15 Reasons Having Twins Is Better Than Having One Kid

Having a baby is a magical experience full stop. Some couples find it incredibly hard to conceive and get pregnant in the first place, so imagine the delight on their faces when they’re given the news, and then nine months down the line are cradling their little one in their arms.

For some, that’s what they want, that’s what they’re after – the one kid, see how it goes, then maybe try for another one down the line. It’s what most people are expecting when they go for their ultrasound – to be told they’re pregnant with the one kid. So imagine the looks on people faces when their doctors turn around and gives them the news that they’re having not one, but two babies – twins! If you haven’t been through it yourself, it must be mightily hard to imagine what these parents-to-be must be feeling like in such a situation. For some, it may not be the news that they were hoping for – due to financial constraints or other reasons, one may be all they wanted. But for most, they’re going to feel a mixture of shock and bewilderment, and once that initial feeling of surprise wears off, it’s going to be sheer joy, in addition to a number of other indescribable feelings.

Having two babies at the same time is going to be tough – pregnancy, the birthing process, and raising two at the same time – no one’s arguing with that. But it’s also going to be an amazing experience, and in a lot of ways, far better than raising one baby. Here’s why; 15 reasons having twins is better than having one kid.

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15 The 2 For 1 Deal


The first and most obvious reason why having twins is better than having one baby, is because you’re getting a 2 for 1 deal, and everybody likes a deal. Everything will basically be multiplied by two; you’ll experience double the joy, double the adulation, double the love, double the good times, not forgetting double the hard times – but this type of love trumps those tough moments you have to endure every day of the week.

It also means that you’re going to have to deal with – what’s likely to be a pretty uncomfortable pregnancy – just the once, whereas if most people want two babies, they’ll have to go through two pregnancies. Once you get through it, it can leave you feeling really pleased with yourself; you’ve gone through an awful lot and have come out the other side with a couple of beautiful babies to show for it. That’s one terrific 2 for 1 deal.

14 It’s Going To Be Entertaining


Having two kids is always going to be tremendously entertaining, especially if they’re twins, basically the same individuals, double the trouble but also double the fun.

Babies are first and foremost, cute, but when they’re babies and are at that young age where they begin soaking in information, they can be hilarious. They’re finding their feet, literally, begin to speak and grow accustomed to certain sounds, certain words, and begin to develop their own mannerisms. It’s great to see them begin to grow up and gradually become little children, but this is the time where they can also be super funny – without meaning to – and entertaining, and you can get away with laughing without causing offence. So, imagine having that level of entertainment – the antics of a growing baby can keep a person entertained for hours might I add – times two! You’re going to be thoroughly entertained, especially since twins will learn to play off each other, so there’ll be plenty of fun times ahead!

13 That Inseparable Bond


Siblings have a bond, often a really strong bond, but twins have something special – a unique bond that’s often unbreakable. The bond that’s shared by twins is unlike anything else, hence I’d go as far to say that 99.9% of twins grow up being incredibly close, the best of friends, the greatest of buddies, from childhood through to adulthood. It sounds a tad soppy, but it’s true that because of that bond, they’ll always have each other, and that’s something, that as a mom, must fill you with relief and happiness.

The bond really is unique on so many levels. They’ll go through a ton of different life stages together, all of which will start off with them being born, basically together, give or take minutes. They’re each other’s built-in best friend, and as a mom, that’s going to be comforting. It’ll also be interesting to watch how they grow up having that bond, how things unfold and pan out for them when they get older.

12 People Will Love Coming Over


Not to say that people, your nearest and dearest, friends and family, won’t love coming over see you and your baby, help you with motherhood and give your baby plenty of attention, but if you have twins, you’ll have to lock and bolt your door from time to time, because otherwise your property’s going to be heaving. You won’t be able to keep friends and family away, because nothing’s cuter that seeing twins cuddle, play with each other, and just do what twins do – just be generally cute. People will also come around to see you trying to deal with your twins, because – look at it from their points of view – it’s got to be entertaining. Then after having their fill of entertainment, some might actually step in to give you a helping hand.

