15 Strict Rules Full House’s Candace Cameron Makes Her Kids Follow

Candace Cameron, the mother of three beautiful and handsome children is winning at life these days. Candace is also known as D.J. Tanner on the TV show Full House and Fuller House. Her kids are Natasha, Maksin, and Lev, who are now teenagers. Candace declares that being a stay-at-home mom is the best decision she has ever made.

While Candace is a strong Christian, she has been involved in a lot of arguments over the years, apparently because of her openness about her old-fashioned parenting techniques. She Knows.com states that Candace has openly talked about her belief in corporal punishment and the significance of being a "tough" parent. She has written a blog called Intentional Parenting, which made noise on the Internet. The article talks about the significance of creating boundaries for children. She said that boundaries are important in shaping children’s whole being. She was used to corporal punishment way back when she was a child, therefore she likes to implement those with her kids as well.

Raising a child is one of the most wonderful jobs in the world, which at the same time is challenging. That means many people have different points of view on how to do it right. Every parent raised their kids in their own way and Candace Cameron has set some interesting rules for her children and it’s what we’re going to talk about today. Here are what have been the most important rules in Candace Cameron’s household that her kids must follow.

15 Live By The Bible

Although Candace Cameron wasn’t raised in a religious family, she was able to make up for lost time. She has always been devoted to her religion and has encouraged lots of her fans to become believers too. She also wants her kids to live and follow the contents written in the Bible, just as she does. She teaches her kids to spread the word about their belief. She wanted to inculcate positive and religious values in her children at a young age that would help them make good decisions as they develop and mature.

Candace and her husband are known for their corporal punishment method when it comes to parenting their kids. However, when she and her husband mess up in nurturing, they ask God for forgiveness, make up for it and do better the next time. Giving up when it comes to parenting is not an option. She suggests that if people aren't so certain what to instill in their kids or what types of rules to set, they should dig into God's Word. For Candace Cameron, you can never go wrong with the Bible.

14 Motto: Excuses Are For Losers

On Rachel Ray.com, Candace Cameron and her daughter, Natasha, said that their family motto is "excuses are for losers." This motto is what they follow and live by all the time and in every aspect of their life. That may sound harsh, but for them, it’s not that bad at all. She said that this motto originally came from her husband, Val, which is a former hockey player. There’s no denying that a former hockey player is a competitive person and that he wants his kids to practice that as well. He wants his kids to live by his and his wife’s rules. Nonsense reasons are not tolerated.

Their kids are well trained to always give a hundred percent in everything they do and not voice excuses for mistakes they have made.

Set with that mentality, giving their best shot and be on top of their games will keep them winning in life.

13 Corporal Punishment For Bad Behavior 

One of the books that Candace Cameron uses in parenting is Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp says The Richest.com. The book primarily talks about the rod of correction. For Tripp, the rod of the correction means spanking. The rod is a mother or father who is under the mission to carefully, timely and controllably use physical punishment to point out the importance of obeying God, which will rehabilitate the child from continued foolishness.

Candace believes that spanking causes fear; and inflicting fear on their minds make them follow the rules she and Val established. The rod of correction is necessary to guide them and channel them through the proper path of their lives. She even gives parenting tips for her followers saying consistency is the key to childrearing. The books that she uses for her parenting methods include the Bible, To Train Up a Child by Michael and Debi Pearl.

12 Not Allowed To Open Mom's Bedroom Door

Candace Cameron amenably said that one of her kids walked in on her and her husband during their special time. She explains that she knows the rules about walking into their bedroom with a closed door.

They must always knock and they must not open it until they hear an answer. If there’s no answer, they may not come in, even if it’s unlocked.

They must be patient and wait until she and Val come out. Either way, Candace went on to say how her kid asked her forgiveness afterward.

One of the most unwavering rules she keeps in her house is that there should be no locked doors for her children’s rooms. Locked doors could mean that kids are doing things they are not supposed to be doing in the first place. Candace sees to it that she has full access to her kids’ rooms at all times.

11 Chores, Chores, And More Chores

Candace also mentioned her rules when it comes to chores, the clothes they wear, their responsibilities in the house and their hygiene. She said that they must fulfill home obligations with chores. This includes such things as keeping their rooms and bathrooms clean, taking out the trash, helping cook meals, doing dishes, doing laundry, and walking and feeding the dog.

In their house, they operate on the principle that freedom is something to be earned, step-by-step, through the demonstration of responsibility. If they make good choices, they get rewarded. If they miss curfew, they will be reprimanded. If they manage to get home before curfew, half of it is gained on their next curfew.

Lying is certainly not tolerated in their house. If they’re caught lying, they will have to face the consequences. They see to it that their kids understand the various important relationships between rights, privilege, and responsibility.

10 Secrets Are Forbidden 

One of the big pieces of child raising advice that Candace bounces to her fans is to make sure that there are no secrets between parents and kids. She is very proud of herself with regards to this. Raising open and honest kids who were incapable of hiding anything from her. But she did publicize that she didn't know about her daughter's first kiss or any other "boy" details.

It is pretty much understood that the teens don’t want to go telling their mom about private matters like this. Candace and Val should also respect a little privacy of their kids. It’s not like people want to be sharing private matters such as kissing and the likes to other people.

The thing about secrets is that people are more likely to keep them from those who are noisier and less considerate. So, she really can’t force her kids to tell the truth in every aspect of their lives.

9 Sunday Morning Sports Is A No-No

Candace was once asked about her biggest parenting problem. She declares that it’s Sunday morning sports. For her, it’s the thing that she’s so sick about. As a hands-on parent, she always likes to organize what to do with their weekends. It looks like Sunday morning sports are getting in the way of her weekend plans. She likes to spend their Sundays at home or at Church or somewhere where they could have fun together as a family.

