15 Reasons On Who To Hate More: Casey Anthony Vs. Kim Kardashian

Who doesn’t love a good battle, a good round of conversation on who we hate more and why. It is usually all done in good humour, and no one takes it seriously. As long as it is a far fight, right? This one may not seem like a fair fight, as who could possibly hate Kim. K as much as they hate Casey Anthony? Even if you have the strongest, ugliest distaste for anything related to a Kardashian, there is no way that you could not hate Casey Anthony more right?

Well, I am willing to take the challenge, to point out numerous things that we can find to hate about each of these women. There are many. Some may be deemed more serious reasons than others, but they are still valid reasons. Maybe, at the end of the day, it will be an even match as there are different levels and reasons for hate.

Kim. K is world famous, for what exactly, even I have not figured out. She is one of the most talked about celebrities, and her marriage to rapper Kanye West has brought nothing but more conversation. People either love her or hate her, there doesn’t seem to be an in between with this woman.

Casey Anthony is the world’s most hated “mom”. She was accused of the murder of her little girl, Caylee, but was found not guilty by the courts. This verdict has caused outrage around the world, as we can not understand how this mother got away with killing her beautiful little girl.

Well, let’s let the rounds begin on the fight to determine who we hate more; Kim. K or Casey Anthony.

15 Kim. K: She Is Talentless

Most people work very hard to make a living and support their family, even most celebrities. Sure, it looks glamourous to shoot movies and travel around the world, but it is still hard work. People can not seem to figure out why Kim. K is so popular. Why she makes so much money, when she seems to do virtually nothing?

She does not have much talent when it comes to acting or singing, or making any money in that way. Sure, she now has clothing designs and other stuff, but when she first stepped into the spotlight, she did literally nothing, at all. Possibly, her fame comes from her father, the infamous Robert Kardashian, lawyer and friend to O.J Simpson. Sure, the family was wealthy, but is that a reason for fame? I guess what makes it worse is that we keep talking about her!

14 Casey Anthony: She Murdered Her Baby

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OK, let’s get it out of the way, even though Casey Anthony was found not-guilty by a jury, there are not many people in the world who think she did not kill her child. There is a lot of information involved in the case of the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, but it boils down to a horrific discovery.

They found the poor girl’s remains in a trash bag discarded in the woods. Just thrown around, like trash. The remains were old and not recognizable immediately as anyone, until the medical examiner stated that it was the remains of the poor girl. I do not think any mom can imagine causing any harm to their child, much less murder, so it makes it hard for anyone to be on this woman’s side. It is also almost impossible to find any reason to defend her.

13 Kim. K: Immense Greed

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I don’t know why people attack Kim so much with the whole greed thing, and they don’t turn their eye on other celebrities as well, but it is enough to put it as a reason to hate her. It is no secret that Kim is rich, like filthy and dirty rich. When she married Kanye, her wealth only increased and continues to do so with every album he produces and concert he plays. Kim is very, very greedy.

You here of a lot of celebrities donating a lot of money to different charities and lesser developed countries. It shows a lot to their character, and that they realize to a certain extent that they need to give back. Even though it would never make a dent in her fortune, Kim does not give as much as she should, or as much as people expect her too. I mean, she can not take that money with her when she dies, unless she is buried with it.

12 Casey Anthony: Took The Child Away

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When we all have children, there are few things we love more than having family around to support and guide us. Yes, it can become overwhelming, but at the end of the day we love them and how much they are there for us. A lot of us don’t normally just pack up and take our child away from family, especially grandparents.

Well, that is exactly what Casey Anthony did before her daughter went missing. On June 16, 2008, Casey left the family home with her daughter and did not return for 31 days. During this time, Casey’s mother asked multiple times if she could come and visit and Casey always turned her away stating that she was too busy. Hiding a child from her grandparents is just cruel, and possibly a warning sign for what was to come.

11 Kim. K: Way Too Overrated

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There is a lot of hype in the world about Kim. K, there always was and probably will be. I do understand the irony of writing this article, as I am just making her relevant. It seems like every other day Kim. K is all over the media due to some antic or another. The problem is, she is just so overrated, and we are all really tired of hearing about her.

Her big claim to fame was a sex tape, that’s right, a sex tape. It seems pretty ridiculous and incredibly angering that she gets more attention than actual hero’s in our world do. When I know more about her than about the many men and women fighting for our countries there is a problem. There is a problem in what our society thinks is a priority. Just stop already!

10 Casey Anthony: Does She Care?

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Casey Anthony is another one who does not deserve our attention, but she gets it. One of the biggest problems I have with Casey Anthony is she doesn’t really seem to care, what is wrong with her? If you look at pictures of her, she is smiling and happy. I don’t know about anyone else, but it comes across as smug and it is annoying AF.

It is one of the worst things in the world, to lose a child, but we do reach a point where we have to go on living and try and enjoy life. Casey seems to enjoy life too much without her daughter, it almost feels like her daughter was dragging her down and she is happy to be free of such a “burden”. I, of course, do not think a child is a burden, but I do think that is how Casey feels.

9 Kim. K: The Name Game

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This may seem like a silly reason to hate someone, but did she really name her child North? I mean, come on, that makes her daughter’s name North West. A direction. A title on a map. Not a child’s name. I know no one should ever judge a mother for what she named her child, but I think you reach a point where you are just asking for it.

I also know that a lot of people are trying to go with the craziest, and most unique names. Is there a point though, were unique turns into down right stupid? I think there is, and I think they went there. Yes, it is their child and they have every right to name her whatever they want, but it is their child’s name, do we not think of that anymore. Then, they went and named their second child Saint, talk about a big thing to live up to!

