14So Baby Doesn’t Get Swapped

Although rare, this happens! Babies have from time to time gotten swapped at the hospital. In fact, we published an article about this very thing a short while ago. Data suggests that an estimated 28,000 babies get mistakenly switched, temporarily or permanently, every year. Switches are most likely to occur

during a transfer. The term “transfer” refers to any time a baby is brought back and forth to mom over their time in the hospital. On average, transfers occur about six times over a newborn’s hospital stay.

You might wonder how a mom or dad wouldn’t notice the difference between their newborn and someone else’s, but when babies are brand new and parents are exhausted, some babies start to resemble one another.

Even if a baby swap is extremely unlikely to happen to you or anybody for that matter, it’s a parent’s worst fear. What better way to ensure that your baby doesn’t get swapped then to have them right beside you at all times.

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