15 Secrets All Pregnant Woman Have in Common

There are a crazy amount of things that happen while you are pregnant. Somethings you expect, other you had no idea can or would happen. Not only does your body change but some women experience a multitude of symptoms that go above and beyond the classic case of tiredness or nausea. If every woman kept a pregnancy diary, the contents, although might scare some, would make fellow pregnant moms feel to relieved to know that they are not alone when feelings the things they feel or doing the the they do.

You'll go through it all as a pregnant woman. There's some things you will stop caring about, other things you forget, weird revelations you make about your body, things you won't dare tell your doctor - the list is endless. But rest assured, you are not alone.

Here are some secrets that all pregnant women have in common.

15 Prenatal Vitamins

The pregnancy dose of vitamins is something every mom-to-be gets prescribed, sometimes even before getting pregnant. If you're not one who takes vitamins on the daily, it can be hard to remember to take them. Or if you're struggling with the infamous "morning sickness" especially during the first trimester, taking those vitamins can sound dreadful and the thought of them can make you gag. Remember this is normal, hopefully you can move past it and still manage to take the important vitamins that help with the health and growth of you and your baby.

14 Caffeine

Whether you had a coffee or energy drink addiction pre-pregnancy, it's hard to give up that caffeine fix. We've all had a coffee every couple days or a couple sips of that energy drink. Especially when you decide to continue to work through your pregnancy. It's hard enough to not feel the need to nap when your just relaxing at home, let alone having to be on the clock. Excessive amounts of caffeine can greatly increase your chances of a miscarriage, more so in the first trimester, but small amounts won't hurt anything and if it helps you get out of bed in the morning, enjoy it.

13 Trust Friends/Family More Than Your Doctor

Although we try to go along with the doctors advice, pregnant women tend to talk to people they are close to who have experienced the same scenarios and take advice from them. It makes sense. You feel like a mommy friend or even your own mom can shed more light on certain situations then doctors. Truth is, everyone's body, baby and health is different and reacts differently. Of course, it's comforting to take advice from friends and family instead of the doctor. It's a good idea to take all advice with a grain of salt and keep an open dialogue with your doctor.

12 Constantly Uncomfortable

Pregnant woman are in pain pretty much nine months straight. I'll be honest, we do a damn good job at hiding it. Whether it's nerve and pelvic pain, back, legs, hands, head or Braxton hicks contractions, pregnant women are always in some level of pain or discomfort. It's not mentioned much because they don't want to seem silly or dramatic. Trust me, it's not just you, it's all of us.

11 Weird Discharge

A lot changes happen with your body while pregnant and a lot is going on "down there" too. Most pregnant woman are pretty squeamish when it comes to their discharge. Whether it's some blood, water mucus, or white discharge, they won't mention it. You should keep your doctor posted on these things, another life is at stake and odds are whatever is happening is normal. But if not, it needs taking care of.

10 The Want to Travel

Let's be honest, babymoons aren't always realistic. Soon enough the baby will be here and all you'll want to do is sleep. Not only that, but you will be extra busy, especially the first year of the baby's life as you get into the swing of things.You may feel like you don't have much time for anything else, especially not a vacation. If you do plan a vacation, you'll have that extra person to get around, pack for, and haul.

So if you get the travel bug during pregnancy (and the doctor says it's okay to travel) go ahead! Every mom-to-be could use a nice beach vacation or a last minute adventure.


9 Trying to Naturally Induce Labor

By the time you get to those last few weeks, almost every pregnant woman is over it and just plain exhausted. You want that baby out and are willing to do just about anything to help get that labor started. Even if you have been patient with your baby, a normal pregnancy can go up to 42 weeks - which sounds dreadful to some! The thought of being induced is the sweetest thought of relief.

Many women head to the hospital with hopes that the doctor will induce them or even opt for a c-section which normally will get the ball rolling.

