15 Scandalous Texts Moms Sent To The Wrong Person

Text messages are easy and fast, making calling someone on the phone to chat a form of communication from the past. Parents and kids even text each other instead of speaking directly, which is pulling even older generations into the digital age.

There are a ton of reasons that texting is simpler than lengthy phone calls, but there are also some downsides to depending on texts for everything. A major one is that sending a text to the wrong person is embarrassing, and it can be captured forever. Plus, a text can be shared on the Internet offering indisputable truth that someone did a humiliating, illegal, or immoral thing.

That's what happened to moms who sent texts to the wrong people with messages not meant for public consumption. Not only did the wrong person receive the message; the news they shared was broadcast all over the Internet, causing humiliation for them but laughs for the rest of us.

It's worth it to check a number multiple times before pressing the send key, and it's not a bad idea to stop messaging once it's confirmed that the wrong number is being used. One mom went as far as to argue with the person she misdialed, escalating the already hilarious conversation to a whole different level.

When the wrong people receive scandalous texts, the best thing to do is apologize and do a better job of typing in recipients next time. In the meantime, we can enjoy reading about other people's mishaps.

15 Arguing The Point

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A mom who thought she was texting her daughter actually texted a complete stranger, and a hilarious one at that. He tried repeatedly to tell her that he wasn't her daughter, but she refused to listen, so he just spent the rest of the text messing with her. It was so funny that the whole exchange went viral.

Mom started out simply asking for who she thought was her daughter to pick up milk. When the sender refused, saying she had the wrong number, mom threatened her "daughter", saying she wouldn't take her and her boyfriend to the movies if she didn't grab the groceries. Even after this man sent photographic evidence that he was not the person mom was looking for, she continued to threaten, and eventually even asked if her "daughter" was on drugs like she'd been in the past.

When it was all over and mom finally realized her mistake, she lashed out at the man she unintentionally texted. That’s when he told her he was going to the Internet with the whole conversation.

14 Mom's Girl Experience

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A weird way to find out mom is a lesbian is to receive a text from her that she thought she sent to a friend. That's how one child found her mom was embarking on an adventure with the same sex.

Mom tried to say it was just a joke after she realized she sent the text to the wrong person, but it's unlikely her child believed her. It would have probably been better to have just told the truth and had a long talk about it later because the evidence is forever preserved on the phone.

Parents are still sexual beings, but if they don't want to share that part of themselves with their kids, then they should be extra careful when putting in numbers and sending texts. If they do want to let their kids know that changes are happening and they are meaningful enough to warrant a conversation, then a conversation should be had.

13 Getting Freaky

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While it's always nice to know our parents love each other, most kids don't want to think about how that love manifests itself physically. That's why when one mom sent a text saying she wanted to "ride the bologna pony" to her child instead of her husband, we're pretty sure therapy was required to undo that damage.

Though mom apologized and made sure her child knew that text was meant for her father, at least relieving her child from thinking about mom riding someone else's bologna pony, there's really no way to get that image out of the brain.

The only bright side is that parents who still want to be physically intimate with each other are likely running a loving household. They just probably don't need to advertise their love through texts anymore unless they are very sure they know who the message is going to.

12 Group Text Disaster

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There is a special kind of torture called the group text. Group texts can rope people into responding 5,000 times to a few others as everyone comments. However, the worst thing about group texts is that when someone sends information to a group instead of just the one person they meant to, things can get humiliating.

One man found that out when he sent his wife's entire family a text about how much he enjoyed their morning sex. Her grandmother, father, and mother received the detailed information, and luckily they were good natured about it. However, this man was humiliated, and his wife was livid.

Make sure only one name pops up, not three or four, if intimate details are being shared. Otherwise, be prepared for tons of damage control and possibly marriage counseling to undo all the trauma. It's bad enough when the wrong person receives a text, but when several get it, it's way worse.

11 All Night Long

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For kids who live at home, it's also never pleasant to think about our parents doing it all the time while we are even under the same roof. Imagine what it would feel like if mom texted her child by accident stating her desire to do it every single night.

That's what one mom did, and she didn't use the most delicate language to describe where she derived her pleasure from. There were no references to lovemaking, so her child instead got an image of something much more intense than a special naked hug.

It's great that people who have been married for so many years can still enjoy intimacy, and it should give us all hope. Most kids just don't want to think about the married people being their parents doing it down the hall from where they sleep. It sort of causes nightmares and fears of coming home at night.

10 Pictures From Dad's Pants

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What's worse than getting a picture of dad's penis? Getting the a picture of it twice. That's what happened to one son when his technologically challenged father took a picture of his privates, that we can only assume was meant to go to his wife, and sent it to his son. The second time he at least got to his son in time to tell him to text it before opening, but since the man had already seen his dad's privates once, it didn't do much good.

Taking pictures of privates and sending them through text message is never really a good idea. Those images can be hacked, and then a lot more people than we intended to can end up seeing them. It's also possible to send those images to the wrong people, scarring them for life. Just let someone see the privates close up and in person. It's better that way anyway.

9 Prior Engagement

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A child getting engaged is such exciting news, but it's also a secret that is not supposed to be shared with the bride until the boyfriend pops the question.  One mom ruined that spectacularly when she texted her daughter by accident and revealed that her man was popping the question that night.

With news this sensitive, it's best if no one sends a text about it at all.  Not only can the information go to the wrong person, but phones just left around the house can display texts messages.  One nosy person, and the news that was supposed to be a secret is out there for all to see.