8 Casey Anthony: Nanny Liar!

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I hate liars! I just do, honesty is something I value and I think when you choose to lie you are asking for trouble! Most of the time, it is better to just tell the truth and deal with the consequences. Casey Anthony told the biggest lie when it came to her daughter. When she went away on this 31-day excursion, she told her mother numerous times that she had a nanny with Caylee.

This nanny was named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, and Casey would often tell her family she was watching Caylee, or was with her at the park or other such places. There was a woman by this name, who was a nanny, but she had never heard of Casey Anthony before. Seems a pretty stupid thing to lie about, and just like all liars, we hate them. I still can not figure out why she lied about this, what was the point, and if there was no nanny then who was with little Caylee? Or was she already dead?

7 Kim. K: Spoiled Brat!

There are not many things that people hate more than a spoiled brat. Whether it be a young child, or Kim. K we hate spoiled people. They act entitled and ungrateful for all the wonderful things they have in their life. This is a perfect description of Kim. K. If anyone watches the reality show that follows their lives, they will notice that Kim not only acts incredibly entitled, but she whines.

She whines all the time about everything. We could also add here that she is very conceited. There does reach a point, where we need to ask ourselves if we created this monster? Did all the attention and flattery that we, as the public, gave her cause her head to become inflated? Are we the reason that she seems to have such a big head and expects everything to just get handed to her? Should we hate ourselves? I am so confused!

6 Casey Anthony: She Is Pregnant, Again!

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Yup, you read that right, Casey Anthony is pregnant with her second child. There are numerous reports that she is expecting her second child. She has reportedly said that she feels this is her second chance and that she really hopes it is another girl. It is maddening to think that she is pregnant again, that this woman (who we all really know killed her first child) is welcoming another little baby into the world.

I suffer from fertility issues, and this infuriates me to no end. It seems like the least deserving woman is pregnant again. This is clearly a woman who should never have had children, and now she gets the chance to have two while there are millions of women out there struggling to have one baby!

5 Kim. K: She Wears Too Much Make Up!

Beauty is on the inside. An ever popular quote, that Kim. K obviously does not believe in. The amount of make-up that Kim. K wears is maddening. And I know, celebrities wear make-up, they live a life of glamour and beauty and that is just part of their culture. Let’s not forget that they can afford the world’s best make-up and someone to come put it on them every day.

The problem is, Kim. K wears too much make-up! There is always a point where something becomes too much and this is the case. She is sending a bad message to her daughter, and little girls everywhere that look up to her. She is telling them that they need to wear this abnormal amount of make-up to be happy or to be considered attractive. People in her status, should be preaching about inner beauty and strength, since they have such a large platform.

4 Casey Anthony: She Got Away With It

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One of the most infuriating things about Casey Anthony, is that somehow, she got away with it. Nothing angers the public more than when a horrible criminal is set free to walk the streets and breathe the same air as us. This is the case of Casey Anthony.

When her trial first began, it was very clear that the prosecution was going with all they had. They wanted Casey to burn, and where fully ready to seek the death penalty if she was found guilty. They were so confident that their case was over before it began. In a sick and twisted fate, Casey was found not guilty and was acquitted of all charges in relation to her daughter’s murder. Not only did she get to walk free, but there is something called double jeopardy in the United States, which means that even if she did do it, she can never be charged for it. This is just crazy, and another good reason to hate her.

3 Kim. K: Hollywood Walk Of Fame

We have already discussed Kim. K’s attitude in regard to how she perceives herself. We already know that she feels entitled and selfish, some of the reasons why we hate her so. Can you believe she actually feels like she deserves a star on the Hollywood walk of fame? She thinks that she is on the same level as all of the legends that already have stars there. It is maddening!

If she ever does get a star there, she may just be the first (and only) star to get one because she made a sex tape. After all, that is what started her on the path to fame! Seems pretty ridiculous to me, and I hate this extreme sense of entitlement she carries. It has to stop, when will the madness stop! If she gets a star there, then I think we need to put everyone there, even Casey Anthony.

2 Casey Anthony: She’s Infamous

We can hate Casey Anthony for the same reason we hate Kim. K: they do not deserve the spot light that has been placed one them. Casey Anthony had almost as much media coverage as some of Hollywood’s best (and worst) celebrities. She has all of this attention, but for all the wrong reasons. Nonetheless, she is in the spotlight, when all of us are not.

She doesn’t deserve this attention, but I don’t think the world will ever stop talking about her. She did a horrible thing, and she got away with it. It is all very astonishing and confusing. The world loves to talk about cases like this. Whether it be Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson or Scott Peterson, they live in infamy because we can not stop talking about them. We want nothing more than for them all to just disappear, but unfortunately they will never go away as long as we keep talking about them.

1 Verdict Is In, The Winner Is: Casey Anthony

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I thought I would end this article on who I believe to be the ‘winner’ of who to hate more. The answer is Casey Anthony, and it will always be Casey Anthony. No matter what Kim. K does that enrages us and makes our blood boil, we will never be able to see past a mother who takes her own baby’s life. Notice that none of the reasons on this list was due to Kim. K being an awful mother, well, other than the name choice.

Kim. K may be a lot of things, but she is a good mom who is providing for her family in the only way she knows how. Casey Anthony is a woman who lied, committed murder and killed her little girl for reasons we may never understand, and we may not want to understand. This is a case that will always be talked about, for the simple fact that we can not understand it.

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