15 Roles Fathers Take When Taking Care of Newborns

Fathers are great with children. They’re there to make them laugh, protect them from silly girls and to teach their girls how to beat up silly boys! They are there to threaten the safety of any boys that so happen to want to date their daughters (which most of the time is nothing more than a joke, of course) and they’re there to teach them hundreds of things that dads can--reading, sports, socializing, fishing etc.

But what about newborns? Are dads as good with newborns as they are with older kids? In one word, the answer is a resounding yes, followed by of course. Gone are the days when the bond of a mother with her child was glorified as the strongest bond on Earth. Today, it’s no secret that an increasing number of people are coming to realize that men, just like women, can be excellent parents.

It’s got nothing to do with one’s gender; it’s actually got everything to do with how the parent feels about their child, right? Let's agree that any parent who loves their child is already winning at this parenting thing.

Now here’s something that a lot of us don’t realize. Fathers, like mothers, end up playing many different roles throughout their child’s life. And, just as they may take on numerous roles for their children in varying ways over the span of their child's life, they start by taking on numerous roles when their baby is born and tiny and scares them more than anything in the world. Here are 15 roles that fathers take when taking care of newborns:

15 Dad Is Not A Baby Sitter

Of course, the daddy is not an actual baby sitter, but now that Mom is (usually) in charge of the newborn, what happens to the other kids? First-time mothers won’t have to bother about this, but for the rest of the women with 1-2 children on the side, what do they do? Whom do they look at for help? Cue Dad and his parenting abilities.

Dads role with his kids should never be looked at as trivial, he is a parent and he's never just watching the kids. While Mom is busy with a fussy little baby, Dad takes charge of the rest of the brood, which can prove to be a real lifesaver for mommies the world over.

Of course, some women switch the roles. They prefer the dad taking care of the newborn while they themselves get their children ready for school, pack their lunch, take them to school, etc.

14 The Over Protective Father

Now, come on. What dad doesn’t want to protect their baby from absolutely everything in life? Also, being a protector has, again, got nothing to do with their gender. It’s an instinct that comes naturally to most parents. Just think of the term Mama Bear and what pictures that brings to mind and it's easy to see that being protective is not gender relative at all.

The internet is full of amazing stories of both moms and dads who have gone to great lengths, or shown superhero-like tendencies when it comes to protecting their children!

There’s no denying that dads take on the role of the protector, somewhat like a King would during a battle, and will make everything safe for their child. And this includes going crazy baby proofing the entire house before the arrival of the child! He may fail time and again, but which parent doesn’t?

13 Being Understanding Of The New Mom's Needs

Being understanding of a wife’s needs, as well as the baby’s needs, is what a great father should be like. She may be getting up more frequently to feed the baby at first during which time he should immediately take over whatever chores his wife is doing--or, ya know, take care of the baby.

A lot of women feel that they cannot trust their husband or partner with their baby because of how “men” are. But the truth is far from it. We should learn to trust our partners more. They are always there for us and are more than happy to do our chores for us.

In fact, if women want their mental and physical sanity, an understanding partner is all that they need. So women, if the hubby is offering to do chores, hold the baby--anything, let him do it!

12 Daddy Brings The Peace

Women do a lot of the heavy lifting as of late with their newborns, and although it may be playful and cute to play with the little baby, sometimes, it just gets exhausting. Or annoying. Or simply irritating. Sometimes, the baby won’t stop crying, will keep pulling hair or spitting at their mothers. A lot of mothers take it patiently because what other choices do they have? But some others get frustrated with the situation.

This is where dads get to step in and be the peacemaker. Yes, he doesn’t have to breastfeed, wake up in the middle of the night, or be home with the baby all day long so he doesn’t understand how truly frustrating it is. But he’s there and he can do all those things that his wife can’t (or won’t). And he maintains the peace in the family!

11 Shocker! Dada Can Feed The Baby

Having a baby is a big deal; we have to look after a tiny human that can’t do anything on its own, not even lifting its own head. Traditionally, it’s always been the mothers who have had to step up their game. This means that not only do they have to do what they had originally been doing, but also take on additional responsibilities.

