14 Secrets About Josh Duggar's Marriage

The Duggar family is basically inescapable at this point. There are so many of these Duggars by now that they basically dominate the entertainment websites. The oldest Duggar kids have certainly taken some of the pressure off Jim Bob and Michelle, who have always carried the burden of rumor and scrutiny for the brood because of their zany, and conservative ways.

Now that the oldest Duggar kids are hitched and birthing, they too are forever in the limelight in regards to scandals and secrets. The oldest Duggar kid, Josh, and his wife Anna have certainly seen their fair share of drama, secrets and scandal in their eight years of marriage. While the other older Duggars have become accustomed to murmurings about their union and lifestyle, they pale in comparison to what Anna and Josh have gone through.

These two have endured scandals and confessions of infidelity. Anna is said to live under strict Duggar rule with very little say in regards to her life and no longer feels like the luckiest gal in the world. These 14 scandalous secrets about Josh and Anna's courtship, marriage and family life have our eyes open wide and our jaws on the floor.

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14 Trapped In A Duggar Marriage

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD - FEBRUARY 28: Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar pose during the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Gaylord National Resort Hotel and Convention Center on February 28, 2015 in National Harbor, Maryland. Conservative activists attended the annual political conference to discuss their agenda. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Because of their beliefs, Anna and Josh may not have truly considered divorcing after Josh's scandals came to light. It's possible that the pair was committed to seeing the marriage through from the very get-go, although we have to imagine there was at least some truth to all of those rumors and reports regarding her contemplating a life sans Josh.

One theory as to why these two are still side by side is, of course, their conservative faith and values regarding marriage and eternity, the other possibility is much darker and way sadder.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, some sources claim that while Anna is actually quite miserable in her marriage, but she won't leave Josh because she would otherwise have no means to support herself and her children.

The Duggar money train is one that Josh and Anna seem to rely on to an extent and without that Anna would be left with five children, only a homeschool education that stopped when she "graduated at age 16," and very little support from her family. A few of her siblings would be happy to help her leave Josh as her brother and sister are both divorced and her brother has been very vocal regarding his disdain for Josh, but Anna's parents are not likely to get behind a divorce.

They are even more conservative that Michelle and Jim Bob!

13 Anna Must Ask Permission To Buy Even The Smallest Of Things

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Most marriages strive to create a balance when it comes to managing things such as the family finances. As a common courtesy to one another, neither the husband nor the wife can run off and drop mad dough on pricey items without discussing it first. That being said, most of these couples have no problem running to Target and purchasing a few new shirts or ordering some new running gear without having to engage in a sit down marital consulting session first.

Anna Duggar doesn't have the luxury of spending the family's cash at her leisure, however, Josh keeps the purse strings incredibly tight. With only Josh working and no end to the babies in sight, the family lives very frugally.

While there is nothing wrong with this, this is something peculiar about Anna having to ask her husband for permission to buy even the smallest of things.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Anna must obtain consent from Josh much like a child would, before she makes any purchases. By all accounts, this type of behavior doesn't seem like it is very equal at all. It sounds like Josh is the ruler of this family and Anna truly has no say in any aspect of her existence.

12 The Fake First Kiss

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The Duggar kids have some seriously strict courting rules to abide by when it finally becomes time for them to jump into that next phase of life and think about getting hitched. We were all fortunate enough to witness the strange rituals firsthand because their show, 19 Kids and Counting, was still a big hit on the TLC channel back when Josh Duggar was wooing his now-wife Anna.

Josh and Anna dated for two years after first meeting at a Christian homeschooling convention back in 2006. During their two year courtship, the pair remained as chaste as humanly possible. They never even locked lips during that period of time, so when their wedding day finally arrived there was a whole lot of pressure on the pair to make their on camera first smooch magical. The kiss didn't exactly mesmerize the show's producers as you can probably imagine.

Think back to your first kiss, remember how totally awkward it was?

According to OK Magazine, reports claim that the show's producers had to amp the kiss up in a sound room after production in order to make it more exciting for the viewers.

Not exactly the best way to kick off a marriage.

11 Can't Speak To The Sister-In-Law

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We know plenty about Josh Duggar and his family, too much probably, but we know far less about his wife Anna's roots. Anna grew up in Florida aside seven siblings, not nearly as large as the Duggar family, but large in its own right. The Keller kids were raised with super strict and uber-conservative rules.

Sources claim that Anna grew up far more extreme than Josh and his gaggle of kin. According to OK Magazine, one of Anna's sisters, Susanna Keller, veered away from the righteous path her parents had set her on and fell preggers without first being married. This is a giant no-no for folks like the Duggars and the Kellers so Josh made sure to step in and put some distance between his wife and her wayward sister.

Josh's midwife practicing sissy Jill was even banned by her family from assisting Susanna with her labor. This is yet another questionable aspect of the Josh-Anna union. Family certainly comes first so long as it is family of Josh's choosing. We doubt he is a huge fan of Anna's other siblings, Rebekah and Daniel. They are actually divorced! Oh the shame.

