15 Selfies Of Moms In Grocery Stores

Just about everyone loves to take selfies, it’s been a popular thing to do for many years, and I don’t think selfies will be going away anytime soon. I remember back when I was in middle school I used to bring disposable cameras with me everywhere to make sure I could always capture special moments, luckily that is no longer the case. Nowadays we can just pull out our cell phones and take pictures instantly that look like a professional took them.

I used to spend so much money on developing disposable cameras; now we have the option to just save it on our phone or computer. When a picture is just that great, then it’s time to download an app and send it to get printed. Within an hour you will have your wonderful picture or your greatest selfie to frame. Just about everyone knows how to take a great selfie; my four-year-old is already a pro! We also have wonderful creations such as the selfie stick to help us get selfies with a better view.

Many of us just can’t wait to post our selfies online, especially if they contain a friend or family member that we can tag.

Of course not every selfie is going to be perfect, and some are just horrible; usually, those get deleted, but for some reason, people will even post their terrible selfies for the world to see.

Once a terrible selfie is posted online, it’s fair game for anyone to share and make their hilarious comments on. Here are 15 cringeworthy selfies of moms in grocery stores.

15 Snack Time

Most of us know it is perfectly fine and even sometimes necessary to breastfeed in public, but do we really need to take a selfie while doing it at the grocery store? I breastfed my children, and even though it’s acceptable to breastfeed in public, I was still hesitant to do it. I would try to find a breastfeeding room to go to; believe it or not, there are many of them around. Some women don’t mind nursing in public at all, I’ve seen many women do it; I’m not knocking them, it’s just not my cup of tea.

I’ve never seen a woman walk around the grocery store while nursing. How would you even push the cart or get anything accomplished? Hopefully, this mom had some help while shopping. I really don’t understand why she would want a selfie of them during this moment, especially not for the world to see. I wouldn’t want my child to grow up being embarrassed over something like this. When she gets older, her boyfriend is definitely in for some embarrassing photos.

14 The Art Of Seduction

I think it’s safe to say most of us have taken a bathroom selfie, I know I have taken countless selfies in the bathroom. Even though I’m guilty of taking bathroom selfies, I still don’t fully understand what’s so great about them. Why do we take pictures where we do our yucky business; it’s not that appealing, but yet we do it anyways. Most people take bathroom selfies in their own bathroom or a really nice looking bathroom, not a grocery store bathroom.

I don’t even understand how she was even able to accomplish this. Whatever happened to no shirt, no shoes, no service? Maybe she had a shirt on top and just couldn’t wait to get to the bathroom to get rid of her shirt for her glorious bathroom selfie. Don’t think I forgot about her baby in the picture; it’s hard to avoid the fact that she’s taking this selfie with her baby in a stroller next to her. I’ll never understand why women try to take a provocative picture with their child in the background; please stop, it’s not attractive.

13 Got Buns

This mom apparently has lots of fun when she goes grocery shopping. It’s not only her cart that is looking full in this picture. This picture could go either way; some people may hate it and think it’s distasteful and some people may find it pretty funny. In my opinion, I think it’s pretty funny. This is something I would probably do, playing around. I just wouldn’t do it with my kids in the photo or post it online for everyone to see.

Her daughter does seem to find it funny also, she even seems to enjoy photobombing her mom. I could only imagine the looks this family got while shopping. They probably had a good laugh about it over dinner later that night. I bet several families that were there had a good laugh about it. It would have been great if they had some cheeseburgers for dinner, if so hopefully she got the buns.

12 A Trip To The Fun House

We're all thinking it, what is up with this extreme hourglass body shape this mom has. She seems to be proud of her hourglass shaped body, if that were me, I would be trying to squeeze my body parts around to make them proportional. I really hope she’s wearing a super tight corset; either way, I’m not sure if this could be a good thing. I know hundreds of years ago this used to be the desired look, but we moved on and realized it’s not good for breathing.

