15Dad Is Not A Baby Sitter

Of course, the daddy is not an actual baby sitter, but now that Mom is (usually) in charge of the newborn, what happens to the other kids? First-time mothers won’t have to bother about this, but for the rest of the women with 1-2 children on the side, what do

they do? Whom do they look at for help? Cue Dad and his parenting abilities.

Dads role with his kids should never be looked at as trivial, he is a parent and he's never just watching the kids. While Mom is busy with a fussy little baby, Dad takes charge of the rest of the brood, which can prove to be a real lifesaver for mommies the world over.

Of course, some women switch the roles. They prefer the dad taking care of the newborn while they themselves get their children ready for school, pack their lunch, take them to school, etc.

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