According to renowned American pediatrician and parenting expert Dr. William Sears, “Baby wearing does good things for babies and makes life easier for mothers.” Baby wearing may sound like a hot new fashion trend, but honestly, it’s the perfect way for a parent to hold a baby

close while leaving their hands free for other matters.

Keeping a baby close in a wearable sling, wrap or front carrier allows a busy parent to still enjoy some up close and personal snuggle time while getting things done. Even if not completely focussed on baby, this close physical contact is reassuring to them. They can hear their parent’s voice (even if talking to someone else) and will pick up on their emotions as well.

If a baby seems upset, nervous or afraid, cuddling them close in a wearable carrier is the perfect way to offer them some stress relief. And when bundled up close, both parent and baby will share a similar point of view of the world which is an amazing yet simple way to bond.

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