15 Signs It's Time For Baby #2

Having one child is one thing, but going for that second baby? Well, that's a decision that can be tough for many moms and dads. The choice to have another baby is certainly a big one, but it's not without some definite signs as to whether the time is right or not!

When it's time for that second baby, most couples know it. The stars will align and things will just seem right. There's no denying all the positive signals that tell couples to get to work on their next baby! While some issues may attempt to sway mom for going for baby #2, those must be considered and dealt with, as there will always be some reason to not do something, such as have another baby.

When the signs are overwhelmingly in favor, even with a few not so favorable signs, moms feel it's now or never! They think about their age, their first born and whether they want them to be an only child. And sometimes those things alone are enough to start the longing for another baby, if not open a dialogue between her and her spouse.

Many factors go into play when the time is right for baby #2. From home life to work, finances, the future and so much more, there's definitely lots to consider when the thought of a second child creeps into mom's head. Luckily, there are tons of good reasons to go for another baby, so pay attention to the important signs that the time is right!

15 Mama Craves Some Good Ol' Happy Chaos

Moms everywhere can attest to the fact that kids bring chaos! While one may destroy your living room, imagine what two would do. A sign that you are ready to start trying for baby #2 is that you are okay with, well, craziness. In fact, you may actually prefer a chaotic scene over a more calm and sedate day. To you, noise, toys, and not being able to sit down and eat a hot meal actually makes you happy.

If you picture yourself with a house full of little ones, playing, laughing, turning your house upside down, then you are most likely prepared to handle another baby. As we know, babies grow up, and once they hit that toddler stage, that is it! You may never have control again! If this makes you smile, take it as a sign and get started on baby #2 immediately.

14 For Some Reason The Smell Of Diapers Brings Comfort

There's nothing quite like changing a newborn's diaper. For new moms, it's not even gross! There's something about it. If the thought crosses your mind about how you would like to change a newborn's diaper again, you may have just had the sign that you should think about trying for that second baby!

While most of us would quickly pass at changing a baby's diaper, but you miss doing that...that something is definitely on the horizon for you, hopefully.

Some mothers like to have two kids in diapers. Others prefer the older one to be potty trained before welcoming baby #2 into the house. No matter your preference, diaper changing will never be the same once your baby starts eating solid foods. If a whiff of a passing newborn's bottom has you reminiscing and longing for your own, take that as a sure sign.

13 Hubby Is Also Going Through Baby Withdrawal

As mothers, once our babies get past that cute, adorable baby stage and turn into the terrible twos, threes, fours, and so on, it's tough to not think about having a sweet little squishy baby again. No matter what your circumstances are, most mothers of one (and more) do get that feeling of baby fever, and a longing for another newborn in the house, even if it's just a fleeting thought.

A house full of newborn babies seems awfully cute, but we all know it's hard work. The decision to have another child should never be made lightly, of course. But as a mom of one, if you're ready to have baby #2, then your body is probably telling you it's time. Discussing this with your partner is essential.

Once an agreement has been made, then go ahead and get to work! Sometimes all that is needed is your partner to get on board for baby #2 to make a future arrival.

12 Mama Feels More Confident In Mommy Mode

There is nothing a mother can't handle! After having one child, as nervous as you may have been bringing home that newborn, it's an old game now. You know the rules and need no instructions. Oftentimes, having one baby gives a woman a boost of confidence once she's over the initial hurdle of caring for a baby.

With a second child, most mothers will agree and say, I got this! You have been through it all before, no matter how old or young your first child is, it all comes back to you with the second baby. Because you're a confident mother, the second babies usually receive a much less anxious and stressed out mommy (and daddy, too). Just another reason that baby #2 is ready to join the family.

11 Want Baby To Have A Friend

For many parents, a sibling for their child is a necessity. They don't want their child to be without a sibling. This is one of the main reasons why parents go on to have baby #2. The thought of having two little ones (no matter what the age difference is) playing together and just being siblings is enough to prompt parents to get going on that second baby.

If having a sibling for your first child is important to you, then that's a definite sign that it is time for go for that second child. Even more so, the age difference you want between your two children is even more vital. Taking into consideration the time is takes to try to get pregnant, plus those nine long months, all play a factor into when the time is right.

It starts a discussion between parents about how soon after their first is born do they want another and whether they want them to be close in age.

10 No One's Really Sleeping Anyway

The sleepless nights of caring for a newborn baby are tough, that's for sure. Many people say, though, that once a woman becomes a mom, she never really sleeps again! Most moms can probably agree on that, between a sick child, getting stuff done, and just worrying about their little ones, they don't really get much sleep anyway, do you?!

While not sleeping in and of itself is not necessarily a sign that you should have another baby, there is some weight behind the idea that if you're already doing everything, what's one more thing in the basket? If you have adjusted to life with little sleep and feel ready to take on another newborn baby, along with your first child, then take that as a sign to go for baby #2.

9 Mom's Biological Clock Is Still Ticking

As women, our bodies give us signals that trace back to our cave lady days. While our brains may be saying it's not time for that second baby, our bodies may be telling us something completely opposite. Some women even describe their ovaries aching for another baby. When the biological clock is indicating the time has arrived, you may want to listen!

