15 Rules Farrah Abraham Makes Her Daughter Sophia Follow

Most of us know who Farrah Abraham from the original MTV TV show "16 and Pregnant" is, but for those who do not know her, Farrah Abraham got her start at fame when she became pregnant with her now daughter Sofia at the young age of sixteen. Her pregnancy was well-documented through the TV show and it was such a hit, that they continued to film her throughout her days as a parent on a spin-off show called Teen Mom OG.

Her time on the show was cut short just recently when she decided to follow a more risqué career path in the adult film business, effectively saying adios to the Teen Mom OG show for good.

Farrah was and still is the most talked about the mom from the show, and it is mainly due to her behavior. Despite having been on TV for a decade now, her fan base is minimal and she faces a lot of hatred online for her thoughts and actions. Everyone loves to talk about Farrah and the mistakes that she has made in life with her career choices and attitude, but no one seems to be talking about the relationship between her and her daughter or her parenting techniques.

So today, instead of diving into the drama that is Farrah’s life, we are going to put a spin on things and go over 15 rules that Farrah has put into place for her daughter to follow. While not everyone will agree with a lot of the rules on this list, we must all remember that everyone parents differently and what works for one family, might not work for the next.

15 "Don't Talk To Me Like I'm Your Mom"

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When it comes to parenting there is certainly no right or wrong way to do things, some people would prefer that their kids looked at them as more of a friend instead of a parent, and other parents like to really enforce the rule of respecting your elders. When it comes to parenting for Farrah, she prefers that her daughter Sofia does not talk to her like she is her mother.

While this might seem outrageous to some people, it could actually end up causing her to have a closer relationship with her daughter in the end. Something that we all aspire to obtain without own children. Of course, there is a fine line that needs to be drawn when it comes to things like this because we still need our children to respect us, and have a sense of who is in charge, but we also do not want them to feel threatened by us.

If they do feel threatened, then they could end up holding back their emotions, leaving us out of things, and afraid to talk about what is going on in their lives, something that we never want to happen. So, it is easy to see why Farrah would want this rule in place for her daughter, but at the same time, there should be a happy medium.

14 Sophia Must Earn Her Own Money

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Having our children work, or do chores, at a young age is not necessarily a bad thing at all. In fact, it actually helps prepare them for the real world way more than school ever will. It teaches them how to handle finances, the value of a dollar, and what it means to truly work for what you want in life.

A rule that Farrah has for her daughter, and a very good rule at that, is that she must work.

Now, a lot of people might actually have a problem with this, they might argue that she should just let her kid be a kid and not get in the way of things and they do make a good point. However, like everything else, there does need to be a happy medium between the two.

Children should learn at a young age the value of a dollar, and they should never expect to just have everything in life handed down to them, but if you ask us they also should not be running businesses at that young because they do still need to focus on having fun and making the most out of their childhood while they can.

Farrah has said that she expects her daughter to work in order to “maintain their status” and while we can agree with working to a degree, it seems like maybe this might be going too far. However, we can’t really judge her on this because she is doing what she believes is best for her daughter.

13 Must Give Farrah Alone Time

Let’s be honest here, us moms need our alone time, if we didn’t get at least a little bit of alone time we would definitely lose our minds and end up in a hospital for crazy people. We need that alone time to gather our minds, take a deep breath, and heck, maybe even get a shower in if we have time for it.

This is why the most important rule that Farrah makes Sofia follow is that she must give her mommy some alone time. When this time of the day rolls around Sofia is not supposed to try to interact with Farrah unless it is a true emergency.

Some people might hate this rule, or find it hard to understand why anyone would want time away from their kids every day, but until you are a parent you really wouldn’t understand. Alone time for parents can actually even lead to better parenting, it gives us time to de-stress, and it can even be extremely beneficial for the children as well, who won’t grow up expecting their parent to be with them every second of every day. In terms of parenting, we think that is definitely a very important thing to have in place.

12 Fire Whoever Sophia Dislikes

Being as famous as Farrah and Sophia are, you tend to have a lot of people working for you, and these people usually are around you all day every day. So, we think it is safe to say that they would have a big impact on their lives, being around each other for so long. This is why it is so important to make sure that the people who are working for you won’t clash with yourself or your family.

This is the exact reason why Farrah gives Sophia the authority to fire people herself if she sees fit. That might sound like a lot of responsibility for a kid to handle, and of course, we could imagine her taking advantage of this privilege by firing people just because she is having a temper tantrum that day (which all kids do at least once a day). This may not be so much of a rule as it as a privilege, and obviously, it could ruin someone’s lives in terms of taking away their way to provide for their family.

It's really is not a decision that a young girl should be making, however, we do agree that if she does not like someone who is working for them, that she should let her mom know so that they can address that situation.

