15They Make Excuses For Their Son Or Daughter

Via: NYDailyNews.com

Listening to a mother-in-law make excuses for their child while their kid’s wife is sitting right there, enduring it, is miserable. And, in turn, it makes things miserable between the woman and her partner. Even if the mother-in-law is right, dipping into her child’s marriage to defend her son or

daughter will do nobody any good and will instead raise all kinds of other animosity in whatever fight was going on before she butted in.

In some cases, the mother-in-law may have meant well, but most of the time, there are things between a married couple that need to stay between them, regardless of what outside voices have to say. Especially if they’re picking one side.

Or, if a woman is complaining about a certain habit their spouse does and the mother-in-law is quick to jump in with a laundry list of reasons why their kid is that way, it’s just unnecessary.

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