15 Crazy Rules Prince Will And Kate's Nannies Have To Follow

It takes a village to raise a child. That is an old adage that over the years seems to have lost its meaning. Gone are the days when disciplining the neighbor's child would have elicited some gratitude from the mother. Those days of leaving the kids with the neighbors as the mom tended to the goats were quite acceptable and in order.

These days, we need to hire a caretaker for our kids, otherwise social services will be on our necks demanding an explanation as to why you are neglecting your kids for the one hour between school and your arrival from work. The Royals are no different, they are required to find a caregiver for their children, especially due to the many obligations that come with the titles they hold. That is why as soon as a royal gives birth, she hands her bundle of joy over to a nanny, and with that transfer, she transfers all her maternal obligations including breastfeeding. For a royal, it takes a lot of trust, and for Royals like Princess Diana, who were considered a hands-on parent, it is quite hard to let go.

The only reason these Royal mothers are able to relinquish their maternal duties to these nannies is that these are not just nannies. They are trained professionals who spend years learning, not how to be just any nanny, but how to be a royal nanny. This specificity is what makes these royal nannies a cut above the rest. A royal nanny is a teacher, coach, bodyguard, and mother all rolled into one. She has a guidebook on how to raise these royals from their terrible twos to terrible teenagers, straight to gentlemen worthy of the throne.

To do this, these nannies adhere to 15 steadfast rules.

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15 Need To Graduate From Nanny School

Many people have a nanny or babysitter who takes care of their children when they are at work. Some of these caretakers did not even go past high school, but they may be absolutely perfect for the kid. Most kinds of nannies would not make it past the Royal front gate. To be a nanny to these Royals requires you to go to school and receive vigorous training, specifically the Norland School For Nannies, where you will go through rigorous training on childcare.

According to The Telegraph, The Norland School is the go-to school for those who aspire to be a royal nanny. This means that unless you are a graduate of this school, you can’t dream of wiping the snot off the next king's nose. The bad news is it's not the kind of school you waltz into and say I want to be trained. This school takes only those who come with recommendations from high places.

14 Have To Be A Woman

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In this age of gender equality, the Royal family still holds on to the traditional gender roles where the men lift and the women take care of the babies.

In the past, nanny schools only accepted women. And even though these days they are accepting the random man here and there, the job is still primarily a woman's job.

Maybe it is because women are known to be more nurturing, with an inborn tolerance and patience when it comes to toddlers.

The Royal Family does not require just a nanny, they have been known to require a wet nurse and men are not endowed with this aspect. It is, therefore, going to be a while before a man is hired to be a ‘Manny.’ And according to Now to Love, Norland has finally admitted a male student several years ago. So, with the rules in the Royal Family changing and being broken by the more liberal young royals, who knows, maybe we will see a royal Manny soon.

13 Say Goodbye To Retirement

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By their 60th birthday, every normal employee is so tired all they want to do is retire and go graze their goats or just spend days watching The Golden Girls on Netflix. If you are a nanny for the Royals, this simple aspiration is not for you. If you have been wiping the future king's bum and snotty nose or singing that irresistible lullaby to put him back to sleep, do not expect them to hire someone else to come and take up those duties.

The Royal parents surely have no time to break in a new nanny. When they hold an interview for nannies they prefer to do it once. For them old is gold. So if you live to be a hundred, chances are you will still be serving as a nanny to your charges grandchild. Being a nanny is a guaranteed lifetime job.

12 Might Be Asked To Breastfeed The Royal Babies

I don't know how this works exactly, I mean unless you are also nursing how can you be a wet nurse? I guess this is why they do not hire men.

If you want to be a royal nanny, you may be called upon to nurse a future king.

It’s kinda cool if you think about it, getting to say ‘ I nursed king so and so,’ is one of the best bragging lines out there. But, for those of us who have gone through the rigor that is breastfeeding, it is not that cool.

It’s hard enough nursing your biological child. You gulp down flasks of water, porridge, cocoa and strange herbs, all in an effort to increase your milk supply. Imagine having two mouths to feed because you not only have to nurse your child, you also have to nurse the royal. This is too many people on your girls if you ask me.

11 No Makeup, Please

Some of us like to wear makeup that defines our looks and makes us pop. Not many women are what they look like and if you see a woman on the streets and then follow her to her house and see her in the morning, you might get the shock of your life. They are two totally different people. A made-up woman can win a beauty pageant, but a woman without makeup is rarely all that. If you are a Royal nanny, according to Little Things, you are expected to refrain from using too much makeup.

Historically, titled royals are known for their straying ways, so it could be that their women fear to get some competition from this women whom they consider to be below their station. Or it could be that they just want their servants to look like well, servants, and not show models.

10 Social Media Accounts Is A Big No-No

I know, I know, selfies are fun and so is that account on Facebook or Twitter that keeps you entertained in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. That Instagram account you love to fill with all the insignificant things that happened throughout the day is something you can’t live without, but wait a minute, do you really want to be a royal nanny? Then you have to say bye-bye Instagram and bye bye to all those life or death social accounts you maintain on the net.

That is one of the rules for this job.

The risk involved with you maintaining an account is real, as one is always tempted to take a selfie at work or when the young Royal gives you a peck on the cheek and you feel like ‘this will definitely give me lots of hits.’ Curb that social media addiction and get to work.

9 Leave The Jewelry At Home

Your grandmother may have left you that signature necklace, but if you are a Royal nanny, you cannot wear that to work. In the Royal household, dangling flashy jewelry is frowned upon. Family heirloom or not.

You are expected to wear subtle jewelry.

This is a no-brainer for anyone dealing with kids, as kids tend to be attracted to dangly, flashy things. You will be lucky if they do not pluck it straight out of your ear or pull of your necklace and put it straight into their mouth.

