15 Secrets About The Roloff Family Uncovered By The Media

The TLC channel loves eyebrow-raising reality TV show making families. First we had the notorious Gosselin family, then the Duggars and now we have tumbled over into watching the Roloff family on our screens.

The Gosselins tried their hand at raising two sets of multiples before splitting and becoming America's favorite family to mock and laugh. The Duggar clan then gave it their all in a grand attempt to show the world how absolutely pure and perfect their giant family was. It turns out they aren't perfect at all. The oldest Duggar shamed the entire brood with his deviances and spousal scandals. And now here come the Roloffs!

The Roloff family consists of two four-feet-tall parents and their twins, one normal height and the other a fellow dwarf, as well as two younger average-sized children. We watched the family work and play on their Oregon family farm for numerous seasons. They seemed like a happy, all-American family who went through their fair share of drama and challenges, but they always seemed to be in one another's corners no matter what.

Then they fell off of the rails, as most reality television families tend to do. Matt and Amy have divorced, both of the twin brothers have families of their own now and are forming their own outspoken opinions about the world and the youngest bro has gone a bit rogue.

Here are fifteen secrets the media uncovered regarding this little family with big skeletons in their closets.

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15 The Family Was Sued Back In 2009


For many years the Roloffs did their very best to make America believe that they were running a small slice of farming heaven over in beautiful Oregon. They took their family farm and playground and expanded it into a cash cow to include not only their infamous pumpkin patch, but many other attractions and touristy activities for visitors to enjoy.

Not all of that cash that rolled in from their labors went to the farm's upkeep it seems. According to Shared.com, the Roloffs were sued back in 2009 by a woman named Linda Farrall for negligence after she became injured during a public tour of the family farm.

She claimed that Matt and Amy were careless in their safety measures around the farm, and that carelessness resulted in Linda's injuries. She reportedly racked up $100,000 in medical bills due to the boo-boos she received at the Roloff farm and demanded that the family pay up. The case was eventually dismissed, but the Roloffs and Linda did settle outside of court. This kind of stuff might get settled on paper, but the reputation for shadiness can last an entire lifetime. Bad reputations are hard to shake, just ask Taylor Swift.

14 Papa Matt Was Arrested For A DUI

via radaronline.com

Reality television stars making poor choices in regards to the law is nothing new. Many instant celebrities have found themselves on the wrong side of the law numerous times. Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff is no exception to this commonality, joining the numerous other reality TV stars who have had run-ins with the law.

Of all the things one can find themselves famous for, breaking the law is not a star to aim for.

Before ever landing his own reality television show, Papa Matt was arrested for driving and drinking. According to Reality Dish, he steered his car right into a ditch but ended up having the charges against him dropped because he agreed to be a part of a special program.

A few years later Matt found himself in a similar situation when he was pulled over for driving erratically after leaving a local bar. According to Reality TV World, he allegedly failed the field sobriety test and was taken into police custody. There he refused the breath test. Matt has declared all along that he had one drink hours prior to the incident and was only at the bar to drop a friend off in the parking lot. The case went to court, but Matt was found not guilty in the end. He had some lofty legal fees to shore up, but his record remained intact.

13 Audrey's Views Got Her In Serious Trouble

Audrey Roloff is a lesser known Roloff, but a controversial Roloff nonetheless. This red-haired siren married one of the Roloff twins, Jeremy, and the pair are now the proud parent to a little girl. Audrey and her man Jeremy are a devout Christian couple and seem to hold tight to those staunch Christian values that aren't always so accepting of people who walk a different path, homosexuals in particular.

The two launched a website that is largely devoted to inspiring "covenant marriages," and giving more than 50% in a union. Audrey flew off of the handle when someone criticized the site for only offering relationship advice to those in opposite sex marriages. She allegedly wrote that her and Jeremy are consciously not running a site geared towards same sex marriages and the pair does not agree with that particular life choice, as reported by Radar Online. She, of course, cited her trusty bible in regards to the matter and people were none too thrilled with Audrey nor Jeremy for their lack of tolerance.

