15It Can Happen To Just About Anyone

About 8 percent of pregnant women experience preeclampsia. That may not seem like a very big number, but it isn't small either. And there is a range of risk factors that could easily loop you into the category.

First-time moms are at a greater risk; moms younger than 20 or older than

40 are at risk; moms who have a family history of preeclampsia are at risk; moms of multiples are at risk. Studies show that African-Americans are at risk, too.

Other risk factors are obesity, a history of high blood pressure or a range of diseases such as blood clotting disorders, kidney or autoimmune disease or diabetes.

The only clear way that a woman can reduce her risk is for her to lose weight before she is pregnant and to control weight gain during pregnancy, but the other risk factors you have little control over.

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