15 Reasons To Be A Nagging Mother

Kids at different ages and stages of life complain about their mothers being so persistent on getting things done right on the spot. No one can argue about how nagging mothers are annoying and even disturbing at some point. But, what the kids have not considered are the benefits they are getting out of the constant nagging from their mother. What they also do not know is that the nagging episodes are usually planned out carefully by the mother for ensuring that she gets what she wants with the top speed and least effort made. After all, having to repeat the same request over and over again is much easier than getting up and doing someone else’s chores, kids.

Even adults complain about having mothers who nag them at different times, asking for different things to be done. They seem to never capture the magic of that trick until they become mothers themselves. That is exactly when they start to see the importance of nagging everyone around the house every single minute because, otherwise, no work would ever get done. Mothers who have not perfected their skills of nagging often suffer from being ignored and not listened to when it comes to asking their kids to do a certain chore around the house. They always seem to just forget that they have been asked to do something unless the mother keeps on reminding them, endlessly, to have her way with things.

Then again, it’s really not about mom getting her way. Moms have a lot of responsibilities, and one of the most important is keeping the house in order. As children get older, they need to learn the responsibility of picking up after themselves and helping out with other chores. Mom probably wants to a lot of the time, but she really just can’t do it all by herself.

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15 Order Around The House

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If a mother happens to ask her child to remove his dirty socks from the room’s floor two times in a row without getting any single response, not even a nod or a “yes, mom” or any of the other lines used for procrastination, then she needs to adopt a new way of doing things around her kids. By doing so, she can be assured that they will be willing to give up whatever they were doing just to stop having to hear the same repeated orders over and over.

Let’s face it, some kids have it in them more than others to keep delaying things and pushing them forward from day to day. From homework and studying to cleaning the bedroom or putting that pile of dirty clothes in the laundry room, things could take forever to get done around the house if the mother were to leave everything as it is. After all, someone still needs to care enough to manage things as not to turn the house into a complete hazard.

14 Health Issues

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Many mothers face the obstacle of having to nag the children about their personal hygiene and cleanliness. A mother can start asking the usual questions once her son wakes up and starts to get ready for school, for example. Instructions concerning how important it is to brush his teeth in the morning, washing their face, taking a quick shower before school, etc. This is only round one, though. The second round would be once the child steps into the house back from school. Again, lectures about personal hygiene and washing hands would be heard.

It is in the nature of mothers to resort to throwing lectures around as they go from one person to the other in their daily routine check of how things are going. However, this has major benefits to both the mother and the children. The mother starts to feel a little bit more in control than her kids would like her to feel. Besides, insuring that the kids are safe and healthy can never be a bad thing.

13 Getting It Out Of Her System

Mothers tend to want to take care of everything and everyone that they love all at once, without missing even one single detail. This is almost impossible since the mother does not have the hands of an octopus or a thousand eyes to see all that goes around. This is where nagging comes in. It makes the mother feel more assured of having fulfilled her role as a caretaker, without having to go overboard with things. Although sometimes it can be a little bit on the crazy side.

A mother can drive herself crazy if she does not tell everyone what to do and how to do it correctly, even though she absolutely knows that they capable of doing it on their own. The little reminders she offers or the huge time consuming lectures she goes on and on with give her a little room for expression of thought that would otherwise irritate her all day. Nagging is a mother’s way of showing that she cares.

12 Teaching Responsibility

Although there might be better ways out there, nagging actually helps children to build their own sense of responsibility in a somewhat twisted way. Some mothers prefer to leave their children be without interfering, to see how they manage without having anyone to remind them of the small things that make all the difference. However, nagging can work for some mothers, and children too, if the mother uses her technique of nagging in the right way.

In fact, most children will start to capture the things mom nags them about and to turn them into habits later on in life. Delaying is mainly their defense mechanism at the very beginning. They do it just to be spared the long lecture that will ensue if they don’t get it done in time. After a while, they will start to get used to the patterns that mom has created with her nagging, without having to listen to any of it over and over again.

11 Speed Things Up

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If the mother knows that her children know how to do something and also knows that they know in turn that it needs to be done, then her nagging just speeds the matters up. Young children tend to hate doing homework or school work. They can push the assignment till the last minute possible and then start to stress out about it, while not getting anything done either way. This can have a huge negative impact on their grades and efficiency in managing their time and duties.

When they are nagged about getting their assignments done, they will have it in the back of their minds, even while they play a video game or watch TV. Many kids would actually prefer to get done with it as they cannot focus on doing anything else in that time that they are calling their own, away from homework and school.

10 Thank You, Mom

Even if the kids might express some resentment at how much their mom nags them throughout the day, they will be thankful for having her around. It is the habit with kids to delay important things unless they are nagged and constantly reminded of doing them on a daily, even hourly basis. What they need to understand is that crowding things into the last minute available is a terrible habit that can be very difficult to get rid of and won’t work well once they leave home.

After all the nagging and lecturing, at some point, kids will actually start to appreciate what the mother does for their sake. This might not be the case in the first few years of the life of a child, but once they get into the first stages of adulthood, they start to slowly understand and appreciate what the entire fuss and fight was about in all those past, noisy years.

9 Successful Children

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Living with an assertive mother was shown through a study that took place in England that the chances for kids to become more successful later on in their adult life is much higher than those who had lived with an easy going mother. Perhaps it is the pressure of expectation and demand that pushes those kids to work harder than others, for they know that they have a mother who had worked hard to raise them and shape them into the successful people they ought to be.