This may mean that some women let go of important activities (like skimping on their meals) to save time to do the babies’ chores (most importantly, feeding him).

In such cases, good fathers rise to the occasion (the best fathers don’t let things go so far!). All that wives need to do is ask their husbands – Feed me! Or, feed the baby. And we assure our readers, they will be more than happy to comply.

10 The Hard Worker For His Family

A lot of women may have been splitting bills right down the middle when they had a job, but pregnancy changes things. Babies mean families need a lot more money, but it’s only possible for just one partner to work--the man. this means the woman can stay at home and breastfeed her child during regular intervals of the day.

Of course, some people can afford nannies or daycares, while some women become the bread winners and ask their husbands to stay at home and bottle feed their child, while they themselves go to work.

But in a majority of the cases, it’s the women who stay home and the men who work. And who do these men work so hard for? For their families, of course. Now this is not a direct method of traditionally taking care of a newborn, but someone’s got to pay the bills!

9 He Becomes The King Of Organization

Thanks to societal conditioning, a lot of men think it is okay to be careless, be it with household chores, appointments, important dates and stuff like that. Because, ya know, the woman of the house can take care of it all. A lot of women will agree that even after marriage, it’s they themselves who constantly remind their spouses where they put their keys, wallet, pants, socks and whatnot.

But thankfully, that (mostly) changes after the baby arrives. Because then the hubby becomes Mr. Organized. Partly out of guilt (because of all the additional responsibilities the wife has to take on) and partly because they feel it’s time to step up their game.

Whatever the reasons, daddies end up stocking the diapers, baby formula, baby clothes, doctor’s appointments and everything else in between, surprising their wives, and in many cases, their mothers as well (wink).

8 Daddy Tackles Baby Doodie Duty

Now all ladies will agree this is hands down the BEST role that new daddies take on. See, there’s a certain limit to which a mother can handle--herself, her house, and her new baby. That's a lot for mom in the first few weeks of being home with the new baby. And when that limit is reached, it’s time for daddies to take out their dusters because it’s time for a little role reversal.

Yes, the average parents will change 5,475 diapers from birth to potty training. Now that's a lot of...y'all get the idea. Stay at home moms will change the majority of these diapers, so when dad gets home, it's his turn to roll up his sleeves and chip in. This isn't something parents look forward to, but it's a chore that should definitely get split down the middle as much as possible.

And the best part is when dad struggles to change the baby’s diapers. Isn’t that just beyond adorable?

7 Dad, the American Idol Winner

Mommies would do anything to make their baby go to sleep. Many times, we don’t know why babies prefer listening to the deeper timbre of a man’s voice than a woman’s voice. Now this isn’t the problem generally speaking, but when the baby wants to sleep, but they don’t want to listen to mommy sing lullabies, it's dad's turn to sing soothingly to the baby.

Dad is in the same boat. And since the baby has clearly stated their preference, it means dad’s singing skills (or lack thereof) will be coming out in full swing. This may not be music to the wife’s ears, but to the baby, it’s the best sound they have heard.

And that’s also the moment dads gives this superior look, implying that there’s at least one area in which the baby prefers them over the mother (sigh!)

6 Stereotypical Overprotective Dad

Being overprotective is just a parental right, it took nine months to have a baby and now that they're here, most parents have to fight off the urge to bubble wrap them. Babies are so fragile and tiny, what parent wouldn't have these overprotective feelings? It seems this is another role that dads stereotypically love to take on. Some dads may even take pride in being the stereotypical overprotective dad.

“No, don’t take him there. That place is dirty!”“My hands are cleaner. I’ll carry her.”“Who’s that strange guy staring at our baby?”

Now moms, if these questions (and others similar to these) are the type of thing heard on a regular basis, then ya know ya have a Mr. Overprotective. Such dads go out of their way that their babies are harmed in no possible way. And the reasons can be obvious ones (sharp edges and strange men) to the hilariously silly ones (“I don’t like the way that plant looks.”)