I can’t even determine for certain where this mom is. I thought she was in an elevator, but I can’t think of one grocery store that even has an elevator. After looking at the picture a few more times, it looks like there’s a mirror and two sinks. Maybe she’s in a mirror maze. Her son seems to be just as confused as I am, or he could just be wondering where his socks and shoes are. This is another mom who seems to think it’s cute to take booty pics with their child; ladies, please don’t follow in her footsteps.

11 Dairy Queen

There are so many things wrong with this picture. There is no way that she could have really believed that she was looking good while sitting on some cheese. If she were taking this picture to be funny, that would have been one thing, but by looking at her, she clearly doesn’t look like she was trying to be funny. She is probably embarrassed by this picture now, I know I would be.

The one thing that really stands out to me when I look at this picture is that she is sitting on food that people will be buying. She even has open-toed sandals on, and she has her feet right on top of everything. Yeah I know the food is sealed in bags, but still, it's disgusting. I would not want to be one of the unlucky customers who unknowingly purchased some cheese filled with germs at this grocery store.

10 Perfect Timing For A Selfie

This mom is right on track for getting the mother of the year award. Who in the right mind would set a baby down on a sink counter to take a selfie, well besides her? To make matters worse the poor baby is right on the edge of the counter, one movement and the baby may go tumbling down. I wonder if she would have kept taking pictures or stopped a moment to help the baby.

You would think she would have been smart enough to not have her baby in the background, but then again she wasn’t smart enough to not put her baby there in the first place. Luckily the baby didn’t get hurt, although I can’t be certain. That would have been one awkward conversation with the doctors explaining how the baby fell. I could only imagine what her other selfies look like on her profile. I wouldn’t be surprised if this mom doesn’t even own a car seat.

9 Free Advertising

This mom thinks it's cute to take selfies with hot dogs; she even added the special touch of the duck face pose with it as well. Maybe her husband texted her and asked her what’s for dinner, so she replied with a visual image of tasty hot dogs. I can’t really think of many other reasons why someone would want a selfie with hot dogs. Out of all things to take a picture with, why hot dogs? Then again, this could just be her absolute favorite food, and she just couldn’t help taking a selfie with it.

She did give Oscar Mayer some free advertising. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a small spike in sales after this photo went viral. They should hire her to promote their other items. I’m sure her selfies would look great with some bologna also. She could be the official face of Oscar Mayer, and her signature touch could be the duck face pose.

8 Good Time For Meditation

This mom must have been so stressed out that she stopped to meditate in the middle of the grocery store. I will agree, shopping with children can be very stressful, they ask for everything they see, run around the store, and they make you forget what you came to the store for in the first place. I try to do most of my shopping when my children are in school for this very reason or one day I may end up doing the same thing as this mom.

This mom went all out, and it looks like she even took her shoes off. I bet her name was being called on the loudspeaker while this picture was taken, asking for her to come to the front desk to pick up her children. This mom was so deep into her meditation; I don’t think anything would have made her stop, not until she was ready and had her batteries recharged.

7 Just One More Inch

Although this picture may not truly be a selfie, I felt it still deserved to be on this list because it is definitely cringeworthy. This looks very dangerous to do, so please do not try to use your child to gain a few more inches. I don’t understand why this mom bothers to put her hand out because it is not offering any protection. If her daughter were to fall her hand is not going to save her.

She really has her daughter way back there, she must have had her looking for better expiration dates. I really hope her mom doesn’t have her do this every time they go shopping. This could have ended badly if she fell, especially if she tried to grab onto the soda bottles before falling. This also would have been one huge mess if the soda bottles would have toppled all over the place; clean up in aisle five.

