15 Reasons to Chop Your Hair After Pregnancy

Out with the old and in with the new. As a woman transforms into a mother, her life completely changes. Every aspect of a woman’s lifestyle is influenced when she becomes a mother. Motherhood affects how we spend our free time, what we wear, the groceries we buy, and even the vehicle we drive. The transformation into motherhood is beautiful and crazy.

There is no handbook on how to be a mom. If we did have a handbook, it would probably include a section on the infamous mom haircut. A popular postpartum trend of shorter hair has been gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. Shorter hair is easier to maintain since wash-and-go will be a new mom's day-to-day life story. Who has time to wrestle with long tresses?

Are you a new mom and wondering what to do with your hair, we've got a ton of reasons why you should consider chopping off your locks and sporting a new shorter do. Hey, things are going to change for you, so why not start with the one thing you're struggling to find time for? If you knew you could make things easier on yourself, wouldn't you be all for it?

What have you got to lose by cutting your hair you ask, nothing at all, instead you'd be gaining more than you'd be losing, like time, money and more. Read on to find out why you should go for a shorter look today.

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16 OMG I'm Going Bald!

Beautiful woman is looking shocked to her hair clump

As we all know, hormone levels are all out of whack during and following pregnancy which is why we are emotional wrecks. Many of us were lucky enough to enjoy thicker, shinier hair during pregnancy due to increased estrogen levels. Following pregnancy hormones levels tumble trying to return to normal, including estrogen.

As a result, many women notice increased hair loss about three months postpartum. The women who have longer locks often experience more noticeable hair loss than those with shorter styles. Some moms opt for a shorter do in order to better handle and hide the hair loss and to maintain a fuller look during this time.

15 New Identity

Beautiful young short hair woman adjusting her glasses and smiling

Becoming a mom is taking on a whole new role and identity. It means going from person to parent, and many people think that means you need to lose a piece of yourself. It doesn't. In order to take care of someone else, you must first take care of yourself.

Some women chose to show that they are taking this new role head on but getting what is known as the "mom haircut." It usually involves a short, low maintenance hairstyle. But low maintenance can still be stylish and cute!

After just sharing a body with another human for ten months to spending the majority of your time taking care of said human, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lose yourself in this new role. What better way to show you are rocking your new identity and job as a parent that embracing it by getting a stylish and sensible shorter do.

14 Easy Routine

Bringing home a newborn baby is simply chaos. It is difficult yet essential to get into any sort of routine when a tiny human is running the show. He or she decides when we eat, sleep, and every other aspect of our day. We let this little one be the center of our lives because there is no greater love than this; however, that does not mean that we can simply forget about ourselves.

We still need to take care of ourselves by brushing our teeth, taking a shower, and eating breakfast and somehow fit it into baby's routine. A shorter hairstyle requires less time to dry and little time to style making it much easier and more practical to squeeze a shower in while the baby's asleep and hopefully get some other things done as well.

The first few weeks and even months are a total blur. Getting into a routine with the new baby and yourself is crucial to surviving this time, and what's even better than having a routine is having a low maintenance routine. Short hair basically is self styling and compliments a woman's natural hairstyle.

13 Short Hair is Totes Cool

Short hair is literally cooler. It is an actual weight off of your shoulders. Lugging around a baby, car seat, diaper bag, and the hundred other things we carry around all day gets heavy, tiring, and HOT. While hormones are out of whack after pregnancy, especially when breastfeeding, body temperatures are all over the board as well.

Many women either complain of waking up freezing or completely drenched in sweat. A shorter hairstyle will be cooler and also absorb less sweat! Shorter hair allows your neck to get a breeze. That breeze will be a giant relief especially in the summer heat. Having a hairstyle that allows a breeze naturally is much easier than trying to juggle a baby and put your hair up in a ponytail or braid.

12 Resists Tangles and Knots

Young woman standing looking at her reflection in the bathroom mirror while brushing her wet hair with a hairbrush after washing it view from behind

Being a mom includes our little one's drool covered hands practicing their death grips in our long locks. Even before children, it's difficult to not acquire our fair share of knots and tangles throughout the day. None of us can have Rapunzel's locks without also getting at least a handful of knots.

