15 Reasons Moms Just Hate The Kardashians

Famous families are no strangers to television. The reason for that is because family drama and family comedy have been around as long as television has, if not longer. Some of the most famous shows on television have been about families. A more recent genre that has emerged this past generation is reality TV.

It is the reality show that has given rise to quite possibly the most famous family on television today, and possibly one of the most famous families in the world at this moment in time. That family is the Kardashian family. They have a whole slew of reality shows on television right now. They're in magazines, on billboards and everywhere you look online.

All in all, it can be pretty hard to get away from the Kardashian family. Nevertheless, fame does not necessarily translate to respect or admiration. The Kardashians may be well known, but they are not well liked by everyone. One group of people who do not all like the Kardashians are moms. In fact, many moms actually hate the Kardashians. Here are 15 reasons why.

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15 The Kardashians Are Fame Hungry

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In many ways being a mom can be a thankless job. However, a lot of moms are pretty okay with that. No one really becomes a mom for the glory or anything like that. Moms who don't want fame and glory have a hard time understanding that that's all the Kardashians want.

The Kardashians have a reputation for being fame hungry and possibly even fame obsessed. After all, these are people that are willing to air their private lives on television. That just goes to show that they are willing to do anything for attention, including celebrity feuds, scandalous photo shoots, relationship drama and even marriage. If the camera is rolling, the Kardashians will do whatever it takes to steal the spotlight. 

14 They Became Famous Because...

Actually, it is not entirely fair to claim that Kim Kardashian is famous for no reason. Kim's fame, and by extension her entire family’s fame, can be traced back to one event: the leaked sex tape of Kim Kardashian and then boyfriend, Ray J. So yeah, Kim Kardashian is famous thanks to a sex tape, which is not exactly a traditional path to fame for most celebrities.

As one can imagine, such a thing does not go over too well with a lot of moms out there. Sex tapes and pornography are pretty taboo subjects around children. Many people hold strong judgments on these sorts of videos. Therefore, a woman and her family becoming famous because she was in a sex tape would seem just wrong to them.

13 They're Bad Parents

It might not be fair, but moms have been known to judge each other. Many moms have ideas on how to do things the right way, and what is the proper way to raise children. That is yet another reason why some moms hate the Kardashians. Many view them as not being good parents.

It largely goes back to them being fame hungry. For example, the family matriarch, Kris Kardashian, is often criticized for being all too willing to push her kids into the limelight every chance that she gets. Kim Kardashian is largely accused of the same kind of behavior. Many moms view the Kardashians doing that kind of thing and believe that it makes them bad parents. They believe that their young children are spoiled and growing up thinking that fame is everything. 

12 They're Too Rich For Their Own Good

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It has often been said that being a mom is the hardest job in the world. That is very likely true. What is also true is that being a mom does not pay anything, in terms of money, anyway. A lot of moms out there do not have a lot of money and struggle financially. They're doing the hardest job in the world and have no pay check to show for it. 

A lack of money is another reason moms hate the Kardashians. The Kardashians are all millionaires, especially the most famous Kardashian, Kim. Of course, them simply having money is not the main reason for the hate. It is the fact they all seem largely undeserving of it. Kim and her sisters, for example, are widely viewed as talentless and famous simply for being famous. They get paid tons of money just to show up places. But when a mom shows up to her kids' bathtime or school concert? She gets nothing. 

11 Kris Forced Kim Into Playboy

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One thing a mom should never do is force their kids to do something they do not want to do. For example, a parent should not make their kid play a sport he does not want to or join a club she doesn't like. However, one mom who does not seem to realize this is, that's right, Kris Kardashian. So what is it that she made her daughter do this time?

Kris made her daughter Kim pose for Playboy. Kim has admitted to regretting doing Playboy and feeling uncomfortable posing for the magazine. Nevertheless, Kris thought it was a great thing for Kim to do. She is the one that convinced her to do it because she thought Playboy may never ask her to do it again. She knew the magazine would be a hit and help the family gain even more fame.

10 Nine Years Old Is Old Enough For A Nose Job

One thing any good parent will do is to try and raise their kids to know that outward appearance isn't everything. After all, no one wants their kids to be shallow or vain. Of course, it is a different story if the parent themselves is shallow and vain. That seems to be the case for Kris when her daughter Khloe was 9 years old.

When Khloe was only 9 years old, she overheard her mom comment that she needed a nose job. This begs the question: What kind of parent thinks her daughter needs plastic surgery at the age of 9? It would be a feat to find anyone that believes it is the thought of a good parent. It is no wonder that any mom who would say such a thing would get the disdain of other moms.

9 Kris Is A Grand Manipulator With Her Kids

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It is not uncommon for moms to be a bit controlling of their kids. A lot of times this comes from simply wanting the best for their kids. However, some moms can take it too far and start to manipulate their kids. Kris Jenner seem to be one of those manipulative mom.