Bottom line is that by having twins, plenty of attention will come your and their way, and because you’re going to have quite a job trying to raise them on your hands, you’re likely to get plenty of help too.

11 Clothes


When it comes to buying your twins clothes, it’s pretty straightforward, but you’ll be able to add a whole lot of enjoyment to the process by getting creative. You’ll be able to have a great deal of fun expressing your creative side when buying outfits for your little ones, as there’re tons of companies out there that manufacture clothes and designs specifically for twins. That’s because there’s nothing more adorable than seeing twins dressed up in similar clothes, or clothes that go together, that work and make sense only if one twin’s with the other.

On the other hand, if all that matching stuff isn’t really your thing, all you’ve got to do is shop for one baby outfit, and buy the item of clothing twice. You’ll be able to do this when they’re growing up too, and it can save a lot of hassle, when buying school uniforms for example.

10 Just Too Cute


Having a baby, cradling your little one in your arms is cute, sure it is, but having one in each arm looking up at you lovingly with their big bulbous eyes full of wonderment, is too cute – anyone who has or has gotten to experience it will be able to testify that it’s just magical.

The way they both act, interact with you and each other, grow up, basically together, can be overwhelmingly special and just too cute. Not only will the situation of observing them and watching them grow and develop be uber cute, but people from the outside looking at you and your kids will also find it to be a super-cute picture perfect family. I know, it seems as if I’ve mentioned the word ‘cute’ a ton of times already in this article, but that’s because it need to be emphasized when talking about twin babies – it’s the word that will come to your and people’s minds the most when watching and playing with your twins.

9 Can Use Them As An Excuse


Having and raising a baby, although a brilliant and mightily rewarding experience, is tough, often exhausting work, and people know it. That’s why when you’ve got a youngster, you’re going to have to sacrifice a lot of your going out time for being at home with your baby – a sacrifice that the majority of moms are only too happy to make. But it can be difficult, this adaptation to motherhood. However on the plus side, if there’s something, an event, you want to get out of going to, you can use your baby as an excuse for giving whatever it is a miss. And if you’ve got twins, people won’t even bat an eyelid if you keep cancelling or shunning appearances in favor of staying at home and looking after your little ones. You do, after all, have your hands pretty full with twins, so people if they’ve got any sense, will certainly understand when you stay at home and choose to make them your priority.

8 The Fun You Can Have


Sure, you can have plenty of fun with one kid, but as I’ve previously mentioned, having two’s going to take a lot of hard work, but it’s going to be so rewarding, really entertaining, and just a load of fun. From the moment your twins are born, you can start having lots of fun with it. The first thing, and possibly the most important thing at that stage you’re going to have to do, is pick names for your twins. That in itself - obviously has to be taken seriously as it could have lifelong implications if you go over the top and pick silly names – can be a tremendous amount of fun. Picking matching names, matching outfits, playing with your twins – it’s going to be a barrel of laughs and make you forget about how tricky it is raising two kids. So, if you’re expecting twins, get ready for the fun times, because they’re just around the corner!

7 Things Are Done Just The Once


This obviously has to be a major plus point of having twins. It’s strange, because if your think about it logically, whether you have one baby or twins, you’re still going to have to go through the same processes – things will still need to get done. Actually, if you have twins, it’ll tend to be more work that’s what the perception is, but because you have two babies who are at the same age, going through the same developmental stages in the lives, you’ll only have to go through a lot of things just the once. This can make you feel pretty good about yourself, because in a way, it’ll make you think – if you put a positive spin on it – you’re getting a kind of two for one deal; you only have to go shopping the once looking for the same type and size of clothes, and just get two lots of them. Another example is getting your kids into school – visit the school just the once for both kids, and hey presto, things get sorted out; it’s a package deal. Just like feeding times, night-time feeds when they’re younger – just one routine for the both of them meaning you won’t have to go through it again like you may have to if you have one kid, and then another, which of course you can still do after you have twins, but you get the point.

6 Watching Them Grow Up Together


Watching your kid grow up, gradually develop his/her own personality, own mannerisms, ways of dealing with the world, is one of the most enjoyable things about being a mother. Nurturing your little one, well, until he/she is no longer little and is ready to fly the nest. Provided your kid grows up to be a decent human being of course, watching your kid grow and develop will fill you with an amazing sense of pride.

