15 Rules Princesses Must Follow

Disney makes being a princess seem so fun and easy that literally every little girl has at one point or the other dreamed of becoming one. A fairy-tale castle, a charming prince, and a kingdom as well — what could be better? It probably doesn't help much that Kate Middleton is always looking so posh and classy.

Sure, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana constantly look happy in their photos, but it's not all glitz and glamour as they make it seem, there are some very strict rules that all Princesses must follow. The Royals who marry into the family aka 'not from pureblood' have it worst. In fact, after reading this list, you'll sleep soundly tonight knowing that Kate must have had times when she would have gladly traded in her tiara for your puke-filled hair. She must have asked herself countless times if William's love was worth it (and we hope for her sake that it was).

These entries that we've gathered from reputable sources (and they aren't all here) are enough to convince you that instead of missing out on your life's biggest dream, you escaped a world of utter horror and they will make you wonder if Meghan Markle knows about these rules yet.

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15 Thou Shall Not Enter, Till The Royals Have

So the Royal Family discriminates against commoners, if you didn't know this before, now you do. Unless a princess (a commoner) married into the Royal Family is accompanied by the man so bold to have married her, she has to stand outside and wait for all of the "true" royals to enter the event.

This about just flushes every illusion people may have about becoming royal by marriage. Sure you become royal, but you just can't lose the suffix attached 'by marriage'. We can't help but wonder if this rule applies to men who marry the daughters from the family as well, or is it just the women? We hope it's a two-way thing because if the latter is the case, then there's a name for it, and that's sexual discrimination!

14 But You Still Can't Vote

It doesn't matter that you are not fully royal, you still have to act royal and not vote in elections. What does your vote matter anyway? Most importantly, a princess has to stay neutral to avoid brewing bad blood against the royal family.

Because the royal family is still regarded as the most powerful figureheads in the entire country, to vote for one party could unfairly sway public opinion or send a message that they don't intend to send. The royal family should aim to sit above public matters such as these and, instead, show impartiality. Just imagine the uproar should a royal vote for someone to be prime minister, then another person wins instead! And what if the Royals were split on who to vote for? Talk about scandalous!

13 Can't Run For Office

Who needs to vote when you can run for office, right? Well just in case a woman who has political aspirations feels that she can use her office as the princess to garner support to run for office, this bubble bursts too.

This one also makes a lot of sense, considering that they kind of hold the highest standing anyway. But more importantly than that, this rule is to safeguard against any monarch using their influence to sway political opinion or laws. Again! If Kate, for example, held an office with any amount of power, the fear is that she could use that for personal gain or the gain of her family/friends (we see Pippa smiling at the prospect). This sort of thing was rampant back in the olden days of English monarchy, and these laws are simply in place to make sure there isn't a return to that (sorry Pippa).

12 And Thou Shall Not Have A Career

It's not enough that you are second class royal, can't vote, and can't run for office, you have to lose all sense of self too. Kate Middleton was a top model before she married Phillip (okay, I lied about the 'top' part) but she had to get rid of that part of herself and all promises of a high profile modeling career to become a wifey.

Yes, that is her new job description - Wife. Although a princess, especially a future queen gets an office and staff, she really has no job, at least not one that has a recognizable name. As far as we are concerned, these women give up their lives to become figureheads who smile, wave, and shake hands. They walk as they are told to, and even the way they sit and stand have set rules.

11 No Autographs, Please

If Kate thought all of England would be lining up for the autograph she couldn't really sign as a 'model', she was definitely lying to herself. Mothers won't be asking her to sign their baby's butt or (gasp!) poopy diapers because it's not allowed. The royal family is that cynical set of people who do not know how to have fun. They do not keep social media handles except for an official one where each announcement and photo is carefully curated by staff to make sure that they aren't giving away too much info. But, we don't really blame them.

Being the No. 1 family means that there are a lot of eyes are on you, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Princesses don't sign autographs because of signatures - those seemingly harmless things can cause a world of damage in the wrong hands.

10 Love Playing Monopoly? Just Bat Instead

Even the royal family isn't immune from the ills of Monopoly! When Prince Andrew, Duke of York (Prince Charles's brother and Queen Elizabeth's third child) was making a public appearance in 2008, he was gifted the notorious home wrecking board game to mark the visit. Upon being gifted, he quipped, "We're not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious."

Perhaps there have been too many royal rows over Mayfair (that's Park Place for us Yanks)? And just who gets vicious? Is the Queen a sore loser? Now that’s something we would love to see! Anyway, while packing a princess trunk, it's safer to just leave the monopoly board behind but it's okay, princesses will find that there's no shortage of fun, as the royal family loves cricket!

9 No Shellfish

Now, this rule is one that not only the princess who marries into the royal family suffers from, but her kids too are subject to this rule (but it's most likely that they'll eat them secretly at high school). Every now and again one of the royals will be photographed eating oysters, crabs, and other shellfish varieties despite the fear of food poisoning.

As you may have already guessed, this rule is an archaic one that is not so much a "rule" as it is a general health guideline. Back before science could explain allergies and food poisoning, it was advised that the royal family abstain from shellfish to avoid dying from the aforementioned ailments. Nowadays it's more of a personal thing, Queen Elizabeth avoids the foods altogether. No word on whether or not the tradition will continue on with future generations.