8 Junk Food

Pregnant women want, crave, "need" that junk food. They can literally go crazy until they get what they are craving. Whether it's ice cream, cheeseburgers, candy worms, sauerkraut, pickles - if you're pregnant you want it all and want it now! Sometimes cravings can get a little out of hand and eat way more junk food than what is recommended. Of course, all pregnant women they can crave carrots and celery but that's usually not the case! It's important to make sure you try to substitute some sweets and salty snacks for healthier foods. But let's be real, sometimes you just have to have those Double Stuffed Oreos. We've all been there, we've all cheated on our pregnancy diet.

7 Don't Consume Enough Water

It's easy to get dehydrated when pregnant. You're busy doing this and that: working, preparing for maternity leave, eating right, exercising, picking out a baby crib, creating a baby shower guestlist - the list seems endless. Oftentimes, pregnant mamas forget the simple things, like drinking water. It is recommended that pregnant women drink two litres (64 ounces) of water daily and most women don't quite make it. It's even harder in the first trimester when you're feeling nauseous all the time. But even after that has passed, water gets old when it's all you can drink - but just remember that staying hydrated not only helps with water retention during pregnancy but can help keep your skin clear, and overall ease your labor.

6 Shaving

Shaving is a daunting task on a regular day - now add a giant obstacle in the way, your protruding baby bump and shaving seems nearly impossible. However, even though it may take you hours to do, having to hold your breath to reach certain areas and take several breaks, whether it's your legs, your underarms, your bikini, and if you're brave the whole Brazilian - a lot of women try their best to keep up with hair maintenance. But then again, a lot of women don't care at all and are perfectly fine with going "natural" while pregnant. Doctors don't really care either so do what suits you best.

5 Hot Showers

It's not ideal to take real hot baths or showers while pregnant. But sometimes after a long day that's all a woman wants to do, let alone when she is pregnant. Everything hurts and aches a hundred times more when you are pregnant. Especially if you've been on your feet a lot. It's not uncommon that little miss preggers will "forget" she has heard hot water isn't a good idea, and take one anyways then "forget" to tell her doctor about it. As long as you don't stay in for long periods of time you should be fine.

4 Intercourse

They keep having sex even if they are told not to. Blame it on the hormones for your crazy sex drive if you must. It is said that semen can help soften the cervix to help start labor. But there are some cases you should obey your doctor. If you have an infection you don't want to make it worse. Although most women will still have sex anyways. Placental placement, broken waters, and risk of preterm labor are some reasons you definitely want to listen to you doctor when they want you on pelvic rest (no sex).

3 Intimidated by Doctor

Whether pregnant women want to admit it or not, there is a moment, be it the first ultrasound all the way to the moments right before the doctor catches your baby, it's common to feel a little intimidated by the doctor. Especially for first-time pregnancies. All the tests and symptoms are new to you, while your doctor see pregnant patients all the time. Sometimes this can make it difficult for women to speak candidly about their concerns or worries. A lot of women debate whether or not to tell their doctor things because they don't want to be "scolded". For example, wanting to opt for a natural birth might be a sensitive topic. However, it's important to find a doctor you're comfortable with and feel like won't judge you. Even if the question you have seems embarrassing, we promise, they've heard and seen it all before.

2 Dropped Something and Left it

If you haven't given up on the bend and snap yet, don't worry. The bigger your belly gets the harder everything gets, especially minor everyday things, like bending over to pick up the car keys you dropped. Eventually, you're just going to call and cancel that appointment you had because the energy it will take to pick up those keys off the ground simply is not worth it. There may even come a time where someone has to put your shoes on for you. Never thought tying your shoes laces would be the ultimate gym class, but when your almost 40 weeks pregnant and can barely see your toes, give the task to someone else!

1 The Mirror

All you pregnant mamas have tried this. You put a mirror down there so you can get a sneak peek at what everything looks like with all the new changes your body is going through. Remember, it may never look the same as it once did after you have the baby. It may even look a little funny post-labor because well, you just pushed a baby out of there (if you have a vaginal birth, of course). Whether it's pre-pregnancy or post-pregnancy, all moms have this one curiosity in common. Don't judge yourself too hard when you see what your business looks like, it will fell good for him post baby no matter what shape or size it is.










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