Roughly one month after posting the supposed "hateful" responses, her comment and other surrounding comments on the topic had been deleted. We can see why her and Jeremy make such a good couple. He too has been accused of making homophobic comments on social media.

12 Jacob Roloff Is An Anti-Vaccine Vigilante

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No matter how many studies the medical community seems to produce dispelling the work of that quack-job Andrew Wakefield (as reported by Time), the public will forever jump on his wagon of wacky and declaring modern medicine the devil.

When everyday people decide that they are above science and the medical community, it's frustrating and disappointing, but when celebrities and public figures get on their soapbox over this kind of stuff, it can be downright dangerous.

People living in the public eye have a much larger platform to spread their beliefs and their voices tend to be heard tenfold. As reported by Fame10, youngest Roloff Jacob has been especially vocal regarding his disdain for vaccines, claiming that they cause autism. Not sure when he receiving his degree in medicine or science, we must have missed that episode. This 20 something kid needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut, especially concerning topics that he isn't exactly an expert on.

Fun fact: vaccines do not cause Autism. What they can do is prevent humans from coming down with a variety of nasty and often deadly diseases though. Vaccines are good, ignorant people are bad. Let's memorize that mantra and try to pass it along here.

11 Their Bakery Was Shut Down Because Of A Bug Infestation

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The Roloffs sure love themselves a piece of life's pie. Whether it's expanding their family farm past its original pumpkin patch, starring alongside their children on reality television or aligning themselves with products and services, the Roloffs are all about the dough. Amy Roloff was supposed to team up with a particular bakery to create an online store and build up her brand, but that plan never came to fruition because of a little problem...a mouse-sized issue to be exact.

The bakery that the Roloffs were associated with got shut down because of a rodent infestation!

According to the Inquisitr, Beaverton Bakery was shut down by the Oregon health department because of "an active rodent infestation in an upper storage area of the bakery and rodent activity in all areas of the facility."

If that visual doesn't destroy your appetite then I don't know what will. Thinking of my package of baked goods serving as a lavatory for rodents makes me consider giving up sugary treats for good. The bakery did undergo a thorough cleaning a few days after it got the ax and has reopened, but that would not have been enough for me to ever go near that place again.

10 The Breakup Took Amy By Surprise

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I think it's fair to say that divorce is never an easy experience, especially when there are kids to be concerned with and assets and properties to be divided up. The whole process can leave people financially, emotionally and spiritually drained. We doubt that Amy Roloff ever dreamed that her and Matt would go their separate ways.

The two built a home, a business and a life together over the course of almost thirty years! In that time they added four children to their family and seemed completely smitten with one another. Then Matt suddenly decided that there was more out there for him and he announced to Amy that he was putting an end to their relationship.

Amy was not only caught off guard but was reportedly devastated at Matt's revelation.

She has made comments to the public that make us feel truly sorry for her. "It's always sad to know that someone doesn't really want you in their life anymore," she said following the split, according to Fame10. Amy and Matt are now in committed relationships with other people, but they are forever tied to one another in their children, grandchildren and certain business ventures. Another reality marriage bites the dust folks.

9 Matt's New Girlfriend

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After Matt and Amy decided to divorce in 2014 after nearly thirty years of wedded bliss, well after Matt single-handedly decided this for them specifically, Mr. Roloff wasted no time moving onto greener pastures. The ink on the Roloff's divorce papers was barely dry when Matt started stepping out with a new lady on his arm, one that looks shockingly like Amy might we add!

Matt's new girlfriend was none other than a woman named Caryn Chandler. Chandler was a former manager at the family farm and well known to Matt, Amy and their children. That had to sting. Obviously she "knew" some family members a little better than others though! As Amy told In Touch Weekly, accepting Matt's new love has been anything but easy.

She revealed that when Caryn showed up at one of her son's gender reveal parties she was more than thrown for a loop. Some of the Roloff children have also struggled to come to terms with Matt's new lady. Regardless of hurt feelings and strong opinions though Matt and Caryn seem to still be going strong. He seems quite smitten with her and the two apparently have a whole lot in common in regards to likes and interests.

