15 Reasons These Dads Don't Want Their Wives Breastfeeding

Having a baby can be one of the most magical times for new mothers and fathers. There is so much happening and so many decisions to make. Nursery colors have to be picked, the perfect name needs to be decided upon, the type of car seat will be analyzed to no end, and then the ultimate decision comes along- to breastfeed or not to breastfeed. There are a variety of different arguments to support each side.

Many people find that breastfeeding is cheaper and more convenient for their lifestyle. It also can supply the baby with nutrients from the mother that are ultimately made especially for the baby.

Naturally, the breastfeeding decision does not come argument-free. Some fathers are hesitant to jump aboard the breastfeeding train. For so long, the tatas were something only shared between the parents. Now, there is a possibility that it can become the baby’s primary source of food.

Some dads get territorial, some are weirded out, and others have some bizarre arguments against their baby’s mother breastfeeding.

Of course, some fathers are completely supportive. Some of these stories have us shaking our heads. Have you experienced this? See if your baby’s father compares to any of these stories.

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15 The Baby Was Like A Physical Barrier

When a new mom starts breastfeeding, it can become incredibly time-consuming. New moms have to make sure that they are producing milk, feeding right on schedule, and having successful feedings at that. When there are multiple babies involved, it can take even more time to feed the children, but the moms feel it is worth it. This is especially true if the mother has already breastfed one child already. They have already seen the health benefits from the breastfeeding.

This father was upset that the mother was breastfeeding so often. According to Daily Mail, this father, who goes by James, feels that the children interfered with the closeness to his wife.

Since she frequently had children attached to her chest, it puts up a literal and figurative barrier between the husband and wife.

The father could only get so close to mom and the kids when they were feeding, meaning there were hours taken away from him. This father also felt he did not get to be as close to his children since he was unable to interfere with the bond that can be created by breastfeeding. In this father’s eyes, the mother ultimately had yellow tape around her until breastfeeding came to an end.

14 He Was Jealous Of The Time

Moms that choose to breastfeed often get to spend a lot of time with their children. Since the mother is generally only the person that can breastfeed the child, a bond is created with the child, as that is the way the child survives and gets nutrients. A lot of moms feel really blessed to be able to do this and feel like it creates amazing energy around them.

This father reported to Daily Mail that he did not get to spend as much time with the children as the mother did, as he was not able to feed them.

He urged his wife to change her mind to bottle feed the children so they could be equal and so neither one of them would have more time with the child than the other.

The father, named Paul, admitted that he was jealous that the mother got so much time with them and feared that he would not be as close to his children as they got older. With both parents bottle feeding the child, this would prevent the child from forming a special relationship with the mother and there would be no bias, according to the father’s story told to Daily Mail.

13 He Wants Her To Slim Down

After giving birth to a child, a mother has to go through a lot of recoveries. After carrying a new life within her body for up to ten months, there are a lot of changes that have to go back to their pre-pregnancy ways. Some things are changed within the body to help the mother best provide for the baby in the early stages of their life.

Many women want nothing more to get their bodies back to their pre-pregnancy form, but it takes time.

According to Independent, an Australian father ordered his wife to stop breastfeeding their newborn son. As strange as that is, his reason was even more infuriating. This father wanted his wife to get her body back to where it had been before the baby.

He firmly believed that breastfeeding was preventing her from getting her former figure back. When the wife confronted him about talking to a medical professional about this idea, he was entirely opposed, according to Independent.

He believed there was a correlation between breastfeeding and the weight the mother gained while carrying a child. Ultimately, this was one giant temper tantrum because things had changed in their lives after having a baby.

12 He Was Just Embarrassed

When people have children, they often discuss different elements of breastfeeding. Generally, the first thing that is discussed is whether or not breastfeeding will be done.

This is generally followed by how they will provide the baby with food when they are not home. Somewhere along the lines, there is generally a discussion with an estimate about when the transition will be made from breastfeeding to real food. Sometimes, this is guided by a pediatrician, but it is generally up to the mother and father.

This father was not anticipating that his wife would breastfeed for so long. The couple has two children, a three-year-old and a one-year-old. The father gets incredibly uncomfortable when his wife breastfeeds his children, as reported by Daily Mail. He firmly believes that it is a little embarrassing for his wife to feed the children in public at this age.

Dominic, the father, believes that the children may get ridiculed by the time they go to school for breastfeeding for so long. Even worse for Dominic, his wife does not plan on stopping until the children decide that they are done. Dominic wants this to end before the public starts commenting on it. We do wonder if Dominic drinks milk, or if he feels he's too old to benefit from the milk of a mature mother cow.

11 He Needs Attention Too

Babies require a lot of attention all around. When babies are not crying, they often need attention. They may need a diaper change, to be burped, and maybe even to be fed. Some babies just cry out of boredom and want someone to pick them up.

