15Displaced Tissue Still Bleeds Monthly

This is an important thing to understand because it's part of the reason there is discomfort (or extreme pain--whatevs.) The tissue that has attached to your bowels, ovaries or pelvic region doesn't realize it has strayed from it's home (or so it would have us believe.) Therefore, it reacts the

same way as it would if it was in your uterus. Namely the tissue thickens, breaks down and then bleeds. Where can the tissue go since it's normal route isn't an option from this star on the map? How does the body expel it when it's binding to a totally different area? Well, I'm glad you asked. It's trapped. There is no place for this tissue to exit the body which causes the pain and uncomfortable cycles. This pain is at it's worst during your period. The tissue left in there can cause quite a ruckus while it remains far from it's home.

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