This daughter was upset that her big surprise night was ruined, and we're sure mom probably felt awful for being the one to ruin it. Just hitting the wrong key on the phone was enough to derail the plans her boyfriend had been making and give this story a more somber ending than it would have otherwise had.

8 Dad Is On The Move

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One daughter, elated to be losing her virginity, texted to reveal that news to her dad instead of her friend.  Her dad's response was understandable and upset, and we're pretty sure she got an earful when he found her and never let her out of his sight again.

Information this personal really shouldn't be sent through text, no matter who it's going to.  If that friend becomes an enemy, that text could be used as ammo to smear the ex-friend.  Plus, there's a saying about not sending anything electronically that we wouldn't want on the front page of a newspaper.  Most people don't want the world to know when they are planning on losing their virginity.

It's best to use caution, and definitely check before hitting send. This poor dad will probably have nightmares, and so will his daughter. Things will get awkward after this text.

7 Dad's Summer Hobbies

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First of all, don't have an affair.  Second of all, if having an affair is on the agenda, don't text about it.  Seriously.  It's never a good idea, it's a great way to get caught, and it's also a fabulous way to confess without meaning to.

This dad put his daughter in a very awkward position when he revealed his summer plans of having sex with his intern. Though he tried to play it off once he realized he texted the wrong person, it was obvious from the way he didn't want his wife to know that he was serious.  He asked his daughter to lie for him because he was a cheater and really bad at using text messaging.

This a great example of why people shouldn't take part in acts they don't want advertised.  At some point, they will usually end up being advertised, though it's sad when the children have to be the ones to endure the information.

6 Stranger Danger Stepdad

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Just because a person steps in and plays the role of stepparent doesn't mean he is a decent person.  One woman found that out when she accidentally sent a text meant for her boyfriend to her stepdad.  This man agreed to sleep with a woman who was still legally his stepdaughter.

This is not only scandalous but also downright disgusting.  It violates the stepparent/stepchild relationship, and it hopefully led to a divorce.  Any mother who would take back a man who was willing to sleep with her daughter seriously lacks judgment.

When texts like these occur, they can reveal the true character of the person who responds.  In this case, it was easy to see that the stepdad was never suited to be a father figure in the first place.  It also will likely be great evidence in court if the divorce gets ugly or if the stepdad attempts anything shady in the future.

5 Disgusting Dad

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As gross as a pervy stepdad is a dad who uses mom's body to make money.  One dad revealed how gross he was when he texted his child that he left a video of his wife online so he could make money off of it, declaring his wife a porn star.

There are so many things wrong with this scenario that it's hard to know where to start.  That a man would do this to his wife is awful.  His ignorance when sharing this information, not even texting the right number, is also bad.  The fact that he would even want to brag about his wife being online in a homemade porno says a lot about this creep, none of it good.

Besides just avoiding the website, hopefully this child clued his mother into what her husband did.  No one deserves to have their private moments displayed publicly, especially by someone they trust.

4 Good Times With Mom

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Again, who isn't glad to know that their parents are happily married and still very into each other.  The problem is that most kids don't want to think about how into each other mom and dad can get, and naughty texts sent to the wrong people makes that knowledge undeniable.

Dad texted a raunchy message to mom, or so he thought.  He actually sent the message to his son, who kindly agreed to not come home anytime soon so he wouldn't interrupt his parents outside sex life.

This message, though sent to the wrong person, at least didn't reveal a man taking advantage of his spouse or trying to have sex with someone he wasn't married to.  Sure, it's gross to send a message like that to a kid instead of a spouse, but dad seemed pretty embarrassed, even hoping his wife didn't find out.

3 Family Affair

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Then there's the dad who reveals his affair to his child via text message.  By sending this message to the wrong person, this man announced he was being unfaithful to his wife while also proving himself a liar when he tried to cover up his affair.

This is when text messaging really goes wrong.  Kids end up in the crossfire, and adults bad behavior becomes public knowledge.  We're guessing from the way this one ended that dad had to fess up since he obviously wasn't getting off the hook.  If mom is out of town, how is she going to meet him in his office?  She's not, obviously, and dad will now have to come clean about sleeping with someone else.

Text messaging has made it even easier for cheaters to get caught and for liars to be called out. In that way, texts sent to the wrong people can be great investigation tools.

2 Sound Advice

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A good rule is don't text mom for sex advice if sex advice isn't wanted.  Of course, this girl didn't send this text to her mom on purpose, but once her mom received it she didn't hold back.

Hearing our parents talk about the intimate details of oral pleasure is a bit much, just like hearing them proclaim that it's a necessary part of a relationship is weird.  That's why we should always make sure the words mom and dad don't pop up in the recipient box on our text messages before offering information about our lives in the bedroom.  It can lead to no good to share that information with our parents when we didn't mean to.

Luckily, this mom didn't freak out or threaten her child. She just gave her what could be seen as some very interesting advice and let her sit with her embarrassment.

1 Sorry, Mom

One man went into very graphic detail about what he would like to do to his girlfriend.  He spent so much time finding just the right words to describe the sexual act that he apparently didn't have the brain power to choose the right name to send it to.  That message didn't go to his girlfriend.  It went to his mom.

There's not much to do to recover from this kind of embarrassment.  If possible, contact the person who received the message and ask them to delete it before they open it.  However, that may just make them curious, instead ensuring that they read it for the juicy details.

Spend at least as much time choosing the right recipient as is spent typing out the message.  It's a life saver in the long run, and it will ensure that the detailed message isn't wasted on the wrong person.

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