15 Reasons Why John Legend Is The Ultimate Hubby And Dad

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of the hottest, most admired celebrity couples out there today. She is a quirky and gorgeous model who loves to cook. She co-hosts the hit show Lip Sync Battle with L.L. Cool J and has graced many magazine covers. She’s well known for her quips on Twitter and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. He is a handsome, soulful singer with 10 Grammy award wins. Recently, he also added an Academy Award to his trophy collection. They are what many people have dubbed #RelationshipGoals but the couple, Teigen especially, isn’t sure that they’ve done anything special to deserve the title.

After the Grammy awards this year, Teigen shared a Snapchat of the couple sitting on their kitchen floor as Legend attempted to untangle and remove her necklace. Fans claimed this simple act was #RelationshipGoals. While Teigen is happy being in a loving, caring, reciprocal relationship that people admire and aspire to, she thinks the term #RelationshipGoals is silly.

She has a point. Of course, you can’t deny that it’s a kind and helpful gesture. However, it does seem that men often receive a standing ovation for doing simple things like that; as if by doing the bare minimum they’ve raised the bar for other men.

But social media has shown us that Legend has done his fair sure of sweet deeds, caring acts, and grand gestures for Teigen and their daughter, Luna. Let’s take a look at just a few of the times John Legend has showed us what a super husband and daddy he is.

15 The Time He And Chrissy Stayed In Bed All Day. ALL. DAY.

Wouldn’t you just kill for a day where you didn’t even have to get out of bed?

Superstar couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen probably have jampacked schedules, so they know how to make the most of their quality time together when they get it! Like this time that they spent a lazy Sunday in bed. The whole entire Sunday. All day.

Teigen kept the couple’s Twitter followers up to date with their lazy day shenanigans through a series of Tweets and selfies.

“At 10:46 a.m., then 2:43 p.m. Will update any further changes.”

“8:43 p.m. Same spot. New additions. Have not showered or put on clothing.”

The 9:45 p.m. update was a picture of the couple, still between the sheets, this time with four pizzas.

She admitted that they hadn’t showered or gotten dressed all day. They ordered in food and showed yet another picture of them in bed with several pizzas. They were also eventually joined by their two cute pups, Pippa and Putty.

14 They Take The Best Pictures Together

Teigen and Legend are no strangers when it comes to walking the red carpet and posing for photographers at glamorous events, but at least they know how to spice things up every once in awhile.

This year, at the 2017 Grammy Awards, they went beyond the usual celebrity couple pose and did way more than just stand together and smile. Teigen draped herself all over Legend and it looks like she busted out some bootylicious dance moves for the camera. Legend didn’t seem to mind.

And at this year’s Golden Globes red carpet? The couple decided to make themselves right at home. Right ON the red carpet. They sat down, as if to take a break and chill for a minute or two, while other celebrities passed them by. They greeted people and chatted. Some celebs stopped to join them. Ryan Seacrest even interviewed them… sitting on the red carpet.

From red carpet photo opps to even regular old cell phone selfies, they are the cutest together!

13 And Oscar Makes Three

In 2015, John Legend won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Glory” from the movie Selma, which was based on the epic 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, in an effort to gain support for African Americans’ voting rights.

Seemingly not ready to let the night end, Teigen and Legend decided to take the Oscar to bed with them. In Legend’s Instagram photo captioned “Bed time!” the couple is snuggled under the sheets with the statue between them.

Legend took the stage at this year’s Academy Awards to perform the songs “City of Stars” and “Audition” from the hit movie La La Land. The dreamy performance began with Legend at the keys and dancers gliding across the stage. At one point, performers soared high over head, conjuring up images of a memorable scene in the movie starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

While Gosling and Stone perform those two songs in the movie, Legend has his own song in La La Land, “Start a Fire,” which he co-write with Angelique Cinelu, Marius De Vries, and Justin Hurwitz.

12 Face Swap

Who doesn’t love a good filter?

While pregnant with their daughter, Luna, Teigen and Legend shared an epic face swap on the model’s Snapchat. Off camera, a friend jokingly suggested that perhaps that’s what their baby would look like.

Legend was seen laughing, but Teigen wasn’t thrilled. The caption for the clip read “I am going to vomit.” You could also hear her saying “This is so gross!” in the video clip. The face swap really is… something. We’re so used to seeing Chrissy’s high cheekbones and John’s enormous dimples; both of them are so good looking, how could a face swap go so wrong?

In a world where everybody is worried about appearances, it’s nice to see that Teigen and Legend can be real and not always take themselves so seriously. They’re comfortable showing themselves in any aspect – whether it’s a glammed-up red carpet photo, a crazy Snapchat face swap, or a photo showing the comfy couple snuggled on the couch, working from home.