Tangle free hair requires frequent brushing or some serious leave in conditioner when you are always on the go and doing something. Throwing your hair up can create knots in any woman's hair.  Babies are messy as we are all well aware; however,  with shorter hair there is a much smaller risk of getting drool, hands, food, and spit up stuck in it!

It won't knot up as easily. It is nearly impossible to rake out the knots when spit up dries in your hair. With less hair, it is a given there will be less knots. There is also the issue of changing body chemistry. Some women with straight hair have curly hair postpartum, and others aren't as lucky and end up with frizzy, unmanageable hair. Sometimes it is just better off to get a fresh start just as Beyonce did when she traded her locks for a pixie cut.

11 Donate For a Good Cause

beautiful caucasian girl wearing a head scarf due to hair loss from chemotherapy fighting cancer

Many of us have considered chopping our hair on more than a few occasions. Some need a push in the right direction or some inspiration. What better motivation is there than helping children in need? You've seen people donate their hair on TV, but have you ever considered that you could also give that very same gift?

There are many different organizations that will take your chopped off hair to provide wigs for children who lost their hair in result of chemotherapy, childhood cancer, and other causes. Not only will you get to rock a new do, but you will be doing so for a good cause. This could even be a lesson you pass on to your children as well.

10 Save Time

Tired woman getting ready for business work, sitting in pyjama on living room floor, holding coffee mug, annoyed.

Motherhood comes with a shortage of time. We are often faced with decisions like sleep, eat, or shower in the little free time we do get. A shorter hairstyle requires less time to wash, dry, and especially style. The infamous "mom hair cut" is a low maintenance hairstyle and a great asset to a new mother.

No one wants to worry about styling their hair before going to pick up diapers especially when you’re running on only a few hours of sleep. A shorter hairstyle requires less time to manage. It takes less time to wash and dry. It also looks good after a shower without trying to blow dry and style, basically it looks like you are somewhat put together even if you aren’t.

Although there has been some back and forth about whether to chop the locks or steer clear of the trend, this time saver will also be an added bonus when it is necessary to look put together for work, date night, or another occasion. It is easier to run late when you are going anywhere with a baby so it is much easier if you can shave off some extra time in your own routine.

9 Less Hair for Baby Hercules to Pull

Pretty much from birth on babies learn to pull hair. It is usually a comfort and security thing for newborns and infants as a way to ensure mom is still there. That does not make it any less painful though. Should you find yourself at the mercy of your baby's Herculean like grip, you've maybe considered cutting your hair.

In some situations, babies hold onto their mother's hair to assure they do not get put down. It is a clever yet painful little trick they learn. Unfortunately, hair pulling is an issue some children do not grow out of until they are toddlers. Chopping your hair means it is no longer in your baby's reach and preventing it from getting yanked.

8 Short Hair = Healthier Hair

close-up beautiful female face with healthy long hairs

While we all wish we could have the gorgeous, healthy, long locks as featured in shampoo commercials, we must also face the harsh reality that sometimes we need to cut off all of the damage first in order to get there.

Split ends and dead ends actually slow hair growth. Hair becomes finer postpartum due to hormones making easier to break and damage. All of the unhealthy ends weigh a person's hair down and take away volume. A good haircut that includes chopping off all of the dead weight can lighten up a woman's hair and leave it looking healthy and full.

After pregnancy, hair is more fragile not to mention falling out due to the hormone changes.  Long hair may get in the way, but putting it up in ponytails and braids can also be harmful and damaging to your fragile hair.

7 Regaining Sex Appeal

Young couple in love wrapped in plaid standing and looking at each other

Becoming a mom is a beautiful experience, and it also throws our body completely out of whack. Not only that, but it is also so easy to lose yourself after becoming a mother and during pregnancy when your body isn't just your own anymore. Many of us feel like a house at the end of our pregnancies which makes it difficult to feel attractive.