For one thing, she is the manager of her daughters, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. As their manager (or momager), she seems to push them into things. It has already been mentioned that she convinced Kim to pose for Playboy. It has also already been mentioned that she said Khloe needs a nose job. Maybe it is not entirely fair, but Kris often gives off an evil mastermind vibe like she is the one who is plotting out all the Kardashians moves to maintain their largely undeserved fame.

8 Their Marriages Seem Fake

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="576"] http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2055751/Kim-Kardashian-divorce-Kris-Humphries-just-72-days-marriage.html[/caption]

Many moms out there put a lot of value on their marriage. However, it seems to many that Kim does not share that same value with her marriages. As I mentioned earlier, her very short lived marriage to Kris Humphries is considered by many to be fake. They think Kim was only in it for the money, the ratings and the fame.

Kim is currently married to famous rapper Kanye West. Proving that history tends to repeat itself, many view this marriage as being fame driven as well. The belief is that the marriage exists solely to generate publicity for the two even despite the fact that they have children together. Considering how appallingly short her marriage was to Kris Humphries, it is not hard to imagine why people would think such a thing.

7 They Play Favorites

Sibling rivalry has been going on for so long that it is downright biblical. One classic cause of sibling rivalry is which child the mom loves the most. Of course, good parents know that they should never favor one child over the others. However, Kris Kardashian evidently did not get that memo.

Kris Kardashian once admitted to Barbara Walters that Kim is her favorite child. If that was not bad enough, she did it in front of her other daughters! Many moms would view openly stating which of your daughters is your favorite to be really bad parenting. As a result, it is not hard to imagine why some moms do not look too kindly on Kris Kardashian. 

6 They're Terrible With Their In-Laws

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It might not be entirely fair, but mother-in-laws do not have the best reputation. They are sometimes viewed as being terrible, meddling and annoying. However, that is not always the case because some moms actually get along quite well with their mother-in-laws. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case with our darling mother Kris Kardashian.

Kris was married to Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn) for a long while. They have since divorced and Kris has returned to her previous last name, Kardashian. No one seemed to be happier about this divorce than her mother-in-law, Esther Jenner. Esther has admitted to hating Kris, and basically says that she is a terrible person. Esther doesn't have anything particularly nice to say about any of the rest of the Kardashian family either as it turns out.

5 They're So Vain

Kris wanting Khloe to get a nose job is part of a much bigger problem with the Kardashians. They are vain. And it is not just Kris that is vain. They all seem to be at least a little bit obsessed with appearance.

Granted, most celebrities are probably a little bit obsessed with their outward appearance. Image is a big part of celebrity, after all. So maybe the blowback the Kardashians get is not entirely justified. However, there seems to be something about the Kardashians that is particularly vain, even despite the fact several of them work as models where their appearance is their career. It is that sense of vanity that many moms find off-putting since many moms think outward appearance should not be people's focus.

4 They Have No Talent

It has been mentioned that all the Kardashians are millionaires. Many people find this irritating because they seem to be basically talentless. This is also troubling considering how famous they are. That seems to be especially true of Kim Kardashian who is no doubt the most famous of the Kardashians.

Kim is quite possibly world famous. She is no stranger to red carpet events either. So this leaves a lot of people wondering why. By most accounts, she has no real talents, and her great claim to fame is having a sex tape. She has taken that fame and turned it into makeup lines, clothing lines, perfumes and other branding opprtunities. The whole situation is enough to cause moms,and pretty much anybody else, to be frustrated. The Kardashians do not really seem to deserve what they have.

3 They're Greedy

So yes, the Kardashians do not really seem to be bothered by Kim’s sex tape. The reason for that is likely because of the fame that it brought the family. Another reason is probably because it ended up making them lots of money. That is yet another reason why many moms do not like the Kardashians. They all seem to be greedy.

The Kardashians seem like they are willing to do anything for money. Perhaps the best example of this is Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries. The marriage was over pretty much before it began despite a big deal being made of it on the E! Network. Many accused Kim of only getting involved in the marriage for the money.

2 They Are Inescapable

A big reason for moms to hate the Kardashians is the fact that they are inescapable. A person just cannot get away from the Kardashian family. They are everywhere! First, there is their popular reality show that seems to have a million spin off shows about various members of the family.

It is not limited to that however. You are likely to find some member of the Kardashian family on the cover of a magazine. Kim has even been known to show up in movies from time to time. Then there is social media where they have a huge presence. Kim even has her own mobile game! They have literally taken over all facets of media. To say that the Kardashians are over exposed is putting it rather mildly.

1 They Are Terrible Role Models

At the end of the day, there might just be one real reason that moms hate the Kardashians. That reason is that they are not good role models at all. No mom would want her kids to be just like the Kardashians. 

The Kardashians are fame hungry and greedy. They are also vain and appear all over every magazine. They became famous because one of them had a sex tape released. They create drama just for the ratings. None of that is anything that a mom would want her kids to be like or participate in. The problem is that the Kardashians are everywhere. It is hard for kids to avoid them. They are bound to see them and possibly want to be like them. To a lot of moms, that is an unnerving thought.

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