8 Queen Takes A Bite And Stops? Dinner's Over

If the queen doesn't like the meal that Kate totally relishes, it doesn't mean that Kate gets more of the queen's plate, it means that she has to stop eating that delish meal. This rule is actually pretty all-encompassing - it's basically monkey see, monkey do. Queen sits? You sit. Queen stands? You stand. Queen eats? You eat. Queen stops? You stop. Queen burps? You…well, actually, we don’t know what happens in that case.

At any rate, doing as the queen does shows that you are paying full attention and due respect to Her Royal Highness (and aren't caught with a mouthful of food at an inappropriate time). This isn't something that just princesses have to do, from Prince Philip down the line, all royals have to follow suit (although we're pretty sure they're letting George and Charlotte slide for now).

7 No Smooching In Public

While there's no written rule for this one, aside from the occasional whisper and hand on the back escorting her into buildings at times, there isn't much PDA between William and Kate. However, like everything the Royals do, there's a lot of logic that goes into their actions.

As we know, the royal family is taught to follow the queen's lead, and the queen rarely holds hands with her husband in public. There is much to be said about if that's reason enough but this seems to have set an unwritten precedent for the other royals.

Also, royal events are like work, and you wouldn't exactly pinch your partner's butt on the clock so princesses are expected to use their common sense and try to stick to this unwritten rule.

6 Never Leave Your Room 'Ungroomed'

A large portion of Kate's professional “Duchess Duties” occurs behind the scenes. Whether you agree or not, part of the Duchess of Cambridge’s duties is maintaining her physical appearance. And while physical fitness may be more of a personal priority for Kate, physical appearance is a priority for everyone else.

Certain incidences, such as Kate’s “grey hairs” or the bandage on her finger, made international headlines. To think that Kate does not have to be well groomed and beautified is a naïve misconception. That upkeep requires time and planning. Monthly facials, monthly haircuts, bi-annual hair treatments, makeup lessons, beauty consultations, eyebrow grooming, regular blowouts, dental appointments, personal training, manicures, outfit selections, doctor appointments, nutritionist appointments, the list goes infinitely on! And we thought that getting out of sweatpants was a chore!

5 And Be Sure To Speak A Thousand Languages

Two-year-old Charlotte already speaks two languages, George speaks five. You can only guess how many Kate speaks.

The need for a princess to be able to speak as many languages as possible cannot be overemphasized. In order to perform her Duchess duties properly, princess Kate's command of those languages can be a very handy tool. It makes for easier interactions with people of other cultures. When Princess Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband the duke visited Quebec for example, Kate's command of French won the hearts of many. Mayor Marc Bureau of Gatineau, Quebec praised the Duchess's French. He said that he greeted the couple in French and Kate replied in his language and that it was a pleasure.

4 Hats In The Day, Tiara's In The Evening

This is probably the only fun rule on the whole list. According to the Royal Splendor 101: Tiara Rules, you wear fancy hats during the day (and Middleton knows how to rock a hat) and shiny tiaras in the evening.

A century ago, tiaras were worn all the time! King George V and Queen Mary dined in full white tie with ballgowns and tiaras most nights. White tie also used to be a common dress code for gala performances at the opera or the ballet...sigh. I think I was born about 80 years too late (and also in the wrong country and in the wrong class, but you get my drift).

It's also worth noting that you don't have to wear tiaras if you don't want to or if you don't have one, even when the dress codes say so but who would be passing up on a chance to wear those delicate beauties!

3 Follow The Queen's Rules

As you may have already noticed, the Queen makes the rules, whether they are defined or undefined. The queen dictates a lot of the little things that go on in the day-to-day lives of the royal family. For example, everyone has to stop eating as soon as the Queen is finished with her dinner, even if they've hardly touched it. So you better make sure you eat fast (is that allowed?) if you want to become a princess and still finish your food.

The Queen won't allow the fun (albeit family-destroying) game of monopoly so princesses have to do away with it too. Same for garlic, and shellfish, and... simply put, the royal palace is a chess board where the Queen is the queen and the others are...well simple pawns.

2 Princess Equals Miss Charity

A major part of being a princess is doing a lot of charity work, and being a caring figure for the country. Most princesses find one or two causes that they truly care about and work towards making improvements in those areas. Remember the uproar when Diana died? Charities linked to the Princess of Wales were devastated by the news of her death, admitting it would be impossible to find a replacement for the hard-working, dedicated campaigner that Diana had become.The Princess had been discussing several new projects with charity officials, in addition to her campaign to ban landmines before her death.

Kate herself has already taken on a number of charities and we can't stop applauding her for it. She supports UNICEF, SportsAid, Prince's Trust, and the Teenage Cancer Trust, to name a few.

1 And Your Name Ceases To Be 'Kate'

Kate? Wills? Charlie? Cam? Liz? Phil? Nope. Nuh-uh. None of that. One of the rules of royalty that isn't changing anytime soon is that they can't be addressed by any nicknames or other names that denote informality.

Calling Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge by her more well-known nickname of "Kate" is now totally out of line and could land you in jail. Just kidding. However, if you can't remember to address her by her full title, just 'Ma'am' will do. If you are Brit and do encounter the queen though, just quickly backtrack because the title you should address her as is "Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith". Phew!

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