Daughters who had lived with assertive mothers have shown less tendency for dropping out of college, staying unemployed, and getting pregnant outside marriage. The mother’s nagging seems to go beyond the day to day activities and chores to have a greater effect on the morality of the girls involved in the study. After all, nagging might not be a bad thing.

8 Expect More

Children who have been raised around nagging mothers show a tendency for higher expectations from themselves and others, too. This might be due to the fact that being nagged by a mother may mean that she is raising the roof of expectations that every child dreams of reaching to please their mother and father at any point in life. It is not only a byproduct of nagging, but it also has a long term positive outcome.

As these children grow into men and women of society, they are able to express these expectations and reflect them in their studies and careers. A person who expects a lot of himself will only aspire to reach the highest positions possible, no matter how hard or long they have to work for it. Eventually, this offers motivation, self-respect, and drive to the children that they will carry with them into their adulthood.

7 To Love And Care

Mothers who nag their children often use nagging as an excuse for showing how much they love and care about their children. This is much like stating the obvious, but kids seldom get it into their heads. Mothers who nag their children about endless things in their daily life, whether it be doing the dishes or getting homework done, or setting up the alarm, have found a way of showing what their kids and their well-being means to them.

Mothers who do not express such concern for their children tend to have less of them, anyway. They would not be such persistent worries regarding the kids if they were not in the minds of the mother at all times. As we all know, if a woman has something on her mind, she will let everybody know exactly what goes on in there. This is proof enough of that the more the mother nags her kids, the more she cares about them.

6 Do More

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Mothers who nag their children and act in an assertive manner around them prove to grow some incentive in the minds and hearts of the kids to work harder. They tend to show a sense of awareness of what needs to be done, how it should be done, and what it takes to be done. They also show signs of strength, assertiveness, and speed in performing any task that needs to be completed with a high level of efficiency and proficiency.

They are more likely to grow into being more successful leaders in life than being mere followers of others. They are strong enough to manage on their own, and to get the things done their way. Children might after all be thankful for having lived with a nagging mother who had helped them grow into who they are. Learning to work hard while enjoying it, is a skill that not many people are blessed with, so that could be said to be the mother’s gift to her beloved kids.

5 Learn to Listen

In most cases with kids having a nagging mother, the children are able to create a way of compensating for their mother’s nagging. They have started to pay attention more and to listen more carefully. At the beginning, this is done to simply avoid the nagging and pain in the neck coming out of it, but it will eventually become a habit of listening more carefully and doing the chore that the kid is asked to do without having to be asked over and over.

This might take a long time to happen, but might still be worth it after all. Sitting down with the children and explaining to them why the mother is constantly nagging them would help them to understand what they are doing wrong and what they need to do in its place as an amendment. From there, things should get better and easier with time as both children and parents come to a better understanding.

4 Ahead of Time

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With constant nagging, children start to understand the purpose of these endless lectures and constant requests to do a certain chore. If the child is moving in the right direction of things, they should soon be able to predict what they will be asked to do next. The creation of a pattern will become very clear if repeated often and will allow the kid to anticipate what they are supposed to do in a certain situation.

This is actually a trick that is recommended to kids who are trying to escape the nagging of their parents. They will start to do a task before they are asked to do it. That way, the mother won’t have any excuse for lecturing any more. It is used for the benefit of both child and mother if they find a way of understanding each other, saving the child hours of listening to lecturing, while it would give the mother a break and great feeling of satisfaction that the child has learned the lesson.

3 A Win-Win Situation

Nagging usually gets the mother whatever she had been asking for, even if it is with some delay, but at least it was done at last. Nagging will allow the mother to get what she needs her kids or husband to do with the least effort possible on her side. After all, giving an order and merely supervising the act is completely different from having to do it by one’s self. Aside from the constant repetition of acts and inquiries, a mother is not harmed by having to nag her kids on a daily basis.

On the other hand, kids hate to be nagged for any reason. They know that their mother will just keep on nagging and nagging endlessly until they get what they want. That should give the kids a picture as to the solution to their problem. If they do not want to be nagged, all they have to do is do whatever it is their mother has asked them to do. If they do, they will be spared any more nagging and will be left in peace, and might even get a hug and a thank you.

2 Calculating Consequences

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Children who have been living with nagging and assertive mothers tend to show an eye for consequences and outcomes. If they do this, then that will happen. It is a life skill that they pick up along the way and that will help them to achieve more by understanding the consequences and effects of their actions on themselves as well as on others.

In their later years, this skill will come in handy when they try to make life changing decisions as they know how to weigh the possible outcomes. Being responsible for their actions and for themselves will give them more control over their choices and what they expect out of them. They might not know it, but this is an after effect of being nagged for so many years. Although, when a mother had nagged in the first place, she might not have expected the effects of her lectures to go so far.

1 Learning to Communicate

When a mother constantly nags her child to do one thing or another, she will probably be giving him almost no chance for defending himself. A child will have to learn how to communicate with his mother and how to discuss the situation at hand. By doing that, the child will be indirectly feeding their skills of convincing people and persuading them into doing whatever they see fits the situation.

This can also be effective as the child grows older, for they will become aware of what it takes to convince someone to do a specific thing required of them without breaking a sweat. The communication skills that they built inside the house while listening to the nagging of the mother can go a long way in their daily practical life. After all, the ability to get into the heads of people to persuade them to see things your way can be a very valuable asset.

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