15Live By The Bible

Although Candace Cameron wasn’t raised in a religious family, she was able to make up for lost time. She has always been devoted to her religion and has encouraged lots of her fans to become believers too. She also wants her kids to live and follow the contents written in

the Bible, just as she does. She teaches her kids to spread the word about their belief. She wanted to inculcate positive and religious values in her children at a young age that would help them make good decisions as they develop and mature.

Candace and her husband are known for their corporal punishment method when it comes to parenting their kids. However, when she and her husband mess up in nurturing, they ask God for forgiveness, make up for it and do better the next time. Giving up when it comes to parenting is not an option. She suggests that if people aren't so certain what to instill in their kids or what types of rules to set, they should dig into God's Word. For Candace Cameron, you can never go wrong with the Bible.

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