8 Jacob Claimed He Was Ripped Off

If Matt and Amy Roloff have an excess of grey hairs on their heads these days it is almost certainly because of the antics of their youngest son, Jacob Roloff. Jacob has certainly put his parents through the ringer over the past few years bringing negative attention to the already struggling family and causing some large rifts in the family's fabric.

Jacob has claimed that the show's network and possibly his own parents, shorted him quite a bit of money that he should have earned from appearing on TLC's Little People Big World.

Nothing like accusing your parents of working you to the bone and stealing your earnings kid!

He also alluded to the fact that he was forced to appear on the show at a young age, even though being a part of the series was never something that he truly wanted to do. Jacob has used his social media accounts to wage war on vaccinations and the American education system and even dropped out of high school. On top of everything else, he has hinted at his indulgence in illegal substances on his Twitter account, according to Radar Online. I don't even know this guy and as a parent he is raising even MY blood pressure.

7 The Neighbors Aren't Roloff Fans

via intouchweekly.com

You simply can not put a price on living in an area with great neighbors. In my personal experience the neighborhood can literally make or break you. You can live in a stunning mansion filled with your heart's every desire, but if your neighbors stink, then it's all moot.

Having wonderful people to surround you in your space is really the key to peaceful living. While the Roloff family might like their neighbors just fine, it seems that the feel isn't exactly mutual. This little family is disliked in a pretty big way by the people who live nearby, according to Shared.com. The Roloff neighbors have reportedly grown sick and tired of the spectacle that is Roloff Farms.

They claim that the large crowds that flock to the site of one of TLC's most popular reality families are thorns in their sides. One nearby resident described the farm as an "overpriced celebrity gawkfest!" We are guessing that when the holidays roll around the Roloff family isn't getting a whole lot of warm tidings and baked goods sent to their front door. We hope that they let the neighborhood come pick some free pumpkins at least. Sometimes small gestures like that go a very long way.

6 The Racial Slurs

Via: Spirits Wander Blogspot

Back when twin bros Jeremy and Zach Roloff were teens working the family farm, Jeremy drew some seriously negative attention to the crew for some derogatory comments that he made on his Myspace page.

Sure, teens do and say things that we would never approve of before they actually have time to think their words through and process their actions, but you would think that these young adults living life in the public eye might be a bit more careful with what they choose to let fly from their lips.

According to Radar Online, Jeremy repeatedly used homophobic slurs on his social media outlet site, along with some offensive racist slurs. His choice phrases didn't exactly go over very well, especially since his family was trying to paint a picture of a wholesome, hardworking farming family.

Sources close to Jeremy came to his defense saying that he wasn't a hateful person, just an ignorant one.

Yes, he most certainly chose to show the world his massive load of ignorance as well as intolerance for the human race and if we were Matt and Amy we would have made sure he apologized to the public until he was blue in the face. Then we would have run over that computer of his with our tractor!

5 Real Or Fake Storylines?

via shared.com

The Roloffs are reality television stars thanks to their work on Little People, Big World, but that doesn't mean that everything viewers get a glimpse of is 100% authentic and real. Lots of reality shows have a bit of soft scripting taking place behind the scenes. Writers and producers create storylines and "help" the show's participants move in a desired direction.

Sure, actual life events happen to the reality stars, but that doesn't mean that a lot of the footage isn't edited to fit what the producers envision for a particular season. Amy let this little well kept secret slip when she was vehemently defending her man, Chris Marek, from the trolls and haters of the internet.

She let fans and haters alike know that they should not make too many assumptions about anyone, (meaning her man,) especially, on a show that is edited (as reported by Shared.com).

Yikes! While we all pretty much know that this editing-alteration is common place in the world of reality t.v., we are also fairly sure that the station didn't appreciate Amy making the fact so blatant. The whole point of this kind of television is to make viewers think that they are watching the lives of others exactly how they are unfolding.