11 Must Be Well Dressed

When it comes to fashion and looking your best at all times, everyone seems to have different views. Most of us average people only ever dress up on very special occasions, people who do live their lives in the spotlight tend to have to dress nicely all of the time because they never know who might see them and snap a picture for the world to see.

Obviously, for Farrah and her daughter, it is important to look their best at all times, because if they are seen in public looking less than perfect then someone will be bound to say something negative about them.

This is why a very important rule that Farrah makes her daughter follow, is to be dressed well at all times.

In fact, Farrah is so strict about this rule that her daughter is not supposed to pick out her own clothing and someone who works for them usually winds up doing her daughter's hair and makeup. While this might seem like a bit much to some, it is totally normal for celebrities such as Farrah and Sophia, and through us, average people might look down on that, it is just a small price to pay for being rich and famous.

10 And Pampered At All Times

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Let’s be honest here, women need a lot of pampering. We all love getting our nails done and enjoying a nice relaxing spa day. Not only does it help us unwind after dealing with our everyday stressors, but it can also be really good for our overall health. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of pampering, but we should also make sure that the person being pampered wants it, because if they don’t then that could end up stressing them out even more.

Farrah insists that her precious daughter, Sofia, must be pampered at all times.

Normally this would not be an issue at all, and it really does come down to a matter of opinion, but there is a fine line that should never be crossed. One time (that we know of, it could have been more) Farrah waxed her daughter's eyebrows as she slept because she insisted that her daughter look her best at all times.

Of course, if you see a picture of this little girl, you might begin to understand why, because she does have very naturally thick eyebrows that tend to form a unibrow, but at the same time this little girl should not have to be obsessing over her looks at such a young age. We need to be teaching our children that their looks are not everything and that it is always brains over beauty.

9 Promote Mommy's Business

We already discussed the fact that Sofia has her very own Twitter account, and while we do not necessarily see anything wrong with this as long as it is monitored by her mom, the content of which is shared on this profile should probably be kept child appropriate.

There are a lot of rumors circulating around this next one, so when it comes down to it, we really can not judge Farrah for her possible mistake. There have been a couple of instances where links to Farrah’s adult sites and live web shows were posted from little Sofia’s Twitter account.

Some people seem to think that Farrah made it a rule that as long as her daughter is going to be on social media platforms, that she has to help promote her mother’s businesses. We, however, would like to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe she did not realize that she was on her daughter’s account when she accidentally posted the links. Mistakes like that happen all of the time, and it is easy to see how she could have gotten mixed up. We can only hope that this was the case, but again who are to judge.

8 No Need To Listen To Anyone But Mom

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As a child, when you enter school, the very first rule that you should learn is to listen to the teachers and don’t act up. Sounds pretty reasonable, right? Well, it seems as though Farrah believes that the whole, respect your elder's thing, should not have to apply to her daughter.

We are not saying that this is wrong necessarily because let’s be honest, there are a lot of parents out there these days that are trying to teach their children to question people of authority. One incident in particular where Farrah tried to instill this in her daughter was when she sent her very young daughter to school wearing more makeup than most of us adults wear. The principle of the young girl's school had a huge problem with this, called Farrah, and demanded that Sofia remove the makeup or be sent home.

When Farrah arrived at the school she told the principle that Sofia did not have to take off her makeup and that she should feel pretty if she wants to.

Which, we can’t really argue with either. Farrah then told Sofia in front of the principle that she would not have to listen to what anyone tells her to do when it comes to her looks.

7 Read And Watch Whatever She Wants

When raising our little ones, most of us want them to stay small and innocent for as long as humanly possible. In doing this we usually try to monitor everything that they, including watching TV shows and the content that they read both in book and online.

Some parents tend to be a lot more strict than others when it comes to this, as where other parents tend to be a lot more lenient when it comes to the content that their kids see, hear, and read. With Sophia and Farrah, the rules to this tend to be much more lenient than most people. In fact, Farrah has no guidelines at all in regards to what her daughter reads, watches, or listens to. Farrah feels that it would be wrong to hide things from her daughter, and so when it comes to explicit content or something made only for the eyes of an adult, Farrah says go for it.

Of course, there are a lot of people who are going to disagree with this rule, but Farrah truly believes that if her daughter, no matter how young, is curious about something then she should be ashamed of that or be told "no". Some might say that it sounds like another teen mom in the making, but Farrah says it’s just decent parenting strategies.

6 No Friends With Children Who Are Less

When it comes to children, we try our best to teach them to be kind to others, not to bully other children, and to try to be friends with everyone, but maybe this is different for kids of famous families. We say this because Farrah has made it a very important rule for Sofia to follow, that she not be friends with the average child.

Instead, her daughter is supposed to only make friends who come from a similar background as her, pretty, groomed, wealthy, and well known. While a lot of people might see this as wrong, we can kind of see where she is coming from here.