10 Anna Knew About Josh's Indecent Ways

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Back in 2015, we all found out the darkest Duggar secret that apparently wasn't so much of a secret for many others. As reported by USA Today, Josh Duggar had acted inappropriately towards his own sisters and a babysitter years ago. Shock ran through the nation as we suddenly viewed the squeaky clean Duggars in a whole new light.

The hit TLC show was canceled and Josh Duggar and his growing family fell under intense scrutiny. We all felt so badly for his wife Anna and their young children who were caught in the wake of the firestorm because the assumption was that Anna had no clue as to her husband's dark past, but the opposite is actually true!

Prior to Anna and Josh marrying, Anna was clued into Josh's tendencies to put his hands where they did not belong.

Even knowing all that he had done, she still chose to marry him and have kids with him...kind of. The word "choose" falls in the gray area here. Because Anna grew up so sheltered, it is possible that she didn't know exactly what she was getting herself into with Josh.

According to She Knows, sources close to the Kellers revealed the Josh scandal was very much downplayed. Furthermore, once her parents gave their consent to marriage, the union was pretty much a done deal.

9 A Marriage-Saving Baby

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The next generation of Duggars has certainly wasted no time starting families of their own. These people are breeding machines! Josh and Anna set the precedence for this trend soon after they tied the knot. One year after making things official they welcomed the first Duggar grandchild, Mackynzie, into the brood. Anna continued her devout work as a Duggar brood mare adding three more kids to the mix in a very short span of time.

Then, of course, the baby making machines hit the skids when it was revealed that Josh was cheating on his wife Anna. The couple managed to not fall apart and divorce, but instead turned to counseling and their God to help them repair the serious damage that Josh had done.

Two years after the wake of Josh's destruction came the announcement that the pair was again expecting. They told the public that they were delighted to share the news that a fifth child, a baby boy, would soon be joining the family, as reported by People. We can't help but wonder if this fifth child is a last-ditch effort for the couple to save their sham of a union. They certainly would not be the first pair to turn to the baby band-aid tactic.

8 Was Anna A Fan First?

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Josh and Anna's union wasn't exactly a love at first sight kind of fairy tale even though often times their relationship is portrayed as such in the media. The two did meet up at a Conservative conference for home-schooled youths a few years before they got married which according to most sources is where their romantic interest in one another started. This story that is woven for the general public might be a bit off of the mark.

Other sources claim that Anna's infatuation with the Duggars started well before that initial meeting.

Anna actually learned about the Duggar family back when she was 13 years old. She had watched their documentary 14 and Pregnant Again back in 2004 when it first aired on the Discovery channel. Of seeing the family Anna said, according to She Knows, "I was so excited to see another family who was brought up so similar to the way our family was training us."

So the question remains did Anna fall for Josh specifically or was she mesmerized and infatuated by the whole Duggar experience. Furthermore, a young Anna might not have realized that there was a wide world of spousal choices out there and ignorantly assumed that Josh was pretty much it for her.

7 She Must Serve Her Husband In "All Things"

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This secret "rule" between Duggar wives and their husbands would truly be my undoing. In this culture, the women must serve their husband in all things, even if the mood doesn't strike them. Most of us hold the cards and the power when it comes to romantic time with our spouse.

If we are tired, or ill or simply not feeling it, then we aren't doing it! Anna, being a Duggar woman by marriage, doesn't have the luxury of turning her husband down.

We know that Josh is basically an addict, so chances are Anna has had to put out a whole lot over the last eight years of their marriage! Josh likely inherited this "rule" from his own parents who have publicly promoted this putting-out behavior more than once.

According to eclips, mama Michelle has explained to the confused masses that "anyone can make your husband a sandwich, but only one person (YOU ANNA) can meet that physical need of love that he has. You need to make yourself available." Of course we know that Josh had his "needs" met by all sorts of women, so Michelle can eat her silly words.

6 Playing Dueling Roles

Via: OK! Magazine

Anna Duggar never appears to be anything but proper and devout while out and about in the public eye. According to eclips, the Kellers and the Duggars have rules upon rules regarding how women should present themselves. Josh was raised with these rules of modesty and makes sure that his wife abides by them.

Considering the Keller family values though we doubt that Anna puts up a whole lot of resistance. She is likely very comfortable wearing the mandatory long skirts and covering as much skin as humanly possible. You would never see Anna Duggar frolicking about on the beach in an itsy bitsy bikini. You wouldn't even see her on the beach because swimwear is forbidden by the family.

According to the Duggars, it is simply too challenging for males to avert their eyes from scantily clad swimmers. Conservative Anna might in fact ditch this demure role after the sun goes down. Josh has confessed to some very unsavory addictions and the content that he chooses to watch isn't very "Duggardish." We have to wonder how many nights Anna has had to step outside of her long denim skirt and her comfort zone and perform acts that go against every part of her being.