For us women, time is typically not on our side. The choice to have a second baby sometimes needs to be based on our age and our bodies. The clock is ticking, and once it stops, there's no going back. While this kind of sucks, it is reality. Listen to your body and if you are ready for a second bundle of joy, that is a sign that you're ready for what nature intended.

8 Babies Are On The Brain

If your thoughts are nonstop baby related, that may just be a sign that it's time to get moving and go for that second little one. Thinking about newborn babies and holding those sweet bundles of joy could give anyone baby fever, but the constant thoughts that invade your brain at all moments, well, that may be a sign of something more.

Once a woman becomes a mom, thoughts often drift to scenarios of having another baby, even if you have been adamant about just having one. We all think about it, and wonder what another baby would be like. When these daydreams prevent you from doing much else, take that is sign that you are ready to welcome that second baby into your home, and get to work on making it a reality!

7 Believe A Busy House Is A Happy House

Want some alone time? Need a free night to do whatever you want? If you answered, "No" to both of these questions, you are ready for baby #2! While your first born has likely sucked a large portion of your alone and free time from you, a second child will certainly take care of the rest and you will be left with essentially zero time to yourself.

Maybe you'll get a shower. Maybe.

If this does not bother you, and if perhaps you actually crave this, then that's absolutely a sign that it's time to get to work on that second baby. Sure, time will never be your own again, and free or alone time, is pretty much already just a distant memory! If this doesn't bother you in the slightest, go for baby #2!

6 There's Some Wiggle Room In The Budget

Babies cost money. We all know that. There is probably never going to be enough money that you would actually need to raise your kids with all that you wish you could. If you wait to have the perfect amount of money, you may never get around to having that second child. It's important to review your budget and think, can we afford baby #2?

Second children can cost less than the third, at least initially, if you plan correctly. Save baby clothes, you might have the same gender (or use gender neutral clothing) and save all that baby gear and the infant toys. You can reuse most of these items on your next baby. That saves money. Figure out where you can eliminate spending.

Chances are, if you really want that second child, a major sign is that you can (and want) to make a little room in your budget for the cost of that sweet baby.

5 Mama Misses Having A Baby Bump

When you think back to your pregnancy you either have fond thoughts or shudder at the experience. Possibly a little of both fro some ladies out there. If you're reminiscing about the good old days of pregnancy, and can't seem to remember anything terrible, that's sign you are ready to be expecting again!

If those three months you spent with morning sickness, throwing up and feeling awful, suddenly don't seem like they were that bad -- that is a big sign you are ready to start trying for baby #2. Pregnancy can bring out the best in us, or the worst, but if the fondness of carrying a sweet baby for nine months is really appealing to you, it may just be time to add that little member to your family.

4 Mom's Got Lots Of Love To Share

They say your heart makes room for each baby, even if the thought of not being able to love anyone more than your first baby fills your thoughts. If you already love your first little one to pieces, your heart will open up and give a greater love to your first child and continue that amazing love with your second baby.

If you are at the point where you feel as if your heart is ready to welcome that sweet baby #2 with open arms, then that is a sign it's time to start trying. Watch as your heart gets bigger and your love gets stronger for each child. Emotionally, you are ready if you're at the point of being ready to increase the amount of love you give, as well as the incredible love you will receive from each child.

3 Mama Feels Sad During That Time Each Month

You may have been thinking about another child for some time now. It may be something that has been on your mind. Something that you hope happens by accident. You may even not want to admit that you want a second child. Perhaps you feel guilty towards your first child or your partner does not want another baby just yet.

When women feel this way, they may be upset when their menstrual cycle makes an appearance each month. Inside, you hope you are pregnant, maybe, just maybe, it happened. Then you start getting the signs that your monthly cycle is around the corner, and bam, no pregnancy, no baby. If you get more than a little bummed at the sight of your monthly visitor, that may serve as a sign that you want and should start considering having your second baby.

2 Baby #1 Is Already In A Good Routine

You have a set routine. You and your baby, toddler, or child have a schedule. Things are in place. You know what is expected, and so does your son or daughter. But you are ready to think about a sibling for your first child. They would fit right into the routine, you know that. But you are also flexible. Routines are important, but you know it is just as important to have some flexibility, especially with newborns.

If this is just how you feel, treat that as a definite sign you should try for your second child. You already have the routines and schedules set up, another baby will likely slide right into your plans. Even better, it will be easier on your older child, since they have their routine already in place. Along comes a new baby, and sure things will get moved around, but if you can handle it, go for it.

1 Mama Just Knows It's Time

While some parents want everything to look good on paper before embarking for the land of two children, other parents just know that they want another baby, and for them, that is enough. They say that you will know in your heart and in your head that you are prepared to welcome another baby into your home.

If you get that gut feeling that you just can't shake, the one that tells you over and over again that you are ready for baby #2, don't ignore it. Our instincts, especially as mothers, are super strong. If your motherly instinct keeps bugging you for another baby, think about giving in. Try not to deny it or brush off the thoughts and feelings you get.

Bring them to the surface and have a discussion. It may be just what you need, or just what you want. Mother does know best, after all.

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