11 Matching Outfits

Most dudes probably wouldn’t be caught dead in a matching outfit with their girlfriend or wife. Legend, however, has no problem, whether it’s dawning matching custom Dodgers jerseys with their names on the back or even hitting the streets in identical furry shirts.

Teigen told Vogue.com that there have been times when the couple has gotten dressed and discovered that they’re both wearing the same colors or patterns. Some couples might be embarrassed, but Teigen and Legend don’t seem to care. I guess you could take it as a sign of how much they have in common.

The couple seems to wear a lot of black, so it’s possible that the matchy-matchy outfits happen accidentally; however, they have been spotted at times wearing similar fabrics and colors to complement each other’s looks.

And then there was the time they attended a Hollywood pajama-themed birthday party. The couple showed up wearing KFC-themed onesies. Teigen’s pajamas were printed with the KFC logo and Legend’s were made of fabric that looked like an actual piece of fried chicken. Legend posted a photo of the outfits on Instagram with the caption “Deep fried Pajama Jammy Jam.”

10 Fun In The Kitchen

Teigen might be the cookbook author, but she and Legend both like to spend some time in the kitchen. They’ve taken cooking classes together and they like to entertain guests at their home. Unfortunately, they both also have had some cooking accidents.

Teigen talked to Elle about a kitchen accident that could have been bad for her piano-playing husband. The couple had invited friends over to watch football, and they set out to make scalloped potatoes. Rather than thinly slicing the potatoes by hand, they decided to use a mandolin to save time.

Within the first few swipes over the mandolin, Legend sliced his finger off. Teigen said that Legend refused to get medical attention because of whatever was going on in the game, so she asked him to sit back so that she could show him how it was done.

And what did she do?

She sliced her finger open, too. She said the couple has a great photo of them sitting at the urgent care center together.

9 John Gave Chrissy The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Legend won Christmas by giving Teigen the best gift a girl could ever dream of. Not diamonds. Not jewelry. Not perfume. A giant wheel of cheese!

A cheesy gift? Nope. Teigen referred to the enormous hunk of cheese as her “lifetime dream.”

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, the wheel of cheese is slightly hollowed out. You can dump hot pasta in the center and stir it around, so that the cheese melts and becomes creamy, coating all of the pasta. A lot of times, at restaurants, they’ll bring the cheese to your table and prepare and serve your pasta tableside. After seeing a similar presentation at a restaurant in St. Bart’s, Teigen had to have one.

An 80 pound wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano from Williams-Sonoma costs about $2500. And it can’t be returned, so if you’re actually planning on gifting one, make sure the recipient will be as happy as Teigen! And also, make sure they have room in the fridge.

8 A Sweet Message From Sesame Street

Teigen and Legend’s daughter, Luna, might not be old enough to fully appreciate her dad’s gesture, but someday, she’ll be the coolest kid in preschool because of it.

On Instagram, Legend posted a video from his appearance on Sesame Street with the caption, “One day Luna will be very excited by who daddy hung out with today.”

In the video, Legend and his Sesame Street co-stars, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Grover, and Rosita all gave the lucky little girl a shout-out. The fuzzy characters all said “Hello, Luna!” and “We love you!”

Teigen’s heart probably nearly exploded with all of the cuteness. She shared the video with all of her Instagram fans and later continued the Sesame Street love by sharing a snapchat of Luna playing with plush versions of Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Abby.

This wasn’t Legend’s first trip to Sesame Street. Years ago, he also sang “It Feels Good When You Sing a Song” with Hoots the owl.

7 Mother's Day Brunch

Legend and daughter Luna wanted to make sure that Teigen’s first Mother’s Day was extra special. He dressed Luna up in an adorable onesie that read “Happy 1st Mother’s Day!” on the front. The caption was sweet and heartfelt:

“To my wonderful wife @chrissyteigen. Luna and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. If our daughter can be even half as awesome as you, I will be so happy and proud. Happy 1st Mother’s Day!”

Legend’s Instagram display also contained a sweet shot of mother and daughter snuggling up together in bed, along with a picture of Teigen in the kitchen working on their brunch menu. On her Instagram account, Teigen shared that their meal included her special low and slow scrambled eggs, chicken and waffles, and bacon.

John’s contribution to the meal? His signature fried chacken. Which looks DELICIOUS. Want the recipe?


For Brining the Chicken:

5 cups cold water5 pounds cut-up chicken pieces3 tablespoons Lawry's seasoning salt4 teaspoons garlic powder2 teaspoons black pepper

For Breading and Frying:

vegetable or canola oil for frying (about 1 gallon)4 cups all purpose flour4 teaspoons Lawry's seasoning salt

Brine the chicken:

  1. Pour the water into a large bowl, then stir in the 3 tablespoons Lawry's, garlic powder and pepper.2. Add the chicken (add little more cold water if you need to fully cover the chicken), cover and refrigerate overnight (the longer you brine, the juicier it gets).3. Fill deep fryer with oil according to the manufacturer's instructions, or fill a large Dutch oven halfway with vegetable or canola oil and heat the oil to between 350 - 360 (use a candy thermometer if you have one).