Not only is this unhealthy, but remember if a pendant or stone comes off accidentally, it may become a choking hazard. For healthy and safety purposes, we are with the Royals on this one. If you are a nanny, try to keep your jewelry to the bare minimum.

8 Must Use Disposable Diapers

Ever wondered why nappies only come in white? Someone somewhere was quite malicious. Life has changed and women no longer wake up early in the morning to wash soiled nappies and ensure that no stain is left and also take care that the nappies do not lose their color. Over time, someone smart somewhere came up with the brilliant idea that is a disposable diaper, but no-no, the Royals are still stuck in the past. Their nannies also have to know a few ways to fold nappies and even wash them to leave no stains.

It’s not because all the Royals have some freak allergy to disposable diapers. It’s just that they still hold on to the old tradition of wrapping their baby’s royal bum in cloth. Maybe it’s their rule of ‘if it’s not broken why change it?’ Unfortunately, it’s the nannies who have to suffer through every wash for something technology has written off. On the flip side, their pay is nice enough to make up for this minor inconvenience.

7 Keep It Tidy, Always

If you have ever walked into your kid's playroom and said ‘oh-oh, how tidy!' raise your hand up. Expecting your kids playroom to be tidy is up there next to a well-made up bed in the morning. Kids are not known for being tidy. Give a kid a minute in your living room and you won't be able to find the couch among all the toys.

‘The baby did it’ is an excuse that will not fly in the Royal household.

One of the rules you are expected to follow is maintaining an impeccable playroom at all times, even in the middle of play. Babies may not like this much but with their stiff upbringing, these babies do not seem to mind and their nannies have fallen in line and are able to do as required.

6 Around The Clock Service Is A Must

Every mother knows that in the middle of the night she is expected to traipse down to the nursery for that midnight feed or diaper change. And if by bad luck baby gets a nightmare, she has to spring out of bed and soothe the baby. A mother sleeps with one eye open and one ear to the ground. Royal moms, do not have this problem.

A nanny is expected to feed the baby and do all the duties a mother should do. The Talko says that if you have a social life, forget about it after you start your job. You are on call 24/7, which means this is the kind of job where you neglect your own family for the sake of your job. Once one batch of Royals goes past the age where they need a nanny, it's time to sooth the next batch. This is a full-time attachment, so I doubt most of the nannies have their own families.

5 Must Keep Your Distance

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Raise my kids, yes, change their nappies yes, sooth their booboos, yes, but form an attachment and you are fired. Historically, mothers get a bit jealous when they see their little munchkin preferring the nanny over them when he gets a booboo. It is a little disheartening to hear the baby cry out for the nanny when he has a nightmare, but if you are a royal, your day is filled with speaking engagements and public appearances. You most certainly do not have time to care for the minor scrapes and bruises your babies get.

Even though you are expected to form some sort of bond with the baby, the bond should not be too tight. You are only supposed to be ‘reasonably’ attached. We’re not sure how you go about that, but the royal nannies often fail. As reported by The Telegraph, some young royals were reported to be calling their nannies ‘mother’ and ‘angel,’ something that seems to irk their mothers to no end.

4 Must Know How To Drive A Getaway Car

Taking a royal is the kind of heist that could set you for life and have just one picture of a royal baby translates to a few pounds for you if you are a paparazzi. However, if you think getting that one snapshot is going to be a walk in the park, think again. The Royal Family is a deep phobia for paparazzi ever since the Princes Diana fiasco and they are not about to let it go.

According to Business Insider, for a nanny to be hired, she has to be quite adept at self-defense and driving a getaway car.

The Royals expect you to be so good that if it calls for it, you are supposed to be able to hold your own in combat and in a high-speed chase. In short, you are James Bond, karate kid and nanny all rolled into one.

3 Have Muscle To Push Those Strollers

Have you seen the swanky new strollers on the market these days? So light and easy to maneuver and they come in distinct colors, pink for girls and blue for boys. The Royals though are still in their own little world where the strollers have not changed. If you are an aspiring nanny, after your driving lesson, remember to take some classes on how to maneuver an 80 pound, yes you heard me right, Silver Cross stroller.

It's not that they can’t afford the lightweights, but the Royals have a unique preference and in this case, they prefer these carriages. The carriages are very heavy and much like some of the awful supermarket carts. These strollers require some skill to maneuver, as well as some muscle. So this job is not for you delicate Janes with delicate hands and cute fingernails.

2 Be A Strong Swimmer

For some of us, water that goes beyond a bathtub is enough to give us goosebumps and even on days when we pretend to be swimmers, we prefer to sit by the pool and sip mojitos as we watch how the other half lives. If we want our kid to learn how to swim then we go and sit by the baby pool with our feet touching the water, but with the body firmly on the ground. People like us cannot be hired as royal nannies. For one to get this job, it is a job requirement that one is a strong swimmer.

Drowning is a real danger and for you to work as a nanny who has to take care of the future queen or king of England, you have to know how to swim Olympic style and the Royals cannot afford to take any chances with this rule.

1 Mouth Closed

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If you are a chatterbox with a free mind and spirited personality, a Royal nanny is not your job. The Royals do not want a friend, they want a caregiver for their child and if they need a friend they will get one among all of their many friends of equal stature. So if you have an opinion you have to let it stew inside of you because no one is interested and you are only expected to speak when spoken to, not any other time.

Do not keep interjecting into their conversations. In fact, if you are with them, you pretend to see no evil and hear no evil. Being a blabbermouth is bound to render you jobless in a heartbeat. Yours is work and not a social engagement, and they expect you to treat it as such.

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