your twins grow up to be anti socials who’d rather prefer to be called J & S instead of Jacob and Seth? Oh boy! What will you ever do then? All that hard work down the drain.

3 Thinking, Thinking and Lots of Thinking!

There’s just no shortcut to saying it. Parents shouldn't just name their kids willy-nilly, let alone twins. Usually, expecting parents know in advance about having twins, so they don’t fret much about this problem when actually getting down to naming their babies, but if you’re not those parents, don’t fret!

Just keep reading and you’ll find everything you need to know. We’ve already listed so many suggestions – take help from them!

2 Mythology and Religion Are Great – Till They’re Not

Greek Mythology is a great source of names. Exotic Greek names for twin girls like Athena and Antheia are, let’s face it, sexy. They’ll thank you later, I guarantee it! But don’t go overboard and name your twins Zeus and Hades. Your children are gonna hate you forever.

Another popular trend, seen especially during the 19th and early 20th century, was to name children after Biblical characters (ever wondered why John and Mary have been the most common given names in Western Europe for at least 700 years?)

This practice is still extremely common in Muslim countries. Seriously! A lot of men are called Mohammed/Muhammad, from their prophet. But don’t just go naming your kids these names if you have absolutely no idea about religion and mythology.

1 Trial Periods!

If you feel like you’re stuck between 2 pairs of perfect names, then do a trial period, if you wish. Allot 2 names to your twins for a week and see how you feel when you call them out by those names, but what if you like 10 pairs of names? Oh boy! Good luck!

And after you’ve found the perfect names you like for your kids, stick with them. There’s a reason why you liked them in the first place so there’s no reason to brush it off unless it's one of the things we've explicitly mentioned not to do! Good luck!

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