This means that mom and dad become servants to the baby, especially for the first few months of their life.

When children start speaking, it becomes a little easier to determine what their needs are. While they are babies the general solution to their needs is to try feeding them.

According to The Globe And Mail, this parent is jealous of all of the attention that the baby is getting from the mom. The mother’s life currently revolves around the baby. She has to sleep when the baby sleeps, feed the baby when they cry, and often get up in the middle of the night to soothe the baby.

There is a lot of adapting that has to happen. This jealous dad is also a little jealous that he is unable to breastfeed the child, as he feels left out, according to The Globe And Mail. Never did we think we would hear that so many men would be jealous of cracked and leaky nipples.

10 He Said It Made Her Lazy

Many people realize that being a new parent is a job in itself. When a new child enters this world, two people become parents. They must then learn how to speak baby and decode cries. Their sleep schedules change completely, they may forget to eat, and who knows what a shower is anymore. New moms endure all of the pain associated with labor and have to recover, no matter what form of delivery they went through to bring this bundle of joy into the world.

This dad wrote a blog for The SAHD Life. He explained that he and his wife had three children. He brought two of the children to the pool while his wife stayed home with the new baby.

Upon entering the house, he was somewhat outraged by what he saw. His wife was breastfeeding the baby while watching television.

The SAHD Life reports that he felt that she was doing nothing since she was watching television, and he became immensely jealous, wishing that he could do that and have an excuse to do nothing. Breastfeeding is not as easy as it looks. It can be painful, draining, and frustrating at times. What else was this mom to do?

9 She's Making The Baby Sick

Breastfeeding is an emotional roller coaster. First, there is the learning curve of figuring out how to get the baby to latch and what position the baby may feed in the best.

Then, there is the constant waking up to pump and feed. Mom still has to watch everything she consumes since the baby will ultimately get whatever the mother consumes via milk.

Mom is likely tired and has very sore breasts, especially in the beginning. They continue to feed because that is what they believe is best for the baby.

Net Mums reported a sad case in which this husband hated the fact that his wife was breastfeeding their child. The parents were not even living with each other due to the turmoil that breastfeeding had caused. This husband made rude remarks and would state how the mother ultimately was not special for breastfeeding their child.

Not only did he do all of this, but he got his family to gang up on his wife, according to Net Mums. The husband and his family tried to convince the new mother that breastfeeding would just make the baby ill and would make it so the baby would not reach specific milestones.

8 He Doesn't Want His Time Minimized

Breastfeeding can take a toll on a new moms body, especially while they are still learning the best methods to feed their new child. For a while, breasts may be sore, cracked, and of course, ducts can get clogged. Often times, when a new baby comes into the picture, mom reserves the breasts exclusively for feeding the child.

This puts them off-limits for anything else. Most moms even wear special bras that are far from lingerie during this time.

This father was not content that his wife was reserving her breasts exclusively for the baby, as reports to Yahoo Answers. This father was not just jealous that the mother was spending more time with the baby than with him, but he was jealous that the new baby got to have access to his wife’s breasts whenever she wanted.

The father allegedly felt awkward thinking of his wife’s breasts in a risqué manner if they were being used for breastfeeding, especially since he would have access to them right after his baby did. He reported to Yahoo Answers that he urged his wife to pump instead so the awkwardness could go away. He did not want to fight over breasts with his baby.

7 He Doesn't Want His Baby To Love Mom More

Sometimes, people may experience red flags prior to a situation. Most people want to believe that situations can change and that they can help someone change their mind and opinions on a variety of different topics. Some people feel strongly about cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers.

Others feel strongly about only using glass bottles versus plastic. There are so many different debates that can come up when a baby is on the way, it is important to try to get everything out of the way before the baby enters the world.

This account came from a new mother and was about her fiancé. She reported to Circle Of Moms that her fiancé refused to let his ex-wife breastfeed their children.

Since some time had passed and the poster was a different person, she believed that her fiancé would change his mind for their child.

She was gravely mistaken. He then broke the news to her that he expected her to pump and feed her child instead of directly breastfeeding. According to Circle of Moms, his reasoning was that he did not want the child to have a stronger connection with the mother and did not want the child to be weak for being breastfed.

6 He Didn't Want To Watch Her Suffer

Breastfeeding can be a really difficult task for some moms. It is not always in the cards for every mother. Sometimes, women feel like less of a mother for not being able to successfully breastfeed.

No one can understand that frustration except for another mother that was unable to breastfeed. These mothers will often try for months to make it work. Even lactation consultants get called in to try to help these mothers, but some women just are unable to breastfeed their child.

