15 Reasons Moms Are Lusting Over Single Dad 'Naughty' Fiction

Single Dads. Do those two words actually make women get hot all over? Apparently they do. In fact, many happily married women today in North America in the 18-34 year age range, are devouring (sorry for the pun) these books faster than publishers can churn them out. What’s the allure many of us Moms who are not romance readers (or ahem, ex-romance readers) missing here? Is it the sex? Is it the mystery? Is it the plot? Is it that whole “sensitive guy stuff” that gets most women hot and bothered?

Also, is it wrong or dangerous for women to be consuming these books like they do seconds and thirds of that amazing chocolate cake? Of course it’s not really wrong, but what message do these books send out, and is it really all fun and games, and well, hot sex?

Experts from all over are weighing in that mature women readers make up most of the readership of the erotic fiction industry. And what is it that makes women love and rush out to buy the latest single dad erotic fiction book? Is it the riskiness of it? Is it a novelty in the genre? Is it maybe due to the excitement of the chase? Why do some women love these books and others scorn them? The thing is women are individuals, and what appeals to one does not appeal to another. Still, this genre is popular with so many women. There are many reasons to not love reading these books as a woman, just as there are many reasons to love reading them as a woman. Let’s just say that it’s complicated. On that note, here are 15 Reasons Moms Are So Into Single Dad Erotic Fiction:

15 Escapism At Its Best

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Why do many of us read fiction? It’s to escape the stresses and strains of daily life by delving into someone else’s problems. It makes for a nice distraction. It’s a comfort for us to read that other people (even if they are fictional men and women) have bigger issues than us to deal with and somehow are managing to survive in spite of them. Well, romance fiction is just that. And the latest type of romance fiction, single Dad Erotic Fiction, is that for sure. The stories are super complicated from the onset and yet the characters find their way through this puzzling maze together; they have some fun and great sex, and emerge on the other side feeling, well, comforted. The reader has escaped her own problems and the hum drum of her life in following the excitement of what is happening in these books.

14 They Show The Real Struggle

Another reason these books are flying off the shelves or being downloaded like crazy are that they realistically show what women deal with. Ok, so maybe all of us are not virgins who are in love with our billionaire boss and feel they need to do him the favor of marrying him so he could keep custody of his child, but heck, what woman has not at some point fantasized about her boss, her professor, her neighbor, someone close by, but unattainable? What if she was single and there was a way they could be together or had to for some reason? And in the ways it can’t, it just sounds so much more fun. In spite of the books being fiction, these women also have to deal with job stresses, family pressures and other outside not so sexy things, so women gravitate to this aspect of the books as well.

13 Meet Mr. Right

Oh yes, Mr. Perfect. Does he really exist? Well, he does in fiction, at least. So what if her partner or hubby has less than perfect abs or does not whisper sweet nothings in her ear anymore? She’s got Mr. Fantastic that she can read about in a book! She can be the “ideal girl” for her “ideal guy” and when her real life guy is not into her, or giving her a lot of love and attention, she can be the heroine in the romance book being swept off her feet by the bad boy in the romance novel. Yes, women of course are intelligent and know he is not real, and they are not really the heroine, but it can help break the monotony of their day in-day out relationship if the sizzle has temporarily gone out. Heck, it may even help usher it in at some point.

12 No Lack Of Variety

Another great thing about these new romantic fiction books - plot and variety in the book are even more varied. Think that besides two lovers being dammed to be together to begin with due to circumstances, add in a child from a previous relationship, possible parental disapproval or intrusiveness, as well as media attention (heck, a lot of the heroes are billionaires in many of these books) and you have quite a lot of action to keep a women hooked to reading from smart to finish. It may even prompt her to download or buy a few more from the store the next time she goes out, like maybe the next day or the day after that. The previous romance fiction genre which still sells nicely is popular, but this genre is exploding due in part to this reason.

11 Great Showcase Of... You Know...

And then there is the sex. It is great. It is the best kind of sex, because it is total safe sex. It is not only safe sex in the way that no one gets a venereal disease or gets pregnant, but no one is cheating on anyone, and yet gets to experience a different kind of sexual experience. She can live out her sexual fantasies in a way that does not threaten her marriage if she or her guy are super traditional, or maybe only one of them is. Finally, a woman can explore her own sexuality through the female character’s sexual exploration which can be exciting too. This is also exciting if she is super shy in real life, but in the comfort of her own home reading about this she learns about her own sexual power.

10 Stimulating Dialogue

And did I mention the writing is said to be great in these books, not that I would, ahem, know or anything. Ok disclosure. So I did devour Harlequin Romance books in my early to late teens as a way to get to know about sexual intimacy that was not taught to me by my family or in school. Times were different then, people! Still, I remember that those books too had great writing. There was terrific dialogue, great visual descriptions of landscapes, nature and other things. These single dad erotic fiction books have that as well, with a dose of today’s language and other vernacular thrown in. A woman could be reading about a friend of hers. It makes it more realistic as well as entertaining. A lot of women finish these books very quickly due to the gripping descriptions in there of environment as well as characters.

9 The Addictive Power Of Love

And then there is the addictive power of love. Oh, how beautiful love is to behold, to be in, and even to read about. And sometimes reading about it is even better, as the love is not blemished by anything like problems about rent, mortgage payments, job stresses etc. Heck, it’s the power of that first love/lust at first glance and the way he looks at and through her. Or the way he does the up down glance, and knowing that the only think on his mind is, well, her body and getting to that body. But wait, as this is written for ladies and most of us are way deeper than that, he also loves, gasp, her heart and soul. And the addictive power of love they both feel binds them body and soul. The writers capture this as well.

