15Waking Baby to Check He’s Breathing


The newborn stage can be a nervous time for parents, especially when the baby is sleeping. When a baby is crying, at least you know that he is breathing. But, when he is asleep and you don’t hear a sound, it can make you nervous. Some new parents poke or

rouse their babies to ensure everything is alright, but this action will only deprive your baby of the sleep he needs. If you’re concerned, gently rest your hand on your baby’s chest and you will feel his heartbeat. Otherwise, don’t disturb your baby out of a sound sleep into a crying fit.

The only time you need to wake your baby is if he is a newborn who is sleeping through the night. Because their stomachs are so tiny, babies need to spread out their feedings throughout the day and night. A feeding every 2-3 hours is necessary to prevent jaundice and lethargy. Check with your child’s doctor to determine when your child should be sleeping through the night.

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