15 Reasons Why Becoming A Dad Is Great For A Man

There is no greater feeling on earth than that of being a dad. This is what most fathers say when you ask them how they feel about being the father figure and we totally agree with them because the feeling of bringing life into this world is completely overwhelming.

A baby brings joy and love to the whole family, and the sense of pride is exceptional. Most dads are glad to have a baby of any gender as the first born; as long as they are happy and healthy. In fact, many men find themselves quite surprised by the things they do with their children of either sex, from building a fort to having a tea party, and all the while they are having the time of their lives.

So without further ado, let’s go through 15 of the best reasons why being a dad rocks!

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15 You Experience Peace, Joy and Love

We all agree that a newborn brings peace and love to the home. When a newborn arrives, everyone starts smiling, and there is a peaceful co-existence in the house – even the always frowning mother in-law becomes friendly when she comes to visit. On a serious note, children bring peace into the household because of their innocence and your desire to keep them that way.

What's more peaceful than a sleeping baby, or a mother and father sitting with their baby talking in baby talk cuddling for hours on end? This amount of peace is precious, so treasure it, because once the baby learns to walk, your peaceful days might be over.

14 There is so much Admiration

As a dad, you are your kids’ own personal superhero. They will love you, admire you and always count on you in all the days of their lives. They look up to you and learn many things about life from you simply by watching your every move.

This love gives you the strength that you need as a man to provide for and protect your kids. You'll likely think no other kid could possibly compare to yours because of the sense of pride you feel when you think of them. And that's completely natural for you to love everything about your children that make them unique and special.

And one day, if you do it right, chances are they will return the favor, through treating their spouse the same way they saw you with their mother. Raising their kids to love the very things you taught them that you love. You'll see the inheritance you bestowed upon your children through your grand children one day.

13 Life Becomes REAL

I know every father will agree with me on this one - when you give life to a newborn, you suddenly begin enjoying life and having tonnes of reasons to live. You work for those giggles, smiles and coos. You see yourself in them and thinking proudly about all the things they're capable of doing.

You know that you have to be there for your kids, to see them grow, teach them how to walk, ride a bicycle, play with them, and not to mention all of the adorable father – daughter/son moments that just make life worth living.

12 Experience the Great Feeling of Being Youthful

As a dad, you need to spend quality play time with your kids. Sometimes you are forced to play childish games with them like dressing up as Santa during Christmas, putting on scary Halloween costumes which make you feel youthful and reminds you of your days as a child. You might even coach their sports team to pass along the love of the sport or to teach them the skills that transcend team sports.

This great feeling of youthfulness helps a great deal because you live happily and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. What is life without living anyway?

11 It Makes You Feel Proud

Don’t you feel immensely overwhelmed when you see your little ones successfully learn how to ride a bicycle? Of course, you do. It is a great feeling of pride seeing children do you the things you taught them. Maybe they've learned something on their own that makes you feel proud of how smart they are.

You feel even better when your child graduates with a bachelors degree because you know that you contributed to his success in one way or the other, and now he/she will have a job and life full of possibilities.

10 The Great Feeling of Self-Worth

How do you feel when you help your ten year old solve some math problems? You feel extremely satisfied that you are part of your child’s ever growing future. Maybe you helped them with their science project or have built something special together, this makes you feel good and it helps you to bond with your kids which in turn adds to your good feelings.

Even if it is helping the kids with outdoor activities, it is equally important – who knows? You could be raising the next Cristiano Ronaldo, and we don't think any dad would be upset about that.

9 Being There

Staying up all night to attend to your little one when they are feeling under the weather is not easy, but it is worthwhile. You don't want your kids to feel scared or sick, and if you could, you'd take on what they're going through so they wouldn't have to suffer.

The point here is, dads feel good for always being there for their mini-selves. Some call it instinct, others love, we are happy just to call it being an awesome dad.

8 Things Change for the Better

Your life changes when you become a dad. Gone are the days of staying out all night with the boys because you have to be there to help your partner attend to the kids. Naturally, priorities shift once you have kids. You start to realize what's really important form what's not, and you focus on the important ones more.

You experience psychological changes apart from the social changes, and you start to see the world from a different perspective with your children, not only in the picture, but right in the forefront.

7 Your Responsibilities Become Clear

During the first few years or months, you may feel lost as a father, and this is normal as you are human and adjusting to change can take time. However, as time goes by in fatherhood, you’ll learn the ins and outs of how to be a good dad and take on the responsibilities that come along with the title.

Even if you took a course on parenting, the course can't possibly prepare you for everything you'll go through and feel as a dad. Every man has natural instincts when it comes to their own children and families. These instincts are what guides men to become great fathers.

6 The Money Factor

You could be making six figures every month, but with a newborn, you will always feel like you are not making enough, because every dad wants to give their family the world. While your children will never expect you to buy them everything, you'll likely feel like giving them everything because you love them.

Well, this is normal; all you’ve to do is work harder and have a budget to help you and your partner spend money more wisely, for after all, its not just the two of you anymore.

5 Time Management Becomes Easy(er)

You may find it hard to leave your partner and baby and go out with the boys. In fact, many men quit going out and having fun altogether. That is, until they realize how much fun being a dad actually is.

Take fatherhood as a challenge and plan your time well so that you can make sure that you’ve left enough time for everything including your social time. Remember, it is important for both parents to maintain a social life because it helps you to appreciate the time with your children even more.

4 You Become the Cool Dad

When you become a father, everyone respects and likes you (hopefully). You have become more than a man in the eyes of society, you've become a father to your kids. The respect fathers get is due to the way they tenaciously defend and watch over their children. The way you lovingly show them right for wrong and cheer them on from the sidelines.

You teach them the games you used to play, and they appreciate you. You love the change and its reward – your child's love and respect. They look up to you and make sure that you're watching and proud of what they're doing. your kids like feeling the love you show them and they work hard to keep that feeling alive.

3 You Feel How Your Dad Felt About You

You might have fought with your father a thousand times, but he kept telling and showing you how much he loved you. Now it is your turn to argue with your wayward teenage son and daughter who says that they must get a tattoo. You understand the frustration of knowing that your experience and knowledge are being set aside for the "hard way."

It is your turn to feel what your father felt; the good, the bad and the ugly. While you may feel like you're talking to a brick wall at times, they are listening, but children must live their own lives and learn some life lessons on their own. And this process might be painful to watch, but remain the soft place to land after a hard fall and everything will work out for the best.

2 You Become a Better Person

As a father, you have to nurture, teach and mentor your kids. This is a great feeling, and every human being should have the opportunity at one point or another (OK fine, we are biased). This is a unique experience and fathers know that they change once they become a father, it's kind of inescapable.

You get the chance to raise children the way you would like them to be, and they turn out how you wanted. This is the ultimate satisfaction of your life as a man. Not only have you continued your family name, but you have also continued to hand down knowledge, experience and life lessons that will help your children grow into well adjusted adults.

And if they don't? Who cares, because if you did your job right, no matter what they do they will be happy, and thats all you could really ask for anyway.

1 You Love Someone More than You Love Yourself

This is the most excellent and overwhelming feeling about being a father. The sense of holding a baby that you gave life to, the sense of seeing yourself in another form makes fatherhood the best feeling in life. And the icing on the cake? The feeling you have knowing that you would do anything for them.

Not only is this the best feeling in the world, but your children can bring you and your spouse closer together. Raising your children together and standing united will only deepen the bonds you have in your tiny family each passing day.

Being a dad is the best!

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