8 Lots Of Added Detail

Did I mention details yet? There are lot of juicy details and not only about what a woman would expect, and not just the sex parts of the book. No, there is also the detail of how he looked at her, how she looked at him, how they each longed and secretly pined for each other but could not show it, etc. After all, who does not want to read about a great Dad who is also a bad boy, who is also great in bed, and possibly at business. And remember, he has the hots for a woman who considers herself average, (replace this with every other woman out there who is gorgeous and intelligent, but sees herself as average). Point taken, right ladies? Women like detail when they talk and read. No wonder these books are flying off the shelves.

7 Bad Boy Turns Loyal Boyfriend

And that whole bad boy thing? Come on, think about it. All of us at some point in our lives loved a bad boy and wanted to get with him even if he never gave us the time of day. In these books, whether they are millionaires or not, these guys are all bad boys who have slept around, had many women, and didn’t want to settle down or were attracted to just one woman. Until now. That’s right he finds himself falling for the heroine in the book, and becomes not just doting but a loyal boyfriend/lover by the end of the book. What a transformation! So women are into this, as many are excited about the prospect of turning a bad boy into husband material. This could in theory happen, though not always in practice. Still, the dream is there.

6 Shows Male Tenderness

Who can resist a strong, silent tender guy on the inside who puts on the tough outside exterior? Even most hard-core cynical women would melt at such a description, and those of us that fall somewhere in between the previous description will usually melt a little too for the tough guy with the soft heart. J the Biker protagonist that is fearsome to look at but a teddy bear to his daughter will win over many hearts, as well as the tough as nail CEO of a company that melts when his child enters the room. Women love to read about these kinds of contradictions and see how things play out. Obviously, the ending is happy and that is uplifting to the spirit as well. In real like, as we know, relationships don’t always have happy endings unfortunately.

5 Easy Access

Then there is the fact that these books are easily accessible to download to a Kindle device, and are readily available to purchase in pharmacies, retail stores, as well as book stores. They are short as well as easy to read in a few days, make great beach, vacation or subway/metro reads, and the stories are interesting with vibrant, lively and believable characters that many women identify with. These are all pluses for busy Moms on the go who can take these books with them to read whenever baby is napping or she needs a little bit of a baby breather while they are playing or watching a video. Moms, and all women, love convenience, speed and the predictability of how these books will end; it's always something comforting in a world that is often anything but predictable and reassuring, especially for Moms whose babies can alter the routine very drastically.

4 The Chase And Excitement

Ah, the chase and the excitement of foreplay. What woman doesn’t like that? And hey, sometimes when a woman has been married for a few years, foreplay and the chase are pretty much gone. It’s not that their partners don’t want to do it. It’s due to familiarity and everything else that goes along with domestic life - taking care of children, paying bills, working a job, running the household etc. There is also the excitement of the unlikelihood of many of these relationships taking place in real life.

How many millionaire men fall for women outside their social class? How many bad boys go after the good girls who are super conservative? Part of the excitement is the drama of that, too. Most men and women tend to date and fall for people in their own economic bracket as it’s comfortable and usually the people one meets in ever day life.

3 Safe Space To Explore

Ah yes, and then there’s the sex thing and all. Many women are embarrassed or uncomfortable watching porn with their partners, and let’s face it, unless a woman has access to porn that is made by and for women, she likely won't be interested. A lot of it is instead geared towards men and the male brain. Romance books, however, have been written by women and for women since the beginning when they first came out years ago. And they’ve adjusted their style and taste and the sexual encounters to suit the women of each generation who are reading them. The language may change, but women’s erotic fiction is entertaining and a way for her to explore her sexuality in a safe, private place while figuring out what really sexually satisfies her.

2 Love Helps Us Grow As Women

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What is the moral of every romance story? Simple. It’s to never give up finding love, and discovering how that love helps us grow as people, both as men and women. Every guy, no matter how unfavorable at the beginning of the novel, turns out to be Mr. Right no matter how wrong he is painted. Now, there could be a danger there as in real life, many bad boys are not relationship material to say the least. However, some are surface bad boys with hearts of gold and most women who are smart can see through the fakes. Though sometimes they may get discouraged. These books give women hope that love can help both men and women grow in spirit, be happier and see life in a whole new positive way. That is a great message.

1 Heroines Are Relatable

Each generation of romance novels catered to the women of that time and the way society viewed women at that time. That has not changed with the new wave of hot romance fiction. Though many of these women are virgins and innocent in the boudoir area, they are very much their own women in opinions, politics, and are independently trying to make their way through a world that has not always been kind to them. They keep their sense of humor intact, are cautious, curious, and like to take risks. This is empowering for a lot of women to read if they have been scared of doing these things all their life. They can see that they can have power over who they fall in love with or not, and what to do to resolve their feelings.

In the end, women are smart, creative, funny and like a little variety in their reading experience. There is nothing wrong in reading books that are risqué, touch on themes that real life just teases around, and gets women to think about things a little differently than they are in her life. It’s great that she gets a safe space to explore her own mind, sexuality, and opinions on sex, love and romance.

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