Candace has a hard time accepting that sports practices are done on Sunday mornings

Nevertheless, Val has nothing to say with this. As a former hockey player, he is very aware of Sunday practices and understands that it is important for the sport they are in. On the other hand, Candace manages to have a Sunday bond by going to the practice with the family and have fun out of it.

8 Limited Profiles On Social Media

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Candace Cameron, in one of her interviews, said that in her family, their kids can get a mobile phone but not until they are 12 or mature enough. At 12, they can have a mobile phone, but definitely not a smartphone. Her son, Lev, didn’t get a social media profile until age 12, which Candace didn’t give to Natasha at age 13 as a privilege. Her explanation is that Natasha and Lev didn’t have the same level of maturity at age 12.

When Candace talked about how she manages her children's social media accounts, she said that she monitors their pages and has full access to them. And if there is inappropriate content or language in the things they share on their social media profiles or that she discovers that they are keeping secrets from her, the account gets deleted.

7 Treat Your Bodies Well

Candace and her husband also have rules when it comes to their kids' health. They've been training them how to treat their bodies well by eating healthy and nutritious foods and exercising. They thought that the healthier their kids are, the more opportunities they'll get.

She said that she expects her kids to be physically active by either participating in sports or by jogging or working out.

She and her husband encourage their kids to join competitive sports or have them exercise at least 3-4 days a week. She told the press that her kids have been jogging since they were all 5-years old. She announced that the exercise routines don’t include strenuous activities and are child-friendly.

Candace takes good care of her skin and is very active, activities that she wants to impart to her kids. She is always about her kids staying healthy and fit.

6 Reading Over TV

Helping children to thrive emotionally, physically, and intellectually should be every parent’s goals. Cameron believes that each child has a particular level of need and if their needs are met, they’ll develop to their maximum potential.

It is understandable why Candace and her husband want their kids to avoid spending lots of time in front of the television. Watching too much television is bad for growth, which is why they have limited time in watching television. She wants her kids to focus and be good on their studies.

Candace said they have more rules when it comes to their kids’ fulfilling their roles as a student who has homework and school-related activities. She encourages her kids to love reading books. She also wants her kids to love writing, just as what she’s currently successful with. They also put boundaries in place with regards to wholesome characteristics, talking and acting disrespectfully, and lying.

5 Choose Your Words Wisely

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While taping on The View, Candace talked about Twitter and her horrifying experience on the said social media site. She said during the program that she has been degraded and verbally abused and it took her several months to recover.

She strictly said that her kids are not allowed to use Twitter because of how blunt people often are.

Candace and Val believe that their kids are responsible for everything that comes out of their mouth, most especially on social media sites. She has been telling her kids not to be drastic in posting stuff that may cause controversy. For her, discipline, self-control and being a responsible netizen keep her from getting frustrated. One of her rules is that her kids must be deliberate in deciding whether or not their actions affect their family’s peacetime. Having to control their kids’ social media profiles is the best way to avoid using inappropriate words and content that may cause harm to them or to other people.

4 A Tough Mom

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Knowing what books Candace Cameron uses lets us see the reasons behind her disciplinarian methods. They discipline them when one of the kids challenges a boundary or steps over the line. She describes the variance between spankings at various ages. When they were young, she and Val would give them a spank. As they've gotten older, they take away items or privileges that matter for the kids; phones, TV time, computer time, or hangout time with friends, would be the best examples.

She and her husband think they’re striking a good balance in discipline. Candace openly reveals that she is a tough mom. However, she doesn't think she’s the toughest out there, she hopes she balances that toughness with plenty of love and affection. According to Life Way.com, Cameron says that these rules and boundaries that they have put in place are there for our kids' best interests.

3 Friends Of Friends Online

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Candace is an utter stage mom on social media. She’s one of those moms that kids don’t want to encounter in social media sites.

One of the ways Candace Cameron protects her family is to become friends with her children’s online friends and assess whether or not the contents of their pages are appropriate and if they are good influences for her children.

She reveals that she is an online "friend" with as many of her kids' friends as will accept her. She reasons out that this helps her form a better opinion of the people her kids want to hang out with.

She said that this is one of those areas where balance is guided by boundaries. She wants to understand the temptations that social media produces, as well as what her kids' friends are like, in order to set appropriate boundaries and balance.

2 With Great Power Comes Greater Responsibility

Candace said that she taught her kids about being a responsible netizen. She explains that the world is watching them and that they can’t take back what has been said and what has been shared on social media.

Candace believes that responsible use of social media is a must. Words that come out of the mouth cannot be made without facing consequences. In addition to that, not realizing the consequences of irrational decisions and actions taken may cause harm to them and to the people they are closely associated with. She promotes thinking twice before putting anything on social media.

Candace has full access to her kids’ social media so it is pretty much impossible that they could be posting inappropriate things. This way Candace can easily delete those, anytime she likes.

1 Boundaries Are The Foundation

They are a very close family and no matter what’s on the agenda, they all stick together. In Celebrity Babies, Candace stated that if the boys have sports practice, she, her husband, and Natasha go along and visa-versa. They eat out together just about every night and their weekends are all about having fun together. She says her children are delighted with their company. They will drive around on sunny Saturdays, and sing along to music while in the car. Also, they will help you around and put stuff in the cart while you are shopping, and also help with the shopping bags.

Obviously, everyone is allowed to parent as they see fit, according to their belief system. Being professionally successful certainly gives Candace and Val a unique take on life that they wish to share with their children. If they have found success in parenting the way their parents did, then clearly that is the way they would want to raise their children.

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