6 No Time To Wait

This mom must have been so hungry that she didn’t have time to wait to eat until after she was done shopping. She is pregnant and looks like she is going to burst soon, so I can’t really blame her for being really hungry. It would have been a lot easier for her to just open the snacks inside of the cart and eat while she was shopping. Maybe she was just testing out the food before she made her final decision for her purchases. Hopefully, her daughter doesn’t think this type of behavior is acceptable every time they go shopping.

This one is actually a joke. This mom got permission to do her maternity photos inside of Target. There were special reasons why she wanted to have her photos taken there; her story even made it on the news. Luckily this was a joke because if someone were to do this at a grocery store, pregnant or not, they would probably be leaving in handcuffs.

5 Trick Or Treat

I can’t seem to decide if this mom is grocery shopping on Halloween or if she is getting ready to rob the place. I’m really hoping that it was Halloween and she was trying to trick or treat at the grocery store. It’s not every day that you go to the grocery store and see a woman walking around wearing a mask; it would definitely turn some heads. She looks pretty creepy wearing the mask; she probably scared some children.

She is holding up a box of Cheerios, and maybe she was trying to scare her children into making better food choices. If that were my mom, I would tell her yes to anything that she wanted, just to get her to take off the mask. She is also wearing black gloves, so maybe she was up to something and didn’t want to leave any fingerprints behind. She either left the grocery store in handcuffs or with her embarrassed children.

4 Midnight Snack

Apparently, these two decided to go shopping at night and didn’t feel the need to change out of their pajamas. I admit I have been outside in my pajamas before, but that’s just to run out for my mail or to the corner store quick. I think I would be embarrassed to go to the grocery store in my pajamas; you never know who you will see.

I’ve seen many people go out in their pajamas pants, which isn’t the worst thing to do, but you don’t really ever see people walking around in their robes. I sure hope they don’t drop their children off at school like this. I joke around with my kids that if they act up in school, I’ll walk them to school the next day in my robe. I wouldn’t even really be able to do it because I would be more embarrassed than my children would be.

3 Store Stretches

This mom seems to think she’s at the gym or maybe she couldn’t afford the gym, so she gets her exercise in while she shops. She took off her shoe to be able to accomplish this awkward stretch. I can’t help but think about all of the drinks that she is contaminating with her dirty foot. That’s not something people should have to worry about when buying a drink; I wonder whose foot has been on this cap?

It would have been hilarious if she would have fallen or accidentally kicked a bunch of sodas off of the shelf. It would have sucked to be an employee there and have to clean it up, but it would have been funny to see. I wonder what made her decide to even take a picture like this. Did she just walk down the aisle and think hmm, this seems like a perfect place to stretch and take a picture.

2 No Need For A Gym

This mom also uses the grocery store as a gym. One thing is for sure; she is great at multitasking. Her daughter seems confused by what her mother is doing, but luckily for her, she’s too young to be embarrassed by it. Since she’s grocery shopping at Target, when she’s done she can sprint right over to the electronic department and get a Fitbit. Then she can track her grocery store workout.

This mom does look like she’s in great shape, she probably does her workouts all over town, maybe even in the waiting room at the doctor's office. You would have to be in great shape if you do your workouts around the grocery store. Hopefully Target gets the new mini shopping carts for children to use while shopping, then her daughter can join her in doing lunges around the store. I wonder if her husband was the one taking the photo, if not he probably took off to save himself the embarrassment.

1 Hot Momma

This mom, without a doubt, turned many heads in this grocery store. I wonder if she just got done working or if this is her everyday dress attire. Dressing like this in the grocery store won’t just have every man looking for a glance, women will be looking too, and probably saying some unkind words. She’s on the border of not even being allowed into the store. She has a shirt on, but does it count if you can see through it?

I don’t feel comfortable going to the grocery store in high heels. I’ve always wondered how some women do it. It does give them some extra height to reach the top shelf, that’s something I always have trouble with. It’s too bad this woman wasn’t shopping with me, and I could really use her help. Maybe I should take some tips from her and start wearing my highest heels next time I go to the grocery store.

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