4 Remember When Amy Sued The State Of Washington?

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Poor reality television mom, Amy Roloff, has had it pretty rough. She poured her heart and soul into her marriage to Matt, raising her brood of kids and running an often problematic family farm only to see her kids go rogue, her marriage crumble and her personal business ventures go kaputz.

Oh yeah, Amy has definitely had her fair share of unpleasantries over the past three decades and this includes an attack on her person! Back in 2010, someone broke into Amy's home, according to WetPaint.

The claim was that a building inspector snuck onto the family property, disregarding the trespassing signs and started taking pictures of the family home. When Amy asked what on earth he was doing, he claimed he knew her husband and refused to reveal who he was or turn over the images to the property owner.

He then ran back to his truck and at some point pushed Amy down. She sued the state of Washington County for severe emotional distress, fright, and upset. In the end, the family lost the case, but what a scary thing to have to endure, especially in your home which should serve as a person's sanctuary and safe haven.

3 The High School Drop-Out

via radaronline.com

Jacob Roloff is 21 years old now and finally simmering down a bit with his outlandish social media rants. Thank goodness! This teen's years were a bit dicey and there were no shortage of scandals and bad press related to this kid and his opinions.

Jacob dissed vaccines in a big way, ranted over religion and let the world know that he has been allegedly cheated out of money owed to him for his work on Little People, Big World. Yeah, this kid has been a real live wire for the past couple of years and while teens acting out is nothing new, it tends to be a much bigger deal when they are living life in the public eye.

Jacob added some fuel to his already blazing fire when he dropped out of high school!

Back in 2015 he fired back at fans who blasted him for leaving his formal educational institution saying, according to In Touch Weekly, "If you can tell my intellectual level with me not having finished formal high school, why do I still need it? Just to say so?" He went on to say that he was having trouble even being excited for his friends who were headed off to four year colleges, claiming that they could be getting a lot more for a lot less in regards to a higher education.

2 Jacob's Rants About His Unhappiness With The Show

Via: Spirits Wander

Jacob Roloff barely looks like the fresh-faced, doe-eyed kid that we remember him being when the series first started. The youngest Roloff was knee-high to a grasshopper when the first episode of Little People, Big World aired and he virtually grew up in from of cameras and film crews. That would be enough to make anyone lose it and go a bit wonky for a spell, so it is no huge surprise that Jacob has been extra ranty in his teen years.

According to Starcasm, he has made public reference to not having received money that was due to him for his appearances on his parents' television show. He also said that when it came to enjoying filming, his "enjoyment level" was around a 6 out of 10.

That's like a D-, so not very good.

In the recent episodes of the show, it is pretty clear to viewers that Jacob would prefer to be anywhere but there. Young Jacob hasn't only been ranting about his unhappiness regarding the show and his career though. He has been extremely vocal regarding his views on religion, the American education system and his hatred for vaccinations. The kid certainly has a lot of opinions and isn't scared to share them on his social media accounts. Jacob, it's ok to have feelings, it's also ok to keep some things to yourself.

1 Uh Oh!

Well, well, well what do we have here? I spy with my little eye a naked Roloff! When we first started watching the Roloff family in their TLC show Little People, Big World, the eldest sons, Zach and Jerey were squeaky clean kids who seemed to have nothing to them but big smiles and hard work ethics.

Now the boys are grown men doing grown men stuff. Not only has Jeremy been caught making some choice comments on his social media accounts, but he has also apparently given the universe a peek at some...parts...of him that we haven't seen on the show in previous years.

As a bachelor party present to his twin bro Zach, Jeremy gifted the groom-to-be with a life-sized nude picture of him, according to Fame10! While we are fairly sure that the celebrating dudes found this to be downright hilarious, some fans of the show weren't so keen on Jeremy's display of nudity. A handful of fans and viewers prefer to keep the formerly wholesome, Christian-based family in a more demure and modest light and this showing of skin was a bit too much for their delicate eyes. Well you know what they say folks, those boys will be boys!

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