If you’ve got one kid, during those initial years, it’s going to be all about you and him/her. But with twins, there’s always going to be someone else there – they’re going to be by each other’s sides constantly, and do all their growing up, learning and developing together. Imagine that sense of pride you feel watching a kid grow up, and then multiply that by two; it really is an indescribable feeling you’ll experience, watching them grow up together and establish their own identities.

5 Photo Opts


In today’s day and age where people are crazy about social media, documenting every aspect of their lives through posts, status updates and photos, it’s safe to say that if you’ve got a kid, you’re going to be posting pics on your social media channels, sharing cute images of your little one with friends and family. You’ll probably get a lot of likes too – baby pics always do. But imagine if you’ve got twins – boy, the photo opportunities there. Firstly, if you’ve got twins, whatever pics you take and post will get a ton of likes. But there are plenty of opportunities for you to get creative and carefully choreograph a pic – which is hard to do with babies – but it’ll be a photo to cherish and will just look fantastic.

So, if you’re someone who loves to get your camera out, you should snap pics to your heart’s content if you’ve got twins, because there’ll be plenty of photo opportunities, cute moments that you’ll want to remember, snap and savor.

4 All Those Milestones And Celebrations


It’s celebration time! You’ll be saying those words a lot if you have twins. Sure, there’ll be one birthday a year, perhaps one party, but it’ll be double the fun and way more of a celebration. In fact, if you’re someone who’s prone to a bit of a party, and love spoiling your kids and giving them a good time, twins give you the opportunity to do so… a lot.

Think of all the key developmental milestones that a baby achieves; they all do them – their first words, when they start walking, etc. – but it still makes you a proud mamma and makes you go all warm and fuzzy inside. So imagine the feeling you’ll get when your twins begin doing those things – they’re probably going to happen around the same time too, which means you’ll swell up with pride and there’ll always be a reason for a bit of a celebration.

3 Not Worrying About Them Being Lonely


One thing that tends to keep parents up at night, is worrying how their kid’s going to grow up, what if they get swallowed up by today’s fast-paced, hectic lifestyle and end up not leading the life you hoped for them. A thing that tends to be at the top of this list of concerns, is whether or not they’ll actually find someone, have a relationship – friendship or otherwise – someone who can keep them going, someone they can confide in when they don’t want to divulge everything to you. With twins, you don’t really need to worry about this, about them growing up lonely, because they’ll always have each other and will be there for each other through thick and thin, and knowing that must be extremely comforting. Whatever happens, one will always be there for the other – kind of like best friends for life. It’s the most special relationship that each of your twins will ever have – their relationship with each other.

2 They’ll Be Social


This kind of links in from the previous point. Your kids will never be lonely because they’ll always have each other, but also because they’ll grow up to be very social individuals, and because of that, because of that bond they have with one another that started from birth, they’ll have no trouble establishing good, solid relationships as they grow up.

The fact your twins will basically always be with each other during childhood, will serve to make them incredibly social creatures. Social skills are something that’s lacking in today’s day and age. Kids tend to shun playing outside for sitting at home playing computer games and watching TV – a very solitary activity. But if your kids are twins, they’d have grown accustomed to each other – growing up with someone that’s always there - and this should really help them as they grow up, progress through childhood, and eventually become adults.

1 Feeling Special


Sure, plenty of people have kids, some couples tend to conceive and get pregnant easily, whereas for others – mostly the people who really want it – it’s a struggle and takes some time. But if and when it eventually happens, the feeling you’ll get when you get that positive pregnancy test back, and then nine months down the line when you’re cradling your baby in your arms, is just magical. But imagine what you’ll be feeling when you go for your scan and the doctor reveals that you’re carrying two babies! It’s going to be one helluva special feeling. People feel blessed when they fall pregnant and have a kid, but having twins is just extra special. It’ll be special for them growing up, but mightily special for you and the babies’ dad; raising two babies is totally different to raising one, but it’s rewarding, a special feeling, and just an awesome experience.

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