When you are as well known as Farrah and her daughter are, you can not just invite any ordinary person into your life, because this can lead to paparazzi tips, rumors, and so much more stuff that everyone would much rather just avoid. So when it comes to making friends, we can totally understand why she might want her daughter to stick with a certain crowd of kids, as wrong as that might seem to some people.

It’s not like Sofia does not have friends either, in fact she has been seen on in pictures with tons of friends who are just like her, and that will more than likely benefit her in the long run.

5 Must Defend Farrah

Social media seems to have taken over the world, everyone uses it, even our grandparents are starting to use it and it is getting out of control. You can not go anywhere today without being surrounded by people staring at their cell phones laughing or taking selfies. It seems to have taken over any real social interaction that people used to have.

Of course, this has become the norm, so when we learned that Sofia has some social media herself, we were not all that shocked. However, there are guidelines on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that do require users to be of a certain age.

Usually, this age is anywhere from 13 to 16 years old, and we all know that Sofia is not nearly that old yet. However, as long as what she is doing on these sites is closely monitored, then it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Since her daughter does have her very own Twitter account, the only rule of using that account is that Sofia must back Farrah up on social media when she gets dissed by someone else.

Even though we do not find it that big of a deal that Sofia is on Twitter, she certainly should not have to worry about fighting her mother's battles, that honestly does draw a line between what is appropriate and what is not.

4 Live Your Own Life

If there is one thing that we all know about parenting, it is that once you become someone’s mom, that seems to mold you into who you become as a person. You begin to lose your sense of self, and everything is suddenly all about that little human you are raising.

Of course, this is a part of parenting and that is the sacrifice that we make as mothers when we decide to have children of our own.

Farrah, however, is set in her ways when it comes to making sure that both she and her daughter, Sofia, maintain their own lives separate from one another.

Honestly, we are not sure if she should be criticizing this or praising it. It might not be a bad rule to have in place that both mom and child do their own thing because it could probably lead to a lot less stress, and more than likely create a stronger bond between the two because they are not always in each other's hair. Of course, I would still want to know what my kid is doing when I am not around them, and I’m sure that most people would agree with that, but I can totally see this working out for the better.

3 Expect Money

When it comes to money, everyone's situation seems to be different. Some people don’t have very much money and so, they know not to take money for granted. However there are other people who have so much money that they simply do not know what to do with it all, and then there are the in-between people who have just enough of it and know how to use it.

As a result of being famous, Farrah is one of those people who seems to have so much money that she doesn't know what to do with it all. Of course, this can work in her daughters favor, i’m sure most of us would spoil our kids a little if we had the kind of money that she does.

However, it can also lead Sofia to expect handouts the rest of her life, it can lead her to believe that she deserves money and she may never truly learn the value of a dollar. One time for instance, Farrah gave her daughter Sofia $600, just for losing one tooth.

That’s right, the wonderful little tooth fairy gave her six hundred dollars. It makes us wonder what all of her friends must think when they realize that the “tooth fairy” only gave them five dollars as opposed to Sofias six hundred. Again, though, I would probably do the same for my child if I had that kind of money.

2 Talk Like An Adult

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When it comes to the expression of self, talking is the best way to express ourselves. However, when it comes to our children we usually expect them to talk a certain way. We usually expect them to be kind, talk like kids, and use kid like vocabulary, but when it comes to Farrah’s daughter, she is encouraged to express herself through her words in the best way that she can.

If this means that she has to be a little rude, then so be it, as long as she is voicing her frustrations or gratitude then it does not matter how it is said. When it comes to her language there are no rules, bad words are seen as a form of expression, and worrying about hurting someone else’s feelings should not be of concern.

We can totally understand why Farrah would put this rule into place, and if there is anything that we know about Farrah, it is that she never holds back with the things that she wants to say. In the end, we are sure that this can be good or possibly even therapeutic for the little girl, so if it works for them then they should continue to do it. It really depends on what works for them as a family.

1 Don't Be Ashamed

If there is anything that we want to instill in our children, especially our daughters, it is to love your body and to never be ashamed of it. Especially with how much body shaming there is in the world today. Farrah is a big believer in this, and it is no surprise seeing as how she is in the adult film industry.

What does Farrah do to help instill this in her daughter, you ask? Well, Farrah has taken this as far as to put nude photos of herself on her daughter's phone and she even has nude photos of her daughter on her phone. We know this after is was confirmed in one episode of Teen Mom OG that aired shortly before Farrah was fired from the show for choosing to follow a more risque career path.

Some people might say that this is just prepping her daughter to follow in Farrah’s footsteps with the adult film career, and a lot of people had a huge problem with this.

However, Farrah claims that this helps her daughter feel comfortable within herself, a trait that most of us wish we had.

Whether this is something that you agree with or not, it is again a parenting choice that is no one’s decision, but Farrah’s.

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