It is nearly impossible for anyone's body to bounce back to perfection postpartum right away. Although being a mom is wonderful and amazing, it is also incredibly messy! It is difficult to feel sexy and attractive when you spend the day attached to a newborn, covered in milk, spit up, and probably urine.

Getting a new haircut is a simple way to do something for yourself again. It is a step to getting your identity and body back. A new hairstyle often brings a new confidence which can also impact a marriage. Intimacy can lack postpartum and a new hairstyle may be a needed spark. It feels good to pour into yourself sometimes as well. The new hairstyle is also a way to embrace your new identity as a mom to yourself, your husband, and the world.

6 Stays Out of the Way

Casual portrait of an african american business woman using technology in a bright and sunny startup with the team in the background

Being a mom is a full time balancing act. So many of us juggle our cell phone, diaper bag, car keys, all while trying to carry a baby. We all know that annoying pain throwing the diaper bag over your shoulder and catching your own hair in the process.

There are two ways to avoid that unnecessary annoyance. The first being a constant ponytail which comes with its own issues. The second is a shorter hairstyle that won't be in the way when you throw that diaper bag over your shoulder.

There is no training period when it comes to being a mom. You are thrown in the deep end right away. You must learn how to latch or warm a bottle, how to get a squirmy baby into a onesie, and about ten million other things you never thought you'd find yourself worrying about. Why add the extra struggle of pulling your own hair in a diaper bag strap or having to put it up each time you feed, change, or bath your baby?

5 Look Good, Feel Good

Headshot of beautiful young woman wearing casual white top and stylish shades looking and smiling at the camera with happy cheerful expression mouth wide open touching her short brunette hair

Change can bring about self confidence. When we feel confident in our appearance, we are more likely to be happier. This happiness and confidence trickles down from a hair cut all the way down to aspects of our lives such as marriages, parenting, and work.

Women with shorter hair often find themselves feeling edgy, fresh, and sexy. This new change can also be a celebration of getting your body back after housing another human for ten months. During pregnancy, we have no control over so many different aspects of our own lives and bodies. We suffer morning sickness, hate our favorite foods, and deal with swollen feet and well everything.

Such a change can also be a useful tool in the fight against baby blues.

4 Versatile

Fat woman training in gym, using running machine.

Short hair is a jack of all trades. It looks done, even when it isn't. It is cute for a night out while still being practical for daily tasks or a even workout. Short hair doesn't need to put up to stay out of the way. As a mom, we wear so many different "hats" everyday.

A hairstyle that transitions with whatever task we are doing: working out, cleaning, running errands, or date night, can be a huge relief so we don't have to worry about redoing our hair during the day. Kim Kardashian, a mom and social icon, recently left her long locks in the past and embraced a "mom haircut." She rocks the hairstyle just as any other mom can while still being comfortable.

Short hair is easier to freshen up during the day as well. All it needs is a little fluff of the hand and possibly some hairspray and it's ready to go. It won't get as greasy and flat during the day either.

3 Pick Me Up

Portrait of spa woman at the health spa

The first few weeks home with a new baby are wonderful and amazing, but also incredibly exhausting! It is easy to feel run down during this time. Baby blues are also a common postpartum issue.

Sometimes a little "me time" is just the pick me up you need to start feeling like yourself again such as a day at the hair salon doing something for yourself like getting that new haircut you've been contemplating.

Hayden Panettiere is a perfect example of how cutting off the dead is a great way to get a fresh style and perspective. She chopped her long locks as part of her postpartum depression treatment.

2 Save Money

Young beautiful woman at the hairdresser salon

Long hair needs to be maintained. It needs routine washes, trims, and the countless other products we put in our hair everyday to keep it how we like it. Long hair collects more dirt and grease. It is more easily weighed down by grease and oil requiring us to have to wash our hair more often.

Salon appointments that are common for the upkeep of long hair can put a heavy dent in our pockets. After having a baby, we are already facing medical bills, diapers, and plenty of other expenses. Chopping your hair can mean less salon appointments and less product. We can also avoid the costs of those silly hair ties and bobby pins that are infamous for getting lost and constantly needing to be replaced.


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