Bread and fry the chicken:

6 He Knows A Thing Or Two About Romance

Given that the guy has written and sung his fair share of love songs, it’s safe to say that Legend knows a thing or two about romance. But his way with words isn’t the only thing up Legend’s sleeve. (Although we're willing to bet Teigen has received a number of romantic serenades from her man.) He knows when to pull out the big guns, too.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Legend said that Teigen doesn’t expect him to be sentimental and romantic all the time, but he made sure to pull out all the stops when they celebrated one of their anniversaries. In the interview, he said that Teigen loves the ballet. They were staying at a hotel in the Berkshires, and Legend decided to surprise her by hiring a group of ballet dancers for a special performance. It doesn’t sound like it was a job left up to an assistant, either. Legend said that it took him awhile to find someone who would drive from New York to where they were staying in western Massachusetts.

5 He Defended Chrissy Against Mom-Shamers

Shortly after their daughter Luna was born, Teigen and Legend decided to hit the town – just the two of them – for dinner. The mom-shamers on Twitter were quick to judge Teigen harshly. But just Teigen.

Legend was quick to point out that if anybody was going to blame Teigen for going out and leaving the baby at home (while being well-cared for) then they might as well blame him, too, because it’s not like she went out by herself.

Legend brought up a good point. Luna has two parents, but her mom was the only one who received shock and shame for going out to dinner. Doesn’t the baby’s father have equal responsibility? In that case, shouldn’t he get equal blame?

Actually… why did people feel the need to criticize Teigen and Legend in the first place? It’s not like they endangered or abandoned their child. The couple just went out to dinner.

4 He Supported Chrissy Through PPD

Legend has been by Teigen’s side through fertility treatments, IVF, her pregnancy, and her painful battle with postpartum depression, which she recently talked about in Glamour magazine. Legend explained that the least he could do was support her and try the best to understand what she was going through. He went on to say that since men don’t know what it feels like, that they should read about it, understand what postpartum depression is, and just be there to help their partner any way they can. He said the best thing a partner can do is to be compassionate and that a couple should figure things out together as they go.

Legend was very proud that Teigen spoke so openly about her struggle. Teigen let women know that no matter how much money or fame you may have, there are a lot of women who feel the same as she did.

Teigen thanked Legend for all of his support, saying that he is every bit as compassionate, patient, loving, and understanding as he seems.

3 A Romantic Return

Teigen and Legend’s first family vacation with baby Luna was a romantic trip down memory lane. The couple returned to Lake Como, Italy, where they have vacationed numerous times before. The couple was married in picturesque Lake Como in September 2013, and they filmed the music video for Legend’s song “All of Me” there as well.

They returned to the waterfront house where the video was filmed. The family of three posed together inside the house before recreating a scene in the video where Teigen and Legend stare lovingly at each other through a large window.

Teigen has said that when the couple first came to Lake Como in 2007, they took a boat tour. The tour guide stopped the boat on the lake and told them to make a wish. Teigen wished that Legend would be the man she married and had children with. Looks like her wish came true!

2 Inspired By Fatherhood

Legend’s favorite song from his new album, Darkness and Light, was written for a special lady in his life. No, not Teigen. Their daughter, Luna. The song is “Right by You (For Luna.)” When he played it for Teigen for the first time, he said he started crying because the song was so real and so accurately described how he feels as a new father. In the song, he wonders what kind of person his daughter will grow up to become.

His romance with Teigen and his emotional transition into fatherhood is musically displayed throughout the new album, where he sings about civil rights, husbandhood, and parenthood. He said as soon as they found out that Chrissy was pregnant, he felt inspired and immediately started writing songs about being a father.

Teigen and daughter Luna appear with Legend in the video for the song “Love Me Now,” which is about how uncertain life and love are, and how we should hold the ones we love close to us, because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

1 A New Perspective

Despite being a singer, songwriter, and celebrity, Legend has had to embrace the responsibilities and duties that come with parenthood. Although he says that parenthood is a beautiful thing, like many other celebrity couples, Legend and Teigen have struggled to find balance between fame and family.

He credits his relationship with Teigen and the birth of their daughter for infusing his latest music with a newfound sense of maturity. He says he used to sing about his ambitions, making money, and getting girls, but now he has a better perspective on what’s really important and what really matters in life. He says that he’s grown up a lot in the past few years.

Legend said in USA Today that his new album is about trying to find the light in a world that can be dark and troublesome at times.

Their daughter’s name, Luna, means the moon – she is literally the light in the darkness.

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