5 Are They On The Brink Of Divorce?

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After it was revealed that Josh was living a double life the world waited to see what meek and mild Anna Duggar would do. Would she leave him once and for all? Would she pack her children up and head back down to sunny Florida to raise them in a Dugger-free world or would she stand by her unfaithful man?

In the months following Josh's infidelity scandal reports were everywhere claiming Anna was indeed looking into the big "D" word very seriously. According to eclipse, divorce in conservative communities such as those that Josh and Anna were raised in is pretty much unheard of.

Once you say"I do" it is for life, no exceptions!

In their opinion, leaving a union is one of the worst sins one can commit. This is of course all very hypocritical considering Josh's escapades, but then again hypocrisy is kind of common in the Duggar clan it seems. Was Anna really that close to severing ties with her man once and for all? Now that the pair is back to la-la land and happily married again we will truly never know how close Anna came to signing those divorce papers, but knowing that two of her siblings are divorced...she might have come a whole lot closer than we think.

4 Years Of Rumors

While it was revealed that Anna had been privy to Josh's past as an offender, she didn't know the entirety of his illicit behavior and addictions...yet. According to People, the wheels really came off for Josh and Anna when it was publicly revealed that Josh had accounts on the infamous Ashley Madison website. This website is designed to help people cheat on their spouses!

While Anna had been at home supporting her husband and raising their children, Josh had been online indulging in his addiction to adult films and engaging in affairs behind his wife's back. This is just about the most un-Duggar-like thing to ever have Duggared! Josh became the Nation's most notorious reality TV star, as he was residing in Washington fighting for morality while he was engaging in massive indiscretions of unspeakable natures.

Somehow the pair seems to have risen from this madness and since the 2015 scandal broke they have welcomed a fifth child into their family and seem to be back on track, whatever that looks like. While it didn't surprise us that Anna didn't pack up her kids and walk out on Josh, it did disappoint us. Anna has resumed her rightful place as a Duggar doormat and doesn't seem to be giving that position up anytime soon.

3 Secret Misery

Via: NY Daily News

After two years of therapy, prayer and counseling and one marriage-saving baby, Anna and Josh make it a point to show the public that they are back to the happiness that they once enjoyed together, you know...before it was revealed that Josh wasn't faithful.

While the family does its best to put a front of bliss on for the world, according to In Touch Weekly, one Reddit user close to the family revealed that Anna is in fact very miserable in her life and her marriage. The secret-spiller went on to tell the world that Josh didn't strike her as someone who would be much fun to be married to.

This source, who has spent time with Anna, Josh and the Duggar clan through community and church engagements, said that while most of the Duggar boys are respectful and keep their eyes up, Josh's eyes are forever leering and wandering. No wonder his wife hates life!

Not only does she have to uphold his rules and demands, but she has had to endure numerous scandals and still to this day must deal with his inability to be respectful. Anna continues to get constant questions about why she hasn't left Josh and is forever the receiver of judgmental stares from people in the community.

2 There Is A Hole In The Communication Chain

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Communication is one of the cornerstones to a healthy relationship. Without open and honest communication, lines can easily get crossed and partners find themselves no longer on the same page. You simply can't have a happy marriage if you can't share with your partner your concerns, hopes and dreams. Your spouse should be your best friend, lover and your confidant.

Josh and Anna could very well be missing this aspect of marriage though as they didn't exactly start off with the greatest of communication skills. The pair dated for two long years before getting married and during that time they had very limited contact. When they did get some time to chit chat though, the topics of conversations could not have been all that enlightening.

Anna didn't get a lot of practice sharing her feelings while she was growing up.

She was raised in an ultra-conservative household and expressing her thoughts and views wasn't exactly on the top of the Keller priority list. Even when she met Josh she was not allowed to discuss her feeling for him with any of her siblings. Forget friends! She couldn't even talk about these new emotions that she was having with her very own sisters. In the Keller household "Feelings" time was reserved for a 15-minute chat with her mother, as She Knows pointed out.

1 She Feels Partly Responsible

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Personally, I don't think there is any question in regards to who is responsible for Josh's indiscretions. Not only did Josh have TWO active Ashley Madison accounts, but he admitted to cheating on his wife during their marriage! While Anna was preggers with little Meredith, Josh was engaging in secret activities with at least one woman whom he met on the steamy site.

I'll say it very slowly for everyone: it's almost all Josh's fault.

I think some of the blame can get passed along to his lovely mother and father who were dense enough to raise Josh in a world where man is king. There was never an outlet to discuss feelings of an intimate nature and living in deprivation is what the Duggars devoutly seem to believe.

Do you know whose fault this fiasco wasn't? Anna's! None of this should be shouldered by Josh's wife. Her only crime is living in complete and total ignorance and growing up shielding from the real world. While we know that Josh's cheating is none of Anna's fault, a source close to the young mother says that Anna feels partly responsible for what Josh has done, according to Inside Edition.

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