Go figure!

5 Daddy Makes Everything Better

Many times over (and God bless those husbands), men go out of their way to ensure that they can do everything in their power to put the comfort of their wives and babies first. So the wife can't sleep and she's in desperate need of a few hours of Zs? Dad takes the baby so mom can get some shut eye.

Babies grow fast which means buying more baby clothes, diapers and accessories to fit the baby's changing needs. Well, there goes the expensive all-in-one remote that dad had been planning for weeks to buy. Babies grow at such an incredible rate during the first year of life that they never experience this rapid growth again through their entire lives. And that's why it seems like every month you're buying a box of larger sized diapers.

Dads can even make moms physically and mentally comfortable after the baby comes home. Small gestures like foot or head massages, changing the baby’s diapers, making his wife her favourite Chamomile tea every two hours. They make a HUGE difference! And they make both mommy and baby happy.

4 He's Mr. Home Improvement

It’s no secret men love to build things, irrespective of whether or not they’re actually capable of building them! This is one of those roles where daddy comes in handy, and signs of this role start becoming very obvious during one's pregnancy. Especially if dad is the type of person who believes store-bought items, especially for the baby, are just not good (or personal enough).

Whether he's helping build an IKEA crib, or hand crafting one, he's getting his build on. Dad is in there like swimwear helping put together baby toys, carrying dressers up to the baby's room and helping mom pick out the baby's room color like a pro.

Either way, it begins with the nursery--starting from painting the walls and ending with building the baby’s cradle. But does it really end there? No. As already stated above, the dads go crazy baby-proofing the house, and if anything’s broken around the house, it must immediately be repaired. For the sake of the baby, of course, so that they aren’t harmed in any way. Because the baby comes first. Duh!

3 The Baby’s Permanent Playmate

For some reason, dads get labeled as the fun one. That's probably because he's the master of distraction, but the kids seem to think of dad and think of fun times. It doesn’t matter if dad is a rough and tough kinda guy, or the effeminate one who would rather go for a night out with friends to discuss political matters rather than sit in a bar watching the game.

The instant their baby is handed over to them, they turn to mush and start talking to the baby and playing with their limbs and making faces at the baby. No longer are they just the “man” of the house, they are Dad. Instead of one child, the mother ends up having yet another baby in her house.

Those gurgling sounds, those “kissy” faces, the peek-a-boo games and that baby talk--it’s like a whole new man standing right there. And the baby loves him! There’s just no denying that this is definitely one of the baby’s favorite roles of daddy.

2 Not Mr. Mom, Just Dad

A couple just brought home their bundle of joy, but know what? It’s not that joyous. Things aren’t as happy and magical as diaper commercials would lead us to believe. They’re pretty much the opposite. The baby’s loud, it poops, it doesn’t sleep for a full eight hours at a time, and mommy can’t leave it alone for long because duh!

While Dad’s at work, he’s busy doing work things, but he’s also socializing and getting out of the house. Women tend to feel flustered by being home alone all day and by taking care of the baby, but guess what? The first thing daddy does when he gets home is rush to take his baby into his arms, isn’t it? And from that moment onward, the baby’s his

1 Dad Is At Your Beck And Call

There’s no denying that once the baby is born, people line up to on the doorstep to see the new bundle of joy. Most women are happy about it and they should be, but at the same time, a super long line of visitors becomes very tedious, very quickly. Why? Because it is kinda impossible to be near the baby 24/7 if the mother has to constantly check who’s ringing her doorbell. Also, the baby gets disturbed every second, which in turn stops them from taking a nap (the horror!)

Dads are happy as hell and sometimes they need to realize that moms may not feel the same way. She may feel exhausted, hate her body, and feel like she’s drowning for the first bit. But some dads are awesome. They take over the role of the butler who does everything that’s required of him, without having to disturb the house Master (the baby) and the house Mistress (mom)!

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