This father posted to Reddit about his concerns about his wife breastfeeding their child. After six weeks, the baby still could not successfully latch on to the mother’s breast. The mother tried a number of different tools and techniques to try to get the baby to latch, but was still unsuccessful, according to this Reddit poster.

This would cause endless crying from both the frustrated mom and the hungry baby, further making the mother and father upset. The father wanted to help relieve some of the pressure from the mother and thought it would be best for her to bottle feed the child. This father has nothing but good intentions for mom and baby!

5 It Interferes With His Schedule

Breastfeeding is a beautiful process for any mother that is able to do so successfully. For some reason, there is still a stigma associated with breastfeeding a child in public. Some people will publicly shame a mother or will cast dirty looks to a mother that shamelessly feeds her child in a public place.

Many mothers will try to avoid this scrutiny by breastfeeding in a bathroom or in a hot car.

This mother ran into an interesting critic. According to Kveller, this new mother went to a fair with her husband and their three children. It was a great time to get out of the house despite having twins that were still quite young and needed to breastfeed. When the father decided he wanted the family to watch a parade at the fair, this started overlapping the twins’ feeding time, as the mother told Kveller.

The moment the mother said she had to feed the twins, the husband told her to be more flexible and to just wait. Instead, this mother had to leave and feed her children on a bench, much to her husband’s dismay. He still got to see the parade with the toddler, but the mother missed it.

4 He Doesn't Want Her To Be Sad Anymore

As we have stated before, breastfeeding can be an emotional experience. There is a learning curve that goes along with it. Some mothers are able to figure out what their baby needs and are able to produce enough milk to satisfy their baby. Other mothers are unable to breastfeed their children, which is perfectly fine, but often disappoints them.

Either way, mothers often are the ones to get up in the middle of the night to feed the baby when they are crying out for food, leading to some extreme sleepiness.

One mother took to Baby Center to discuss some of her husband’s issues with breastfeeding. Like most mothers, this mother was incredibly tired of having to wake up several times during the night in order to feed their new little baby. This is not only making her incredibly tired but is also triggering more emotions.

Naturally, mother’s hormones are all over the place after giving birth as it is. This mother’s husband became fed up with her always being so tired and upset. He told her she had to stop breastfeeding because it is making her too tired and cranky, according to Baby Center. This has caused a lot of tension between the couple, leading to daily fights.

3 He Wants Her To Stay Young & Attractive

New moms are often paranoid about how they look. They know that having a baby required them to lose weight and made their tummies stretch out to accommodate the baby. They have to wait for a doctor’s permission in order to be able to workout again. Some mothers are able to get into the mindset that they just went through a lot to bring a baby into the world, so they should be proud of their bodies.

Unfortunately, some mothers do not have someone in their corner to reinforce that they look amazing and their bodies just had to endure a lot to bring a baby into the world. This mother reported to The Bump that her husband wanted her to stop breastfeeding for an incredibly vain reason.

He wanted her to continue to look young and hot and believe that breastfeeding would rob her of this.

According to The Bump, he also compared this new mother to a milk factory, ultimately saying she was not a human for as long as she breastfed. The mother instantly got paranoid about the husband leaving and about not having someone support her breastfeeding decision. You do you, mama!

2 He Can't Take The Judgment From Others

It is said that a mother’s instinct is never wrong. After carrying a child for months, bonding with them, and learning how to even decode their cries and faces, mothers tend to have a great understanding of their children. This allows a mother to make decisions based on what she believes is best for the child’s health and well-being. This can cause some tension between mothers and fathers, as their instincts tend to differ in nature.

According to Her Family, this father was trying to force his wife to stop breastfeeding. Together, the couple had a three-year-old. The father tried to shame the mother out of breastfeeding the child, saying that people would judge both of the parents since the child was three.

He told the mother that people were judging her for feeding such an old child from her breast. According to Her Family, the mother decided to poll the internet and found out that she was far from the only one breastfeeding a child at three years old.

Much to the husband’s dismay, many other mothers advised her to do what she and the child felt was best and most natural.

1 He Thinks It Will Make Boys Too Feminine

Breastfeeding is simply a way for a child to get the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Some people believe that breastmilk can provide more for a child than formula, but they ultimately each have their pros and cons. Some babies will only breastfeed for a few months while others may feed for a few years. As long as the baby is growing and healthy, all is well.

This father had concerns about his wife breastfeeding their son, according to Mom. Me. The father would make fun of his infant son for crying, often saying how feminine the son was becoming.

The father believed that the reason the son became so feminine was that he was being breastfed.

It is unclear if the husband believed that the mother was passing along extra estrogen or if being so close to breasts and in the comfort of the mother’s arms was making the child too “soft” in the eyes of this man’s man.

According to the professional that was consulted, the father may be doubting the relationship he will have in the future with his son due to the amount of bonding he was doing with his mother, according to Mom. Me.

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