15Snack Time

Most of us know it is perfectly fine and even sometimes necessary to breastfeed in public, but do we really need to take a selfie while doing it at the grocery store? I breastfed my children, and even though it’s acceptable to breastfeed in public, I was still hesitant to

do it. I would try to find a breastfeeding room to go to; believe it or not, there are many of them around. Some women don’t mind nursing in public at all, I’ve seen many women do it; I’m not knocking them, it’s just not my cup of tea.

I’ve never seen a woman walk around the grocery store while nursing. How would you even push the cart or get anything accomplished? Hopefully, this mom had some help while shopping. I really don’t understand why she would want a selfie of them during this moment, especially not for the world to see. I wouldn’t want my child to grow up being embarrassed over something like this. When she gets older, her boyfriend is definitely in for some embarrassing photos.

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